22 July 2019

My Keto Diet Experience | I Tried the Ketogenic Lifestyle for One Week | I LOST 5LBS IN 4 DAYS

HI GUYS! Welcome back to my channel or welcome to my channel if you're new:) Today's video is my keto diet experience and it was honestly so rewarding.


disrespect insulting for your trash Oh [Music] and thus memories of the end [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Music] good morning everybody um today I am starting the Cato diet keto diet I don't know how to say it um for a whole week to track my progress I've literally just got up um so that's why don't have any makeup on yet and I have to go to work in just a few minutes but I wanted to weigh in for you guys right now and I'll probably weigh myself at the beginning of each day if I have time and if I remember um so yeah I'm doing the keto diet I think that's how you say it within a minute fasting to see my results within a week obviously I'm gonna try to continue to do it after a week but we'll see yeah anyways I'm gonna hop on the scale real quick before I go to work and then I will talk to you guys when I have breakfast I think I'm gonna be taking you guys along with me and either telling you or showing you

everything I eat just so you guys kind of get an idea of what you can eat if you're thinking about doing the keto diet and yeah let's just get right into it let me wait in for you guys okay guys so it is 38:26 so that is day 1 in the morning 38.6 haven't started it yet so yeah I'm gonna head to work and I will let you guys know once I eat some breakfast ok so it's only 8 o'clock and I'm already so hungry I'm trying to do 11:00 to 7:00 for the intermittent fasting so I still have three hours before I can eat but I just wanted to update you guys that I'm already struggling I'm gonna drink a big cup of water and see if that helps fill me up for a few minutes yeah this is gonna be a hard few days so I made it to 11 I'm gonna show you really quickly what I'm eating it's keto banana bread that I made the other day with butter and blueberry so that's I'm eating for breakfast and I'll probably you know once I get home what I eat for lunch and dinner ok guys this is what I'm having for lunch it is just salt and pepper shrimp and zucchini that I fried with salt and pepper so this is what I'm having for dinner

from Taco Bell it's the what does that mean the Powerball is apartment yeah so yeah they had like a power menu with this like the Powerball and then like a burrito but I'm pretty sure I can't have the burrito because I can't do carbs on this diet so yeah I'm gonna eat this and then I'll see you guys tomorrow in the morning when they eat breakfast I'll probably eat more of that banana bread that I showed you guys earlier so yeah I'll see you guys tomorrow morning everybody so today is day two of the keto diet I am I am rushing to get ready for work but I wanted to weigh in for you guys really quickly um and I'm gonna get ready for work and then I'll show you why eat later on oh my god I still have like raccoon eyes from last night okay let me wake up you guys real quick okay so today it is 37.4 so I don't remember what yesterday was but I think it was 38 so we went down one film since yesterday also guys I wanted to mention the dinner that I showed you guys last night the Powerball from Taco Bell it's only Keo if you customize it and you don't get rice and you don't get beans

and I didn't know that so I got both of those so I kind of messed up a little bit yesterday but I'm learning [Music] [Music] hey guys so this is what I'm having for dinner it's quito pork chops avocado and i'm not sure if this is quito I'll have to check because I know some fruits not so I might not even eat that I'm not sure you're going to tone with me baby hell no okay so you guys saw what I had today those pork chops were so good I'm gonna link them down below in case any of you guys are thinking about trying the keto diet keto diet I always say it wrong um they're super good that's the best meal I've had so far and I'll also link the recipe for the banana bread that I've been eating in the mornings it's not as good as those pork chops were the sauce was just like super good it didn't even taste like a food that would be like on a diet plan but it was super good I'm gonna link the recipe so that you guys can try it you guys definitely should try it leave me a comment and let me know if you did and I'm also just gonna tell you the last few things I ate at work before I left

because I didn't really um I was like super busy at work so I didn't really get to like walk you guys through it so I had a cup of coffee out like 4 o'clock just black coffee because I was super tired and then I had like the pancakes on a stick but I cut out the pancake and just had the little sausage for lunch because that's like all I could find for lunch so yeah that's what I got today I will see you guys in the morning when I weigh myself and then we are gonna move on to the weekend because it's almost Saturday and I know the weekend is gonna be my biggest struggle because we eat out so much but I'm gonna try really hard to stick to it I'm doing good so far so yeah I'll see you guys tomorrow when I weigh myself good morning guys we are on day three of intermittent fasting and keto diet I'm gonna weigh in I'm running late for work right now so I can't really talk that much I just want to weigh in first thing in the morning like I've been doing um and then I have to go to work and then I think I'm probably just gonna let you guys know what I'm eating later on today so yeah good morning day three going strong

let's see where my weight is that oh my god guys oh look at that so I've been weighing myself at the same time hold on lighting thanks to this I mean weighing myself had the same time every single morning and I'm at 1:34 which I haven't been able to get to 134 for like weeks um I still have raccoon eyes like always in the mornings um I usually do my makeup at work but um I'm so excited because this diet is actually working and it's not that hard to adjust to and you can still have like heavy whipping cream and um like cheese and I like all the yummy stuff you just can't have like sugary stuff but I'm so so so excited like you guys have no idea I'm so excited guys so it is day four I think um I didn't do anything yesterday because I was at work and then when I got off work we were just really busy um we had to go see the new house that we're buying and do you'll find a walkthrough and all that good stuff so I didn't really get to show you guys what I ate yesterday and I didn't tell you so I'm just going to tell you right now really quickly I'm not sure if I took a picture of it or not um but I ate in the morning I ate two eggs with the cheese

and then um the a little bit more of that banana bread and then I threw the rest out because I don't think it's good anymore um so I ate that for breakfast for snack I had two cookies which was not keto but I just couldn't help myself um but I want to be really honest with you guys about everything that I'm eating so I did cheat a little bit so now I'm going to get the stir fried garlic at the Thai place that we go but it has rice so I got the same thing but I got double meat and no rice and I still got the sauce which might have had a little bit of sugar in it I'm not sure but it was super good and I think we're still doing good on losing weight so that's all I ate yesterday and then I had a few drinks with my friends so I'm not doing well I didn't do intermittent fasting last night I'm still trying to wait till 11:00 just um because I've been waiting to 11 to eat even though I ate past seven last night now we don't wait for you guys real quickly and then I'll show you what I'm eating and have a feeling today and tomorrow are gonna be my hardest because it's the weekend and I'm home and I can eat anything that's here okay so I'm at

1:33 point for this is getting dirty oh I spilled something on it kill one 33.4 I'm honestly so happy I haven't got down to 133 in a long time and I've gotten there just in a few days by doing that a minute fasting and like kind of doing keto I've been trying but like I had those cookies and um I had like juice the other day so my sense juice which I know has a lot of sugar in it but um so I have anything like completely keto like I still have my few little like cheap things and I'm still losing weight I think it's mostly the intermittent fasting is helping me lose weight okay guys so this is what I'm having for breakfast some strawberries blueberries raspberries and an avocado and then my coffee alright guys so it is like two weeks after I filmed the video and I did not complete the whole week because I just the weekend really got me and I just didn't keep up with it and I gained all that way back so I just wanted it to be completely honest with you guys and I kept doing it I have no doubt in my mind that I would have already been at my weight goal but I'm weak when it comes to food so I caved and I didn't finish the whole week but I was losing weight

when I did it I'm gonna try to start it again next week honestly I don't know if it's gonna happen but I wanted to show you guys my results and what happened during the four days or five days I remember that I did intermittent fasting I did lose weight pretty consistently and it's definitely my favorite diet I've been on so far so let me know in the comments if you guys liked this video please do not forget to subscribe to my channel and help me get to 300 subscribers enter the 200 subscriber giveaway and I will talk to you in my next one bye [Music] disrespect