28 August 2019

My Healthy Whole Foods Snacks #1! YS Organic Bee Farms Raw Honey + Nuts Walnuts, Almonds or Pecans

Enjoy My Healthy Whole Foods Snacks #1! YS Organic Bee Farms Raw Honey + Nuts Walnuts, Almonds or Pecans! If you like watching food shows on TV, you ...

are you ready to see my favorite healthy

snack because this snack is so filling it tastes delicious and it only has two ingredients raw nuts and honey raw nuts are very filling and they've got a lot of healthy fat some protein and they'll keep your stomach full so much that you won't be able to eat this is the honey I like to use with it it is so good you just dip the nuts in the honey and you eat them and Wow the one thing you have to watch with this is overeating because when you taste how delicious this is Wow it is just crazy so it's it's organic honey I like the kind that's solid and I like this color this so organic raw honey and you just dip it in there like like this you just get like a little bit on your finger oh man that's good it is so sweet then you just grab whatever kind of nuts you want like these are some macadamia nuts I got from the store take a nut use the nut scrape some honey on the nut you get some honey on the nut oh man that's good that is so ridiculously good and just repeat take the nut dip it got some honey on it there's a real quick and easy snack - if you're busy

just stop get some nuts put some honey on my nuts and eat those nuts mmm oh man they're so good now get some honey on my nuts just can't take myself seriously right now I got some honey on my do you get some honey on my nuts I'm oh man these are so good now the macadamia nuts I like to have the macadamia nuts these have super nutrition but these are twenty dollars a pound so what I do is I got some of the four or five dollar palm walnuts and for maximum nutrition I mix and match these I got some peanuts too some of these peanuts grab a peanut the peanuts are easier to dip with scrape it up got lots of honey on there oh man that's so good now the calories I don't worry about the calories too much because I eat a whole plant-based diet which means my diets filled with whole fruits and vegetables and nuts and grains the amount of fiber my diet has is so filling I don't need to worry about calories at all because I eat mostly whole plant foods I literally get full I get full before I can get fat and especially on nuts and how you know real good those are the peanuts you're gonna take some walnuts

trying to open this more handed there we go had some walnuts scrape that in there dip the walnut ah hmm I guess I'm honey get my nuts get my honey and put some honey on my nuts oh man it's so good try this snack out if you're looking for something to snack your try this out try this out you will love it some of your some nuts with some honey Oh ma'am this law awesome video wasn't it thank you for watching this I hope this is helpful and I trust you'll drop a like on it if you want me to give you some more videos with how I eat as a whole plant-based vegan I got a juicer up here I could do a video about that if you want to see it they're out a blender alright I gotta stop this video now thank you for watching I trust you subscribe if you want some more amazing videos like this you