22 September 2018

My Healthy Journey | How to get Healthy | Healthy Diet

Hi Everyone. Join me on my journey to becoming the healthiest I can be. This video shows my results after setting out to become healthy. I will be talking about ...

guys it's Jay here with brand new

YouTube channel hit up your health well I'm going to be bringing anything to you about diet and nutrition foods what the week foods what not to eat and how to bounce up here to level out cancer fighting foods as well as my journey becoming a vegan which is what a lot to talk about today and spacing about it we support myself to become the healthiest I could possibly be I'll try to be and I've always had quite healthy lifestyle quite healthy diet and so I thought I did and for example about ten years ago even more than ours you know I've got a quite healthy diet being in the gym it's getting food fruit and veg you know all right in my food that gym it's getting chicken in for the gym and getting enough protein taking protein supplements and on top of all I was taking a multivitamin and then on I was having the zinc on top of that vitamin E vitamin D flaxseed you name it I was supplement wise I was taking it and all the back of a four or five year period and it'll read the doctors took some blogs and become a pound that I was actually all the doors and on supplements quite obviously when you look back at it you could not even think

that I wasn't but I was and and the reason was I was getting all these vitamins that I mean zinc you get naturally from meat and I was taking a multivitamin which had zinc in it and then I was taking zinc supplement on top of that and it was just too much too much for the body but you know the average the healthy person naturally gets enough vitamins from their diet they don't need to be taking supplements and and it's the same with the same with gym supplements you know you can watch bear protein powder or a natural protein source natural protein source is much better than pouring powder and so I thought quite obviously our lived I stopped taking I stopped taking your gym supplements I stopped taking a protein powder and I don't take any of those now you Mollie Pittman I've never touched a multivitamin again you know all the doors and taking these things when you're naturally getting it can potentially increase your risk of cancer so I've stopped all that and you know you includes that new thing are really healthy but armed for example some and fast are we farm summoned I should say and farmed salmon is one of the worst

things you can put in your mouth it's they're filled with lice and they've just got a load of pesticides and toxins within them because of what they're fed to to grow get bigger and then in turn we then eat all of that what they've been fed it's actually really bad if you're gonna eat some in make sure it's the wild Alaskan salmon not the farmed salmon a K Pacific salmon that's what the liver has Pacific salmon you can tell difference and while someone's like a it's a dark reddish color where's the farm summons a light pinky color stay away from the farm salmon trust me I will never eat another bit of farmed salmon ever so yeah and the past eight weeks us out to be the healthiest that could possibly be and doing that I needed a makes me die up change it up obviously get a healthy diet I decrease me meat intake to twice a week and again takes it twice we can do that I need to get another protein source that wasn't meat and just obviously plan and actually doing that is a huge huge surprise I started buying things like em seeds now these have so much more benefit than just poor you there's gonna be loads of benefits for meeting these

but poor team eyes per hundred grams these are twenty nine point two grams of protein which is huge you wouldn't think that from a seed that is very similar to a chicken breast and soybeans hundred grams per hundred gone 32 grams of protein that is massive that's probably more than a chicken breast probably getting more than a steak as well 400 grand and on what what steak it is but this is just goes to show that you can get your protein intake without having me and the benefit to be in these is insane the nutrients the vitamins and minerals I could get from these which you wouldn't think outweighs then you should emit minerals vitamins I can get from the likes of chicken steak and don't get me wrong I know chicken steak house you vitamin b12 and your zinc in it for the nutrients and minerals from there do our way that of what you didn't take of meat or they put other protein in sources because you know recently for days I went vegan and people are being turned mom saying oh you're gonna be protein deficient immune systems gonna go down the immune systems about than it ever has been ever I am and like say there's just two sources of protein are

now take instead of eating meat and submitter for your example it's got chickpeas they hid in what 21 grams of protein per hundred grams linseeds which 17.2 rounds per hundred grams I've got linseed pinto beans which is hitting on 24 grams of protein per hundred grams so there's plenty of protein sources that you can get without having meat so guys I just want to show you my results over the past six weeks and these two photos are six weeks apart and like I said my diets been healthier if they crease the meat intake a decrease of dairy intake and I've just turned V in four days ago so when I started out on this diet I was eating meat but I've reduced it massively and reduce my and dairy massively doctoring in milk stopped all fatty foods they're fast-food burgers it pizzas increased the fruit and veg increase the plant core evening well started eating plant chlorine because I never had that stuff in me life and an increase the food and veg just an all-around healthy lifestyle here's my result after six weeks and as you can see lean muscle mass increase and and deeply some fat

like I said my my goal isn't to be 7% body fat and my goals not to be 1516 storm ripped with muscle that's not my aim here to be healthy and obviously I'm going in the gym and now I'm turning vegan I'm aware that I need get my protein in sauce fun elsewhere and [Music] there's obviously people I'm punching out there that you're not gonna get your protein the immune system is gonna be down all these kind of silly things yes and all without meat your vim and b12 could be law but I've been eating meat for many many many years or me life's awful for me to get deficient in b12 it's gonna take good few years and that's without taking a supplement so there's no rush meet you grant me a supplement anything like that but I just want to share with you the current results of the past six weeks of a healthy diet some of the foods that are now taking for protein instead of eating meat and yeah and just the fact that I've become vegan and I'm feeling great for days in feeling good and just want to share with you a journey so far and I'll keep you guys posted and like I say I'm going to be talking about other

healthy diets other healthy foods that I'd be now eating and that'll be replaced and a diet before hand and my devil my dairy and my meat intake and and I'd be also sharing with you some of the super foods that I eat every day just to keep giving my moon system it kick keep us healthy and quit yeah let us know what you think guys and drop us a like and I'll be bringing some more videos to you guys also doctor follow on instagram hit up your health