10 June 2019

My Healthy Active Living Education Final Project Commerical

This commercial covers the curriculum and benefits from my gym/health class. Posting this so I can send the link to my glorious teacher.

hey my name is Jamie and I just like to

give a warm welcome to all your future grade nines coming to Cola in this video I'll be discussing other things I've learned and experienced in grade 9 health and active living education more typically known as phys ed as someone who is about to end their school year in this class I can safely say that I've not only learned a lot but thoroughly enjoyed my time at first they will ease you into the class to things like team-building activities which at first might sound a bit childish but can actually be very enjoyable when you just let loose in my honest opinion this part of the class has been one of my favorites whether you like it or not you're going to have to get to know and become comfortable with all of your classmates and I have to say that through the balloon-popping human tower building and being blindly guided by classmates through the halls it's a great way to get that over with quickly after the team-building activities if you don't start the dance unit you'll likely get into one of our many many sports units like hockey basketball baseball volleyball badminton and ring yet because of these units I

learned how to do things like properly shoot baskets different hitting techniques with a vac head like Overlander cuz I did not know that and that vignette exists vignette is a sport like hockey but instead of a hockey stick that goes like this in an L shape it's just a step and instead of a hockey puck it survey and let me tell you when you're in a class with plenty of beginners all willing to learn together it can be a really fun and positive experience as well as giving you more options in terms of sport related extracurriculars following any one or two of these sport related units he'll probably start with health personally I am a bit embarrassed to say that I didn't quite know how things looked in terms of intercourse and I probably would have been too uncomfortable to run in my own time which is why grade 9 girls have an active living has saved me a mountain of discomfort for the future not only that but because now I know a lot more about protection birth control prevention of SDI's etc and that I shouldn't be ashamed as is significant other to get tested I tell them that I'm

not interested already to be in a physically intimate relationship if I so choose in health you also talk about healthy relationships and how to prevent yourself from getting in a bad situation as well as getting out of one one of the things in this section of the healthy relationships unit that was highly highlighted was about the women in places besides learning about how that court system surrounding the subject works I learned that if I have find myself in a vulnerable situation I can go to the women in crisis situated at 23 Oakland Avenue sue st. Marie Ontario and I will be provided with all the food shelter and protection that I need ending on a lighter note accompanied with even more sports units like some of the ones I listed before will be cardiopulmonary resuscitation well commonly known as sepia this unit out of all of them had to have been my absolute favorite as you literally get to learn how to save people's lives and when the sides between them behind why these lives need saving in the way they do you know this year and semester especially with phys ed it's been overall amazing and because of it it

because of it I've go into active met plenty of friends and become overall healthier and I hope that all of you future colts will enjoy it as much as myself thanks for watching