01 May 2019

My Health and Gratitude - I Heart Keto and YOU!

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I have so many friends that ask about me

and I mean YouTube friends that will say well how are you doing you're looking good I was actually at a memorial yesterday a friend of Mines mother well the family I know the family but their mom had passed away 92 years old I mean well it was the memorial was on her 92nd birthday wow what a life she had just inspired me but I saw people that I haven't seen in over a year and of course I had makeup on and you know tried to do my best and they're like you look so good well I could barely breathe and I had to leave after about an hour and a half from trying to talk but I showed that clock that's 333 in the afternoon that's how my days are I've been awake well I started waking up at a dish I couldn't come down to get anything to drink until I think it was 11:15 and then it took me until about 3:00 to be able to I hadn't eaten or anything and I still have it but you know it's Kido so that happens but um I did clean up a little bit and put on some makeup for the the little iced coffee because I thought I wanted some that and this is a good day so that's why I'm not working outside of my home

well I'm not working I don't even have my own home anymore so yeah and and I may have a couple hours that are okay and then that'll be it I'll spend most the evening on the CPAP so I'm not staying that for poor pitiful me because no there's not poor pitiful me I'm not the only one but I know I try to put the videos well I don't even try to do a video unless I can and a few times I haven't shouldn't have but yeah I just that's why I don't that's why my when I refer to my life is so limited that is what I mean it's okay and some days are harder than others yeah mentally it's a struggle sometimes the mental struggle is the hardest part you know not getting any kind of because I don't have a firm diagnosis yet I don't have any official diagnosis other than Airways collapsing but again what they can catch is only at less than 20% or less of course they said you can't we don't have anything that they can see inside when I talk or when I move they just tried to mimic it during a bronchoscopy well you know medicated lying back is not the same but anyway then they're amazing and they're gonna get it but

there are just days and days and days and sometimes weeks and sometimes months where it's just not even this good so I'm happy that it's this good yeah my life is very small I you know I I thank God every day for my children and my mother and there are other people in my life but that helped me but if it went for all of them I'd be on the street literally so you never know whose day you will brighten by a kind comment you never know whose day you truly will brighten by just sharing a joke a story a comment a thumbs up and I appreciate you all so much I really do more than you'll ever know and I could feel it starting to close up again and now it's the same old stuff but but from here to your diaphragm now it's like it's all cement hey everybody just want to give you an update I went to Duke I'll fill you in on that in a bit still not a lot of answers then I kind of quickly went down the hill breathing wise and that's part of the breathing problem and I just wanted to update you I miss you all so much I'll be back soon dr. Ely so that just went down to my car drove actually to

the end of the parking lot because the mailman was there I didn't have to go to the postal as I move I mean I I was talking because I did the cooking video video but just that little bit of pushing to do that now body's starting to be on fire it was already a little bit really tight from here here I don't know what any of this means I know it sounds like I'm a whoreson this like where you usually go sore throat it didn't sore but me and when I grab that nothing breath out I don't know if that means anything maybe because those muscles help you breathe out do another chest I'm tired of not living [Music] you [Music]