08 April 2019


Hey CUTIES!! I am so excited to share and begin my weight loss story with everyone, it's going to be crazy, but i will upload every week on Sunday. So if you ...


hi guys my name is Diana but you know friends call me Dean the reason for my video starting today today is April 7th and it's a 22 p.m. it's a Sunday and I am starting a new weight-loss journey I want to feel comfortable in my skin I don't know see the differences they might see differences I get motivated that's pretty much how it is case closed I'm working on myself and I feel like that's really important okay coming this part out my shipments right I've been working out for two weeks now I tomorrow it's gonna be week three day one and I noticed a couple things you know what I'm saying okay sorry guys I had a long day though welcome aboard and um yeah I just started this stuff so I don't have like a camera you're looking camera and shit like that's gonna be kind of weird and plus I'll be definitely acting weird instead of other people but the good news is the same to you guys my workout routine my world 13 is so cool like really simple like I just love it I personally I like going to the gym I do it gets too claustrophobic I I don't know I guess but this is how I am I don't know I do it I like it

around my neighborhood good sighs some tell you that right now I'm exhausted at the end of the day I do cardio mostly cardio only because I'm trying to burn fat trying to lose some calories here okay so my workout routine is home from work I eat I know I'm not supposed to you you can tell me I'm not supposed to I do it anyway because I want to do it and like I said that's how I am I listen to people I can really I don't I don't listen to people what I do is I run around my neighborhood I sometimes I can home off to eat I wait an hour to you know just let the food go down and plus you're losing Countians and you just sort of whatever first round I run it all a little jog jogging running / running I run the whole thing I come to where my car is which is my checkpoint and then I start walking and I put are my arms and top of my head so that way I can my lungs can expand and stuff like that shit I am I learned that back in high school so yeah so I do die in it works it works freaking awesome and then after doing that I walk around my neighborhood and I do the whole thing without non-stop I mean if I have a cramp I'll stop obviously if I have to

tie my shoe I will stop but usually what I don't carry my phone because it then I get distracted I what I do is I have my Apple watch and then with my Apple watch I just play music out of that have my air pods in that's it cool making a simple I always do three rounds every day so after the second round which is a walking the third round is half running half walking half running walking so let's just say from point A which is my car I go to this point B which is this where the cop car is kind of what I call it as much a point with a cop car is and right there I use 25 squats always then after my 25 squats I run to my other Check Point which is my birdies I've learned that recently and it's pretty cool like it's really cool exercise so I go to my check plane what my burpees are I do five well my head is telling me okay fuck that I'm doing five and that's it like I'm so freakin done but then I end up doing ten so I guess you know it's it's I'm pushing myself like ha shits gonna get real anyway um so after that after the Burpee I run again to the knob boxes that's my pond checkpoint see boxing at the mailbox I do my push-ups I do five push-ups in total from the mall

books to this stop sign that's when I walk and I do this round thing work that's with my arm because I don't have weights yet and so yeah I'm trying to get you know rid of that there that little baby right it and after that checkpoint from the stop sign I run all the way home water bottle from the downstairs freezer ATAR in the garage I drink the hell to the head I sit on this computer where I'm at right now and talk to you guys and I just look at videos well my face starts being red and i cooled down a little bit I went take a shower and I have a bedtime automatically at 12 o'clock on a diet will not notifying you of any other messages because my phone usually blows up and when it does I mean you know I'm still cool I'm cool okay no I'm not I'm okay I'm like so after that I mean I go to sleep and then once I sleep I'm super good in the morning I wake up with so much energy and it's freaking crazy I just worked out like a hell the night the night before is like damn shoddy just kidding okay back to rehab my workout routine guys I usually do

Tuesday to Friday and I recently just buy snow fast Kido and hopefully if that would work and maybe if it doesn't shit whatever so far I'm doing so good I will post some pictures right now right here as you can see yeah I know I changed all Lots and that was recently actually don't want to in the black in the black shirt and a black pants yeah that's the same shorts that I had on the other side of the photo and um that was just me taking it very very baby steps slow losing weight which it's working fantastically because you can tell obviously now I'll feel a little bit more confident in myself you know what I'm saying and um it's gone okay so welcome to [Music]