23 September 2018


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all right what's going guys welcome to

the video do you yeah million Burgess flu welcome to the video I know in the last video I looks a bit of a cliffhanger with the engagement but will give you a little bit of preview the full video is coming after this one let me show you guys something so she said so what I want to do in this video is walk do my current building your balking diet now I know a few videos back I talked about carb backloading I'm still using that approach for my current diets because I feel amazing last week I incorporated some carbs back into my morning routine just to see how I was feeling with carbs coming back into my morning and it made me foggy fatigued lethargic again so I trusted the process but I just wanted to verify I'm going back to this carbs after I workout in the afternoon so breakfast second meal of the day is just high fat high protein so my first meal right here is four whole eggs 1 cup of egg whites half an avocado and a little bit of reduced sugar ketchup so that's breakfast and we'll get into the rest of the day so this is another episode of

[Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so today is a heavy deadlift day so I'm gonna have to do a lot of mobility before going to this workout because yesterday was the heavy squat day right now I'm building the next version of embraces of training programs which is going to be a bulking program and a cutting program for the bulking program I'm experimenting with some different things right now that is a lower upper every other day which I'm running right now and and loving it and it makes your between that and German volume training so we'll start on these hip flexors these hamstrings these quads a little bit of band work and then getting a deadlifts so I'm gonna work up with some singles right now this is 5:45 on the bar I am using a Texas deadlift bar which gives a little bit more whip it's a it's a whoopee whoopee to have a bar so it gives you a little bit more leverage off the ground the heavier gal but I haven't worked singles on deadlifts for her for quite a while so still reaching or trying to reach that

goal of 700 again [Music] [Music] 585 is where I'm gonna stop today a tool that I've been using to kind of assess progress time recovering and getting stronger and all my lips as bar speed bar speed and bench and squat and deadlift if the bar speed feels really slow from the beginning obviously I might need some more recovery time some more rest auto regulate that workout but for this workout right here felt great I'm gonna hold it at 585 I could probably could have pushed past that probably could hit 6 today but I want to progressively work up towards that so now I'm gonna do the rest this workout it's a lot of volume stuff pull-ups pen lay rose lat pull downs just hypertrophy Ted will work and then I'm going grocery shopping for the bulking grocery haul of the week so before going to h-e-b I'm just gonna do a shake for my post-workout just two scoops of milk and cookies way just get some protein in me because it's already about 1 p.m. and that's what happens when you try scooping protein he's filming up sometime

yeah [Applause] a deeper [Music] okay so it's definitely just step back from the grocery haul so I kind of walk you through what we pick up on a weekly basis while I'm building or bulking right now so we'll start over here and work our way down so this makes up I'd say 80% of my diet right now starting with beverages so these are all zero calorie beverages I get tired of drinking water so whether I'm cutting or bulking I always have like power and zero or zero calorie Gatorade it's stuff like that diet a and W root beer because occasionally we'll make a root beer floats with vanilla halo top or some sort of low-calorie ice cream and then cold brew which we typically have sitting around start my morning with this I just to get things moving a little bit and then we'll get into vegetables fruits carbs so right now we're kind of in a kick of making fruit and veggie smoothies at a point in the day typically I'll do mine in the afternoon so we got kale we got baby

spinach we go through so many avocados so I eat at least one avocado a day whether it's with my eggs for breakfast or we'll make guacamole if we're about to make guacamole now so a bunch of avocados and this is probably eight avocados and this will last us about a week lemons we just put lemons in our water our mix with my strong greens other greens we got green beans or french beans that will just bake in the oven with the olive oil and then where I like to do is I'll pick up these vegetable kebabs now I won't actually grill these or bake these or make them like this but they're already pre diced or pre-cut you get a pretty good selection of different vegetables so I'll throw this in with like stir fry I'll make it with rice I'll just start on saute them cook them up and you have like some flavorful vegetables there throw them with a meal so I like buying these a little bit more expensive because they're pre-cut and made in kebabs but the variety and convenience is just worth it to me then carbohydrates right now I do a lot of rice so she's jasmine rice I'm gonna start in the rice cooker and I'll have

it for the week we'll make some protein pancakes using Kodiak cakes that we just get a h-e-b we do a lot of our go shopping h-e-b small stuff at Whole Foods and sprouts this is a low-calorie ice cream that we haven't tried before this is called Chile Cal so typically we'll do like halo top or lighting stuff like that just for for feeling something sweet at night end of the day or at night carbohydrates or so like whole wheat English muffins this is my favorite brand it's oro wheat I'll do this with like bacon and avocado on it so I like these a lot banana is is primarily my main fruit source that I consume bananas some strawberries raspberries Stef got me a huge raspberry kick because of the fiber content tortilla chips just because I love like salsa guacamole queso any kind of dip walk occasionally so easiest with guacamole tonight we're always talking to some sort of tortilla chip now protein sources primarily we go through a lot of whole eggs or at least I do whole eggs and egg whites in the mornings my breakfast pretty typically egg whites cheese and avocado so I go

through at least I'd say four to six eggs whole eggs a day and then other protein sources we have just some fresh shrimp that we'll use for like fish tacos chicken thighs is my primary like chicken source I really do chicken breasts anymore chicken thighs are so a whole lot more flavorful higher fat content easier it's and calories in convenience wise I'll pick up like this is there a sandwich meat this is just turkey breast so like for 2 ounces is 17 grams of protein I'll just have this sitting around for convenience a moment run and just eat something to eat really quick bacon so now that I'm building you're bulking again I'm gonna incorporate an actual real bacon back into my diet you got some sakes so some steaks that we'll throw on the girl for dinner at night and these are h-e-b always has these Texas style boneless barbecue ribs so there's preseason it's just like pork ribs and they're good they're cheaper it's a good source of protein I've used these before and these are great so these are culinary parchment cooking bags these are really easy to to meal prep or make a dinner so essentially

it's just a parchment bag and you'll throw in your meat you'll throw in your chicken or your steak or your pork or your fish salmon in the bag with some olive oil lemon seasonings and you also throw in your vegetables like whether it's green beans or some of these cut-up vegetable kebabs you can throw in the potatoes just in the bag throw the oven you cook it and that's dinner right there so that's the overview of a grocery haul while on the build or the bulk series so now we start incorporating carbs back into the day so this is our my biggest meals of the day this is my second post-workout meal kind of what we have here is 8 ounces of chicken thighs just made on the grill a little bit of ketchup on it and then these babies right here are my secret so these are two English muffins and what I do is I add half of avocado the other half the Advocaat often this morning I add Trader Joe's everything but the bagel seasoning and I have three slices of bacon really good full fat bacon spread across the little bagel thing so it comes out so a nice sandwich got the English muffin everything with a bagel seasoning

guacamole bacon we really put the combination and then for some more carbs a banana here so this is meal number three so the bpn team is really good friends with the brute force training bags team they sent over a bunch of stuff I'm a gaunt side see exactly what they sent over now what brute force really specializes in is sandbag training and you know a lot of the training I do especially when I was in the military transitioning out and stuff I do now is functional like athletic training I'm always looking to incorporate something new that kicks my ass in my workout routine so they send these over and like I said like we have a really good relationship with them they support bpn we support you know their their business and what they do so they specialize in sandbags different sized sandbags they also have an app and a platform where you can get workouts from and learn from things they're doing they have a community where they do remember everyone deployed Friday's read Friday's so the Facebook community where your community workout stay sent over there are 70 pound bags they sent

over there 150 pound bags they sent over there weighted vests that will start incorporating into some sort of training me and Preston maybe watch some sort of like competition together but I'm going to start incorporating this stuff into my routine I'll probably incorporate into the channel more often so they say we've teamed up with them if you want to get any brute force training stuff I will link it in the description box below you can use code Barre and it saves you 15% off but it's really high quality stuff and they give you training programs throughout their site so what we have here is a little little green smoothie that I mixed up just get some some greens and my strong greens in and a little bit more carbs so what's in this right here is a little bit of kale a little bit of spinach one banana eight ounces of orange juice and then I throw in my scoop of strong greens in there now I'm not currently tracking macorĂ­s during this bulk for this video and for teaching purposes I'm putting the macros of each meal so you can see roughly what I'm consuming on a daily basis for me I intuitively eat so if my training is going well I'm getting stronger

my lifts are improving my workouts feel great then I will sustain that diet plan if I start getting weaker or I don't feel strong during workouts all you did assess my diet to see if I'm eating enough or eating enough of the right foods or from overtraining and just fatigue so to those things diet is a variable in training to improve so if you have to track get the track it's just one of those things my last meal of the night or typically stephane eyes last meal tonight is the most clearly dense it's the largest and I'm the most full it's just the way I like going throughout the day I like smaller meals better like I said a higher in fat higher and protein lower and carb just because my energy is better I feel better my digestion and my stomach everything is just like like an energy drink non-stop all day and then at night I'll really load up on carbs the carb backloading tonight what we're gonna do is I'm gonna be probably two cups of jasmine rice I'll cook this in the rice cooker I have a tablespoon of coconut oil for some

more fats and then we're gonna cook up steaks so I got these at HEB these are ones I just picked up and this is a New York strip steak probably like eight ounces it's 26 grams of fat so that's one wrap of the video I hope you guys enjoyed it just a little insight on what I'm consuming on a daily basis to build muscle get stronger this is the build [Music]