17 June 2019

My a healthy snack

hey welcome back to my channel so today

I'm gonna be making a snack this day with high/low queston by my best friend Jessie she wanted me to do a video and I just I forgot all about it but now I remember so it's all good day so I want a Kiwi first snack [Music] [Music] and just so I don't get my counter doing I'm not going to set it like that [Music] beautiful very very show tonight it has this cover so we don't cut ourselves so I'm gonna wash my keep eating all the back so my camera kept on volunteer you guys won't be make exact same plate so first I like to so I'm not gonna eat the ends because they don't like to and yes your hand will get a little bit sticky oh look at all that goodness that I just cut off I'll get that I'll just eat that right now I know I feel like I'm eating an apple held up backed up back to them oh that was a pretty nice cut [Music] and I don't have pili and all this food every day I just I'm sick today very now I'm just

giving me off or do you go to school but I said I'm sick and artistically video you guys okay there is my email I'll cut so I'm gonna actually keep my hands up cuz I don't really need to and I don't cut it in like break bits oh my I guess I could just do that [Music] [Music] my favorite colors oh so we have a lot of yellow balls in this it's different shape I love you guys I don't personally actually so and now I have it they had it you got delicious healthy choices I really hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did be sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe down below hit that little notification bell so that you don't miss any time I post and yeah I'll see you all next time bye