11 March 2019

My 88lb Weight Loss Story Part 2 Keto before and after l CrossFit Transformation

My 88lb Weight Loss Story Part 2 Keto before and after l CrossFit Transformation ...

part-2 a weight loss story I'm gonna

fill you guys in if you haven't seen part one but if you want to go check out part one I'm gonna link it in the first link in the description but you can also click this card to go to part one in another browser and you can come back and watch part two but to fill you in and to recap from last week I was 275 pounds and I lost my first 25 pounds using the Carbonite solution so here's a little picture of my fat fat head this is 275 pounds versus 230 pounds so look at all that look at all that face fat that I lost and then here's where we left off this is a picture of me on a cliff in Aruba with my fat little belly hanging out and this is at 250 pounds roughly this is what I currently look like 183 pounds as of this morning in this picture I'm like 185 pounds but you get the picture I went from fat to fit so what is that five fifteen ninety pounds weight loss basically so where we left off last time was I was 250 pounds in Aruba I lost my first 25 pounds using carb nite solution and I'm gonna answer a couple questions that I've been getting on the diet so some common questions I've been getting is what was

my diet like what did I eat daily why can you only have 30 grams or less of carbohydrates and is it okay to do crazy cheap days every weekend so on the carb nite solution if you want to buy the book I'll link it down below again but karmic solution is 30 grams or less of carbohydrates a day and that's not that's really not carbohydrates it's basically coming from your your vegetables some layover carbs from your nuts seeds avocados things like that you don't want to have any sort of carbohydrates at all sorry not having like little nibbles of bread or oatmeal or anything like that it's literally just protein vegetables water that sorry protein vegetables water and fat pretty much it that's all that's in this diet so for example a full day breakfast would be protein like whey protein blended up with coconut oil and heavy cream and coffee so it's like a like a coffee blended protein almost like a bulletproof coffee but yeah so I'd have that in the morning so that got my protein my fat my protein my fat and my caffeine for the morning so I'm caffeinated I got my protein in my fat and and a lot of my fat was coming from

coconut oil because I had to eat 300 grams at the start of fat so my next meal would be eggs and I would have like five or six whole eggs because I'm going for protein and fat right I would cook it in coconut oil so I'm frying it up and cook coconut oil I'm putting vegetables on top of the eggs and then putting cheese on top so protein fat vegetables and then I'm having water for my liquid my fluids basically pre-workout you can't have any kind of pre workout or BCA's or anything like that on this diet and came and have gum so actually one downside of this diet is that you get bad breath because when you're in ketosis long story short you get bad breath so just be aware of that there's some mints you can have but if you buy the book it'll link which ones you can have I think you can have like the Altoid mints but pre-workout was just protein coffee and coconut oil again so same thing as my my morning coffee I would have that as my pre-workout kind of shake so I kind of got the caffeine fix and the coconut oil is a fast-acting fat so that was fueling my workouts and that was pretty much it

so and you're only drinking water I can't like stress that enough you can't have Gatorade you can't have low-calorie like Crystal Light or propel like mixes you can't have any of that because you'll spike your insulin and you want to not you don't want to spike your until the actual carb nite though again the first ten days is like a 10 day protocol you have your carb nite which is like high glycemic carbs rice french fries pizza donuts baked goods things like that the next day when you wake up you'll have a little bit of bloat and that's just water weight that'll take like a day or two to kind of get through your system and then you go another six to seven days on your ketogenic diet and then you have your carbonate and you just keep repeating that process and as you saw in the last episode part one I lost I went from 275 to 250 I lost 25 pounds over four months which is actually a pretty fast weight loss you only want to lose one to two pounds when they're dieting and that's to maintain as much muscle mass as possible so on the second part of this story I went from 250 down to 200 and actually

25 pounds so another 25 pounds weight loss but this all this time it only took me like three months to lose 25 pounds and this is why second time around doing this Carbonite for my second 25 pounds I adjusted some things so with the diet I started out with 300 grams of fat 300 grams of protein and 30 grams or less of carbohydrates the second time around I really went lower on the calories so I think that 300 330 comes out to like 4000 calories so I changed my diet to like I think it was 225 225 and 30 which is like I want to say 2,800 or 30 something so around let's say 3000 calories I didn't do the calculation my head but say 3,000 calories so I knocked off a bunch of calories so I'm further into a caloric deficit and I'm adding in a little bit more metabolic conditioning cardio jump rope walking and this is the main thing every morning I would wake up and before I had that protein coffee fat mixture I would go on a like three-mile walk actually I think I remember sometimes even going like six miles but I woke up I went for a walk and then I came back so it was a little bit of a fasted cardio in the morning and if you're on their weight-loss journey

you're trying to add in new things I would highly suggest doing fasted cardio and going to the gym in the morning it's kind of a pain in the butt so just walk out your door have your headphones in listen to a podcast or something and just go for a walk so you walk like a mile or two miles you turn around and come back and it should only take you like thirty minutes or something like that so a little bit of fasted cardio then you have your first meal so adding in that cardio every single day adding in jumping rope as my leg workout warm-up and then a lot of high intensity high rep high volume workouts so as you know I was training for strongman as a heavyweight and then I was transitioning into a lightweight strongman so the things I change with my training was I was still doing powerlifting I'm still doing strongman training strongman event training so log press axial press squats bench deadlift atlas stone carry keg carry all those crazy strongman events but I was adding in a lot more volume so I wasn't concerned too much with how much weight I was moving but I was adding in more volume so a lot more reps a lot more sets a lot less rest in

between my sets so like when I was 275 I would rest like three to four minutes in between each set so I basically do a set I would sit down breathe really really heavy catch my breath for four minutes and then do another set and then I think I chopped that like almost in half so I was only resting like two minutes and I was doing more things like one minute aim wraps of deadlifts one minute aim wraps of push press one minute ham wraps of stone over the bar things like that so I was adding in a lot more volume so with the Attic cardio added volume the caloric deficit I went from 250 down to 225 so here's a fat selfie picture of myself this is like I think this is do we have Instagram and I think I was 21 but I met my mom's bathroom or something like that so you can see like my chest is really wide my stomach is really wide I kind of look like a box I have a lot of lower belly fat but if you've remember the first picture sure I'll show you the first picture when I'm on that cliff my belly like hanging over my pants I'm a lot leaner and I'm kind of like getting more toned more like my physique is shown through a little bit more so here's more

bathroom selfies and then this is so this is like 245 pounds and then this is 235 pounds so my stomach's a lot leaner I'm kind of getting more toned you can see like my shoulders my biceps my triceps coming out a little bit more so a lot leaner here's some pictures of me and Jennifer my face is getting a little bit leaner kind of see my dimples actually coming through and in this final picture I'm 225 and I'm a lot skinnier so here's I really I have this on my Instagram if I go check it out open my Instagram right here but this is a 880 pound yoga carry I was either a 225 or 230 pounds at the time and this is when I was getting ready for my first lightweight strongman competition so crazy amount of weight I'm still moving a lot of weight here but only at 225 230 pounds body weight here's a 800 pound tire flip so this event for tire flips it was a woman amrap basically one minute to get as many flips as possible I want to say I got like 12 or 14 this picture is a keg race medley so there's three you have to basically pick up one keg go 50 feet run back pick up the second keg which is like 250 I think was 225 250

275 and I remember this event exactly because I was so out of breath running back to get the second keg and a third keg like my cardio was was still awful and then this next picture is when I'm getting ready for my second lightweight strongman competition and I'm ashamed my head shaved my beard so I look a lot leaner but here's a stone Atlas stone over the bar event so you basically pick up a 300 pound stone you throw it over a 52 inch bar and then the judge will throw you back to stone you got to pick it back up put it over the bar another 60 minute amrap so basically going for reps and I think I think the guy that won got like 16 or something reps I think I got like maybe 10 here the picture of me next to one of my friends that did the women's strongman competition but yeah I can see in this picture I kind of look like weird my body looks like it's shrunk a lot my shirts all baggy my shorts are baggy but that's how I went from 250 down to 225 and in part 3 we're going to discuss how Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit completely changed my training my diet and basically my entire life but here's a picture of my first 225 pound snatch

at 225 pounds but this is basically the full transformation picture right here this is me at 250 and then here's me at 225 actually I might be 220 in this picture not sure and then this is me at 185 and 220 so you can see the huge difference in conditioning muscle mass and just total physique so part three will be how I would how I transferred from strongman in powerlifting to a Olympic weightlifter I went I didn't Olympic weightlifting for a whole year and then I went from Olympic weightlifting to full-on full force CrossFit and how basically that changed my entire life and how I lost 20 another 35 pounds so I completely changed the diet you know little sneak peak I changed my diet completely obviously train might change my training completely and it completely changed my life so part three will be sometime next week but if you enjoyed this content give it a thumbs up comment down below if you have any questions on the ketogenic diet or Carbonite solution if you are on your weight loss journey you have questions you want some guidance comment down below I'll be happy to help but yeah if you

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