09 June 2019


Welcome ladies. In today's video I show you what I did to get a flatter stomach in just 7 days and How to lose weight fast! Obviously if you are not starting with a ...


so hey welcome back to my channel and if you're new here thanks for clicking on this video and watching this video but thinks that welcome to my channel um as you can see my name is Bree and this is a quick how-to video so it's not really anything with beauty or tutorial or routine and I'm sorry my voice is very hoarse you are you know had a very lonely pub weekend but if you can bear with me again this is a really quick how-to video on how to get rid of that floating or you know that stubborn belly fat so if you're looking for extra tips or if you just need another idea I definitely recommend that you tune into this video and as you can see with that before and after picture the results are definitely clear they're there and I would recommend that you try this for at least 14 days inside the video does say seven days but if you do it for also important to these and other added onto that you know that first week I guarantee you would be so happy with your results so again if you are new here thanks again for clicking on this video make sure you hit the subscribe button and aside from that yeah video okay so first we're gonna start with

everything that we have so we have some [Music] it is vanilla by the way to make it taste you know kind of good in Finnish baby spinach and for fruit you have pineapple strawberries peaches and pie guys next time and finally strawberries banana bread so this is what we're gonna do for our I call it a magic Sweeney so if you want to start with is your little bullet or your blender and we're gonna start with on the mill oh yeah and we gotta use a little bit of water too we just love it a water-type it though [Music] make sure y'all conceal here and then we're going to start it you want to make sure you hear all that one and it's really bad it was good all right then you have your yummy yummy smoothie and we're just gonna pour it into a cup just like that it's the perfect about as you can see just like that and that is what you need to drink as a meal replacement for seven days straight and make sure you have your fruits your vegetables almond milk only and water and now we're gonna move into the second step of this process okay so

now for step two you need a limit of fresh limit in some more water we're gonna take your cup I have a cute little lemon cup here you're just gonna slice the couple's likeness [Music] and you can also take a jug of water and put like a whole living in there cut up drinking throughout the day okay there's limits you're gonna take it water don't say like it's pretty good cut so two cups in here so I would say about two and a half cups of water so you're just going to drop those [Music] we can let it sit or you can just drink it right away but this would be step two and again you can always put lemons into a gallon of water and drink it throughout the day and you just want to make sure you're drinking both of these so your smoothie Ford Villa replacement and then your lemon water throughout the day drink it for seven days and I guarantee you'll see results alright guys so I definitely hope you all enjoyed that video again it is just a quick how-to some quick tips here beauty tips or weight loss tips whatever you want to label it and let's see here

aside from that yeah I definitely recommend that you squeeze this into your regular eating routine or your regular eating habits and I guarantee again you will see some decent results here and don't forget to you know follow that follow up with the one gallon of water and also cutting a full limit up into that gallons have been drinking that throughout the day or also throughout the week so aside from that I really love and thank you all for clicking on this video thanks for tuning in to yet another video and if you are new here just looking for some quick tips I definitely recommend that you kind of visit my channel take a look at some other content and see if you're enjoying it but aside from that please make sure you all hit the subscribe button you won't regret it we have our 100 subscriber giveaway coming up and it's going to be good so if you're not subscribed I definitely recommend and he had that subscribe button you won't regret it okay anyways inside thanks you all again for watching this video and I'm sorry I bet you all can see that I'm like

showing off this beautiful set anyway thanks for clicking on this video thanks for watching you all have a great weekend