03 April 2019

My 31 Day Diet For the WHOLE of March ( 2019 ) . Ft. Good People.

Motivation #RandyMbouge #TeamDoWhatWeDo #FCHW My 31 Day diet... was a total success and throughout the whole video it is providing nothing but value.

yes so what is good team do what we do I

was giving this great idea and the idea was to do like my 31 day diet which means I will be showing you clips and stuff that I've been doing over the course of 31 days to see the outcome or if it worked so stay tuned to see the whole 31 day process thank you yes so now I have showered and changed and I'm about to eat some some breakfast you see we have to pay attention to what the cereal contains that's something that we don't do it's subconscious well also because we think you know if it's cereal we don't need a lot it's not hell do you got interested in calories that you're in taking that look I see some oatmeal on this fine morning but a little bit of brown sugar some brown sugar yes we are here today March 11th probably March 12th when you see this here with Ilan tell them what we did till we did I mean yeah well I mean I say day cuz you know y'all are here I mean you're there always and eat oatmeal it's not the best thing in the world you know I flew it though kind of like you know nourishing my insides my body just got stay at it they study one day diet this is day two you you know what it is

so yes day two of this thirty one day diet and the old male again the oak before me let's get the whole pot show you the process you know I'm sensor yes day two of my thirty one day diet you see life gave me lemons and I had to make sour lemonade the gym is locked on this fine March 3rd 2019 so what do I do control the controllables and say look I'm able to run able to do core that is still you working out that's day number 3 so yes it's a little bit windy today this is day number 3 March 3rd 2019 and I do understand that it is hard you know it is definitely hard to go in the gym and just keep going you know I'm saying look as team do what we do let's get it ain't no reason to make excuses out here and I know my schedule is different so you know I do try to sympathize for that so let us get it told you day number 4 let us get it this little is chilly a little bit chilly now I said that's why I go to the gym you know I'm ready to go let us get it March 4th 2019 this is March 5th 2019 still on my 31 day diet you know I eat let's say meals per se like nothing I still eat meals I just eat in moderation so I don't eat

as much the meals are not as big but let's get it March 5th 2019 let us get it you know exactly what it is back at it again today is March it's another day to go out and get it but it is March 7th right I'm literally showing you guys me going to the gym only because for some that is the hardest that is the hardest part you know because think about it for you to wake up and have to go to the gym early in the morning some people say that that's like a sacrifice or you know maybe they're doing too much but really I mean it's so rewarding within itself you start your day off knowing that you went out and did exactly what you had to do to execute every single day seemed what we do out today is March 8th and yes I'm going to the gym again in this 31 day diet I'm constantly saying working out and watching the calorie intake proteins and how much sugar I'm I'm taking in right because look the reason why I am showing I'm not showing me working out is because this right here is the biggest factor it's getting up and actually going to the gym and watching the foods that you eat so let us get it homee have to go crazy see that sweat equity foamy

foamy own this enormous up on y'all like this yo yeah yes today is March 10th 2019 back at it again see the sweat equity let us get it is a constant process of executing and actually wanting to occur on the fat off your body [Music] [Music] [Music] as today is March 11th 2019 yes it is late here I am in Ohio today fill me out here about to get right with my battle Elon we're about to get it today what is good YouTube back let me look it is March 12 I am out here literally in the gym no one else is in here but me you know instead of making excuses about going to the gym fine why you're trying to go to the gym and simply going to the gym that's it let's give you execution over everything you already know what it is March 30 2019 by to go to the gym and get right you know exactly what it is about to get it all 319 execution over everything you for me here at Planet Fitness with my I think cousin I think here March 15 again working out again is exactly what it is you know oh yes good

morning team do what we do it is March 14th 2019 yes if you hear that see that it is rain it is rain I'm about to go get it I'm about to go ride it's gonna be cold but it will hopefully be worth it by the deadlift today I wish I'll be lifted but you know I'm saying it gotta be a process he's gotta get there to the gym and get right let's get it I'm gonna tell you one time but one time only do not allow anybody to tell you what type of dreams and goals you should set for yourself if they say it is not realistic say thank you hey keep it pushing cuz now let's get it to a point where we allow everyone else's opinion to make us feel think and act a certain way that is literally killing us because you're spending your energy worrying about what somebody else thinks man seriously cut it out man this is your life what are you gonna do with it today is March 17th 2019 early in the morning about 9:30 or so Steve do all we do out here tell all we did that I did hurry up rose yeah yeah yeah yeah we did try some extent you gotta try some strong and it's fine March the hood on myself a team from our

31 day diet let's get it I'll show you all the results come in soon get swole out here today is March 18th and this is why I keep on going almost as if I'm blogging vlogging because consistency is key and going to the gym is the hardest part let's get it but today is March 19th of the 31-day diet and yes I am here and like Fitness here in Ohio and garen right at 6 o'clock in the morning that's why I so dark and I'm ready to get it let's go today it's March 20th oh oh today is March 20th I got the video there's March 28th let me watch oh all right one of the things that definitely motivates me to go to the gym it's like if I'm telling others to workout and I'm not working out myself that that kind of looks you know I'd be a hypocrite so that's why he's got to go get it again yes today is March 21st today is March 21st 2019 I lifted twice this today I'm exhausted back at it again the hardest part is actually coming to practice March 22nd 2019 Friday and the reason why I record most of the clips I mean literally going to the gym on different days is because that's the hardest part about going to the gym it's not the

actual working out that's the problem it's people putting in the work that is the problem when what I meant them mentally getting ready so yes let's get it let's get it let's get it let's go you know exactly what it is today is March 23rd you know I'm saying I'm gonna get some cardio on with this basketball bout to drop my cousin off at the pool you know I'm saying literally give him straight buckets the day is March 24th 2019 and I'm back at it again about to go work out once again gotta be consistent for this 31 day diet with that being said let's get it back at it again we're done when they die what is good to do we do ain't no sir push-ups has everything that you can think of the consumer's process but I'm loving let's get it done this is day 25 what is good team do what we do man I was literally just thinking like look man is March 26 2019 I've already explained why I literally am vlogging only me just going to the gym because that is one of the hardest parts for most people and also I'm vlogging the nutrition you know I'm saying cuz I'm making it known that is nutrition and

it's also physical exercise that makes it so important and that is how you get the results that you want to get to so team do what we do let's get it all 2019 this is only for March there's so much more content coming so what is good team do what we do yes today is March 27th to 2019 runs hit the gym again just have to show you guys the process of me getting to the gym because me lifting is a different aspect of it I don't really feel like that's all the way motivating so for like every single day and showing you the foods that I'm eating isn't it it's just right so let's get it what is good team do what we do yes today is March 28th and I wanted it I went to the track and I did great work I just didn't document the process like I shouldn't like I should have what I was actually going but I still definitely wanted to be consistent still give you about so here I am what is good to do we do yes today is March 29 2019 the working hours get for this 31 day diet you got to go crazy what is good team do what we do yes today is March 30th 2019 it's another day to get the dollars mom said execution over everything and I'm about to go get right

in the gym again mmm what is good team doing we know today is March 31st which means tomorrow is April 1st my birthday and today working out again eating good kind of not really and it's going to ten o'clock in the night and I'm still gonna go get it let's get it hey that's cute every single day a 29th see and this is only to show you that I'm bout [Music]