31 December 2018

MY 2018 FAVORITES | skincare, makeup, fashion, tech, ballet, nutrition, etc...

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[Applause] [Music] hello everybody welcome back to my channel today I wanted to show you guys my favorite items from 2018 both my mind saying that I can't believe 2018 is over so I have a giant bucket here well all of the things that have helped me very much in 2018 so I'm gonna start off with a skincare product this has been with me for 10 months now this is the Bioderma micellar water I'm a big believer and if something works I tend to stick with it this takes makeup off really well and it doesn't break me out it's really gentle for my sensitive skin I would definitely recommend you can get this off Amazon I'll have everything linked down below by the way and now for makeup products this is the shout Tilbury film-star bronze & Glow again this has just been consistently with me for the past year and it's just really really natural and it really just helps to find the cheekbones give a little highlight without looking crazy like you have a you know brown line on you definitely a favorite and I'm sure it'll be a favorite of 2018 as well sticking with makeup I have another two

makeup items I want to talk about this brand especially because the whole brand is really amazing um both of these are from glossier bla CA is a New York city-based makeup company makeup and skincare company I love the message they put out it's all about you know enhancing your natural beauty not trying to cover up yourself this first one here is the stretch concealer this alyc used under my eyes usually I will tend to start under my eyes and somehow I end up putting the concealer all over my face because it's so light but I can do that I use the color light and it matches my skin tone perfectly it's really great if you're looking for a natural concealer that still covers up but isn't super cakey and honestly this one it's like so it's so moisturizing but it never creases or anything for me so it really works well now this other glossy product is the boy brow I love this as well I've really been loving the boy brow look I would define my eyebrows huh define you see what I did there I went to find my eyebrows as non-existent this just really helps make them look like they're actually there I do have the

actual hairs but they're just you know a translucent color this has helped with my brows because they're actually visible now okay now I have a body product this has saved me so many times this summer this is the solar recovery save your skin everyday moisturizer this clears up a sunburn in like a day you spray this on you and you wake up the next morning and your sunburn is gone I don't know how it works it's really weird but it's all natural ingredients and they don't test on animals I was the smells really good smells like lavender I'm a ginger I burn so when I put this on at night after being really burnt I wake up in this morning not to mention it doesn't have like a sticky texture it's a spray so you can see just kind of feels like you're spraying up mmm I missed on you like almost like a cooling spray is now on to the subject of food which is the Earth Balance creamy peanut butter with coconuts I don't think I've tasted a peanut butter better than this one I put this on everything I've gone through countless jars of this I put it on rice cakes bagels smoothies smoothie bowls oatmeal

it's really endless what you can put this on it doesn't have a super coconutty taste but it just like a little hint that makes the peanut butter sometimes better this is a seasoning this is slap your mama Cajun seasoning another thing that I put on everything that is savory I like this for avocado toast I have a big uppercut a toast lover this is really great in soups too I really don't like spicy stuff but it just gives a kick I think we usually get this at Cost Plus World Market but it's really yummy if you can find it get it I have one camera that I have been loving and using all year this is the Fuji Instax 210 camera I'm not sure if they sell this exact one because it's really old but I think they have a newer version of it no joke I have hundreds of Polaroids in my room I am a collector I take Polaroids whenever and wherever I can this has been my journal for the past year I got this at Target a while back I've never really consistently journaled in years before and this year I started journaling pretty consistently maybe you know some weeks it'd be every single day other weeks it'd only be twice a week

other weeks it only be once a week I think this is gonna be really nice to look back at one day it was really good for the mind so recommend it I have to shoot favorites for this year first shoe favorite I would choose these are the Stellar's by Suffolk and I've been using these for two years I have so many these are just a few the many pointe shoes I've gone through this year I want to make a big mural of all of my pointe shoes so that's a definite goal for me I'm not quite sure how I'm good do that yet but I will figure it out so these are a few of my pointe shoes from the year for those of you who didn't know I'm a ballet dancer I don't just have my second shoe favorite for the year are the Air Force Ones by Nike I know everybody has them but they're really just a great shoe and so versatile I wear these with anything you can dress them up or dress and down like even though there's sneaker I worn dresses with these especially in the summer I've run dresses with them and they look really cute they're simple and they go with a lot onto my TV show favorite of the year that would be I love friends I

think I started watching it three years ago and I wasn't really that into it and I stopped watching it and maybe got like half like through the first season and then I don't know for some reason I just started watching it again and I really got into it and then I just i binge watch the whole season i'm rewatching it again could be there for me too and that is why I danced for my book favorite of the year that would be the four agreements the author Don Miguel is so wise this says it's the practical guide to personal freedom which I definitely agree it is so it basically just talks about these four agreements or these four these four spiritual laws it's really just a great book if you're looking to be inspired or wanting to learn more about spirituality just happiness I would definitely recommend this book it's really great all right and that's it I will see you guys in the new year I hope you guys have a wonderful 2019 and I'll see you guys in the next video [Music]