10 June 2019

Mushrooms A Healthy Food? Fact or Woo Woo?

Are mushrooms a scientifically healthy food or a trendy woo woo superfood? Ryan investigates the scientific research. Support the channel with a Happy ...

hey this is Ryan of happy healthy vegan

so I recently just realized that this year 2019 Angie and I have been consuming a lot more mushrooms then we ever have before not to say our diets were like devoid of mushrooms before this year just that we've been eating and consuming way more they've been creeping into a lot of the foods we've been buying such as like ramens and Bao which is a classic Chinese dish and you'll see Bao illustrates how mushrooms are a great meat substitute also mushroom Jerky's mushroom toast so yummy chips and burgers and even beverages yeah I had a little mushroom drink before filming today anyone making food here at home Angie's using mushrooms all the time most frequently she's using the fresh mushrooms that we buy at our weekly farmers market here in Long Beach and if not she's using some mushroom powder or some dried mushrooms and she's diseased mushrooms and tons of our dishes many of which will be in her book soon to be released later this year she'll put it in soups chilies stir-fries rice pilaf the list goes on and I'll be the first to admit that prior to my recent research into the healthful benefits of mushrooms I was

pretty much unaware of the plethora of healthful benefits that science has shown that mushrooms have in fact I was completely astounded so let's jump right into it what our mushrooms anyway are they even plants and mushrooms aren't even plants at all they belong to an entirely different biological classification and may contain nutrients like orga theanine not made anywhere in the plant kingdom so in case you didn't know who that was that's dr. Gregor from nutritionfacts.org Amanda leaned on heavily for this video for all the science and research findings so let's get back to dr. Gregor and learn a little bit more about some of the unique nutrients found only in mushrooms as well as pay attention what he says towards the end of this clip about shitake mushrooms one of our favorites from farmers market mushrooms have been used for centuries as folk remedies and for good reason some have been shown to boost immune function as well so much so a type of fiber found in shiitake mushrooms is approved for use as adjunct chemotherapy injected intravenously to help treat a variety of cancers by rallying our

defenses alfe it's just me but I found that pretty amazing that a fiber found in shiitake mushrooms is used as an adjunct chemotherapy to help fight variety of cancers by raising our immune defenses and you'll see as I progressed through this video how mushrooms have a well researched well known immune defense response in addition to that which dr. Greger isn't talking about too much mushrooms are very high in antioxidants particularly two of which which may have anti-aging effects and that's not to say that eating mushrooms will turn you into some kind of vampire who never dies but there seems to be a connection between consuming higher amounts of mushrooms and lower incidence of neuro degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's so not only our mushrooms are great source of antioxidants in your diet they also have some phytonutrients which we're going to take a look at here at polysaccharides namely beta glucans which are quite unique and they help fight against infectious illness and they have anti-cancer properties beta glucans which are considered immunomodulatory compounds suggested to enhance the

defense against infections and potentially cancer while there's many published studies showing the healthful benefits of beta glucans found in mushrooms dr. Greger focuses on the studies about the healthful benefits of beta glucans found in nutritional yeast beta glucan fiber found in baker's brewers and nutritional yeast helps to maintain our body's defense against pathogens the title conduct gives it away but basically a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial was performed to see if just a dusting of nutritional yeast worth of beta glucan a day could reduce the number of episodes of common childhood illnesses 85% got ill in the sugar pill group but just taking like an eighth of a teaspoon of nutritional yeast worth of beta glucan sir or even just a sixteenth of a teaspoons worth appeared to cut illness rates in half so these researchers concluded that having these children take a modest amount of beta glucans in the form of views cut down on the incidence and severity of infectious illness during cold and flu season but beta glucans have even more awesome properties than fighting

infectious illness they help fight cancer beta glucans themselves do not appear to have a direct cytotoxic effects in terms of killing cancer cells but may boost anti-tumor immunity by activating our immune cells for example if you take freshly excised tumors of breast cancer patients and let loose natural killer cells upon them they can kill off a small percentage of the tumor cells but first prime them in vitro with some yeast beta glucans and they become five times more effective at killing cancer cells we're talking about cancer here and beta glucans have such a positive effect on fighting cancer and this isn't the only study that blew my mind check out this one in Japan there have been more than 20 randomized control trials on the use of beta glucans as an adjunct to cancer treatment which evidently show an enhancement of chemo or radiation therapy resulting in a positive effect on survival and quality of life for example there was evidently a study on taking a yeast beta glucan supplement to help cancer relapse after surgery there were no relapses in the treated group compared to about one in five and the

control group have to admit guys I felt a bit ignorant for not knowing anything really about the healthful benefits of mushrooms until this year fortunately I've been eating mushrooms most of my life but like I said this year Angie and I really stepped it up so I'm glad that stepping it up caused me to finally do the research and I'm so happy not only are they great at fighting against infectious illness which could be great during cold and flu season they help fight against one of the leading causes of death cancers the treatment for cancer so anyway let me know in the questions of comments what have you experienced as far as eating mushrooms or consuming mushrooms and healthful benefits particularly those of you guys that been doing it for a long time let me know if you're impervious to like catching colds or flus during cold and flu season we stepped up our mushroom eating a little bit after the new year after the heart of cold and flu season so I can't really report on that myself personally so let us know if you know next year I can look forward to like getting through the cold and flu season without any troubles share your

experiences down below and yeah let me know if there's anything I overlooked anything any of the science I may have overlooked as I said I really didn't know much about mushrooms until now so let me know and I guess that's it guys so share this with friend who's against hating mushrooms for whatever weird reasons or pro mushroom let them know all the great things going on with them so until next time guys remember does suck being vegan before I leave here I want to give a big shout out to our latest supporters on patreon we got Lisa Koons WM the music shoe whore our Nigel you can Stacey Lim and Anthony paulsen thanks so much your contributions really help us to be able to bring the show to you all on the red much gratitude [Music] you guessed it [Music] you miss me [Music] see