09 July 2018

Muscle GAIN + Weight LOSS Nutrition! | MuscleFood Haul | What I Eat DAILY?

MFHamper: https://bit.ly/2zrLQTs Musclefood very kindly sent me the summer hamper, and as a result I figured a video on my daily eating, nutrition at it's basic ...

so this morning I received a lovely

little package from muscle food and that got me thinking about diet about nutrition but how many misconceptions there are how many of you guys that ask me on Instagram why eat on a day to day basis and I thought I'd address some of those questions in this video I haven't actually done a nutrition video yet so if you enjoy this one please do leave a like share it around obviously the sheer scale behind nutrition of signs it's absolutely massive so I won't be going into that much detail throughout this video can I try and keep it in size as possible I will show you everything I got in the muscle food delivery because they gave me the summer hammer which is absolutely incredible you can check that out down thumbs there down in the description if you want to especially if you're looking to improve your diet get those muscle gains lose that body fat if that's the sort of thing that you're looking for basically cheap protein it really is but for the time being we're going to be addressing the basics of weight loss and weight gain kind of food that you should be eating a lot of you guys watching this video may not understand just how

important nutrition actually is in fueling your body with the right food sources that's basically what nutrition means but what some of you what in this video might not understand it's just how impactful nutrition is for getting results whilst training is pretty important I would really only say training is 20% of the battle nutrition is pretty much it pretty much makes up the other 80% obviously you need to keep consistent 80% of how you look the results that you get will be based on what foods you are consuming now when I say healthy foods obviously what I mean by that is whole unprocessed foods natural sourced foods protein sources that you get like turkey mince beef really isn't it chicken oily fishes your carb sources like your oats your brown rice brown pasta brown bread sweet potato through veg that is so vitally important for keeping a balanced body nuts seeds peanut butter olive oil there are a lot of staple components that go into what is fundamentally known as a good diet but obviously the reason why you want to be is because you either want weight loss or weight gain you want to be gaining

muscle or you want to be losing fat the way that works is it's very very simple its calories in versus calories out I'm just gonna briefly explain what calorie or what Academy is calorie is a unit of energy you will have a based metabolic rate you will have a flat amount of calories that your body means every single day in order to stay alive and function properly now obviously this will be dependent from person to person and be completely different not every single person will have the same base metabolic rate it depends on how active you are what your body composition already is there are so many factors but for those of you watching you will be able to work out how many calories you require per day to maintain the weight that you are at you can do this on my calorie count on net there are various other apps and websites you can use in order to work out the calories that you require weight loss is a process where you are consuming less calories than your body requires to function every day weight gain is where you are consuming more calories than your body requires to function calories in versus calories out

if you are not sure on how many calories you are consuming use apps like My Fitness Pal I'm pretty sure there's others out there where you can literally check using the nutritional information on packaging to see how many calories you're consuming people don't actually know how many calories they are consuming people might eat like a McDonald's or a pizza and go do you know what that's it I'm gonna be getting one now I've eaten junk food that I'm just gonna put on weight wrong if you're still in a color a big deficit aka you are under the colors you require four a day you will not gain weight so you can all be I wouldn't suggest a lot of junk food it is possible to eat junk food in a balanced diet and still lose weight but what you eat specifically doesn't determine whether or not you will gain or lose weight how much of what you are eating does that's the big difference going down to the nitty-gritty of what you're eating if you have a cookie you go car flipping a mess that's me done for the day I'm gonna be gaining weight wrong same way if you're eating loads and loads and

loads of food but it's not a lot of calories you might not necessarily be gaining as much weight as you want to or gaining as much muscle as you want to depending on how far over or under your base metabolic rate you are determines the speed at which you gain muscle fat will lose muscle and fat there's the full time recording and I've still managed to ramble but now that we've covered that then it goes through the basically the food that I eat in a day in order to give you guys an idea of what you should be eating it's consistency guys it is such a simple process it's consistency within kind of foods that you're eating and the kind of training video making there are plenty more videos on YouTube and articles I can even leave links in the description to if you want to go and read them that do cover nutritional science in much more detail but obviously then when I make a 45 minute video on YouTube covering it okay so I'm actually gonna go through what I tend to eat in a day just as a standard standard example hopefully this helps a lot of you have been asking what the kind of foods that to start with in the morning when I wake

up I am currently doing a little bit of intermittent fasting so wait a little bit I don't tend to eat carbs in the morning I try to do fasted cardio so the first thing I will eat probably let's say noon I think the first thing I eat would be these turkey sausages that I got a nice summer hamper of the muscle food package which is obviously here along with four or five egg whites and a whole egg I just said that point usually I'll do some fasted cardio in the morning or if I'm doing a weight session I'll eat this beforehand because I would never ever recommend doing something of high intensity on an empty stomach doesn't make sense to me just it's not a clever idea so food have wonderfully sent me so many chicken breasts is incredible but seven hot kilos of normal chicken breast that is gonna be amazing but usually after my workout we're looking around two o'clock in the afternoon I will have 300 grams of chicken breast with some broccoli now if you guys remember I used to be on meal prep so I never actually had to cook or do anything for myself I kind of enjoyed having to make my meals from scratch now

because I get to have my own flavouring which is amazing because muscle food is certainly these summer flavors I've got dirty burger sauce South Carolina sauce smoky sauce sriracha rub Korean BBQ rub clean eating doesn't have to be tasteless guys it can still be really enjoyable make it tasty make it enjoyable and then you won't ever really go wrong if you enjoy the food so you're just gonna keep beating it really honey just gonna get these fun a list of food items out so we have sirloin steaks Conway took into them grass-fed beef mince gonna be amazing if you substitute like a takeaway or two takeaways a week whatever you end up eating for this not only will your diet be much cleaner but you're actually saving money they've also got these which are really in truth to try dirty American fries sweet potato basically if you're gonna have fries in your diet guys make them sweet potato burn anyway going back to why you usually I'll have like four or five meals a day usually composes of like three chicken based meals and then a fish based meal and obviously like oh so anyway meal number three that I'd have to write the day

would be chicken again I'd have a carp sauce maybe rice or sweet potatoes just because I will be training a little bit later on and then I'd have more veg yet loads of micronutrients as well from vegetables which is why the government tell you to be 5'4 inverted day is so important to get that in cancer the problem thought I had salmon in the fridge I quite clearly don't but usually I have salmon as my fourth meal along with even more vegetables kind of stress the harmful and eating vegetables are when you're trying to lose weight which is obviously why I'm still doing then I'll probably train depends I'm usually doing a push-pull legs flare the moment when I get back I'll have a protein shake with almond milk because it has less calories than normal milk and to go with that it would be another chicken based meal and then more vegetables really so I mean I think I'll try and work out in fact I'll put the calories on screen somewhere here you can go and use this if you want to but why should stress and what I should just mention every single person no matter what kind of journey they're looking for will not be the same I've

realized that yeah that's great not two individuals will ever truly have the same diet the same requirements of what their body needs to function some people need more carbs in order to keep going day to day but really the most important part of nutrition is keeping consistency it's choosing to have it as a lifestyle rather than a diet a diet really adds a deadline to the end of things whereas it's always about creating balance in your life if you keep it as a lifestyle you keep nutrition and how you eat relatively healthy for as many occasions as you possibly can that's when your true to get the most results so use some of this information that you've gathered from this video guys incorporate it into your lives go check out the muscle foods summer hamper if you are interested in the foods that I ended up showing you today I'll leave a link to in the description but wants to be taken away from this video try and consume protein with every meal that you can pick how many calories you're and whether or not it fits the amount that you require for the goals that you want eg if you're looking to build muscle you need to be over in a

calorific surplus or if you're looking to lose weight you need to be under in a calorific deficit try and keep the foods that you eat as whole healthy and unprocessed as you possibly can don't forget to drink enough water because this is a vital part of nutrition you do need water guides believe it or not drink more water whey protein and other supplements are cool and useful but it's more important to have a very good diet generally with Whole Foods as opposed to using meal replacements and remember no matter how hard you train nutrition is four times more important than that [Music]