29 March 2012

Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)

Multiple Mini Interview: common assessment for postgraduate training programs in dentistry, medicine and medical laboratory technology ...

hello hello ms Hofmeister hi hi I'm

Bridget obrah Ohio job my name is Mariana hi Mariana it's very nice to meet you nice to meet you okay so how I understand the snare I'm just going to give a little bit of a recap before I go into how I would approach it so what I got from when I read it is that I just moved into a new apartment building rent of an apartment building that has a state-of-the-art fitness facility to which myself and other tenants have access to with the numerical keypad and I have my best friend who is a single mother whom has asked me for the keypad number so that she can come in and he's the gym and get back into shape is that the okay that's right alright so if I was dealt with this scenario what I would do I think is to start off I would look into what are my responsibilities and how I see it is I have a responsibility to my friend she's asked me for a request and she's been my friend from childhood and she's asked me to help her out and getting back into shape but I also see it that I have a responsibility to the apartment building that I live in and to the other tenants and I'm sure that when I signed the

lease I signed a confidentiality agreement that this code is something that stays with me and I would want to uphold that confidentiality as well so how I would approach this is it would start off and I would talk to my friend and I would ask her why she would want to use my fitness facility there may be several underlying causes for instance it mentioned that she's a single mother so she may have difficulties meeting financial needs and I know that gym memberships are expensive $45 a month can get he could build up over 12 months and if she could save that money to provide education for her children or provide better groceries that could make a huge difference in addition the facility may be near her work and so what I would do is ask her and kind of the underlying problem and if it is that she's in a financial difficulty or that it's close to her work I would try to help her in that sense and see what I can do if I can provide her with you know pay for half of her gym fees until she can pay me back or we wouldn't even have to worry about paying me back for the short term or a long term for now or if she needs someone to babysit and I

would be willing to babysit without any hesitation I would feel uncomfortable giving her the keypad number numerical key just because it is something that I spent when I moved into this apartment building it's something that I knew came with it and it's for the tenants and I think giving it away to other people is unfair not only to the other tenants but also to the facility and the agreement that I signed when I agreed to live in here but I would definitely not neglect my friend and say no this is not possible this is not I'm not going to do it at all I would want to know why she's approached me and asked me for my help and see how I can help her in that sense I think what becomes very important is my upholding my integrity to my colleagues at I guess colleagues are the UH fellow tenants at this apartment building but also to my friend and see how I can help in that matter I understand that going to the gym would help her get back in shape it would set a good role model for her children she would be a good role model and I wouldn't in any way want her to not feel that she can't do those not go to the gym because I'm not giving her the

numerical CAD but the pad key but I would help her in any way that I could to ensure that she could still go to the gym and and I understand that if I don't give her the keypad and if I didn't talk to her about why I'm not giving it I could lose a friend and she's been my friend since childhood and I know that right now if I were to lose one of my best friends from childhood it is it's very taxing on yourself and someone that you talked to you and someone that you trust and I don't want her to feel the same way that she can't trust me she can't talk to me so like I said I wouldn't jump to any conclusions I would try to help her in what way I can and at the same time uphold my integrity to the fellow apartment tenants and whoever else are using the facilities and yeah so I'd want to want to be a good friend to her and help her in this case dude do you have any ideas about what might happen to your friend if you do not respond positively to her request good does that come into your decision-making you know it would definitely would if I didn't respond positively I could a lose her as a friend

B she may not choose to go to the gym and you know she mighta thought I'm just going to try this and if it doesn't work out then I might not go to this I like I will not go to the gym and that could affect her health it could affect her her peace of mind and I don't wanna I don't want to do that so I don't want to respond negatively to her and I would respond positively with offering support like I mentioned above I know that for myself going to the gym is kind of a a mode of relaxation and getting away from it all increasing my energy and I think that she should have that available to her and not be restrained by what might be holding her back from going to the gym right now so I would like I'd mentioned before is provide financial support and help her mm-hmm if you've mentioned some ways that you would work to maintain a good relationship with your friend is there anything else that you think that you could do you've mentioned helping her with fees can you think of any other things you might do when another thing that I could do is I could talk to my tenant or talk to the landlord and they fell attendance and ask them if you know

I have a friend who's pretty much close enough to be a family member and if it was okay for her to use the gym that may be a reduced cost so this way she wouldn't it wouldn't be like she's abusing the power and the other tenants might find this unfair but if she could get remember ship at a reduced cost and that knowing me and I would provide good reference for her and see if that's a possibility another possibility I would look into if there is some social programs available at say a leisure center if there's a discounted for single mothers gym class a fitness class that is offered once or twice a week I would look into that and maybe help her set something like that up and I would just look at the other resources that are available we could always start with going to Walmart and buying those $10 fitness videos and I would do it with her and we could do that 10 minute AB shape exercise if that's a video that exists but something like that alternative options to help her okay we only have less than a minute left but is there anything you'd wish to add I just wanted to say that I think this is a very good scenario because it

really represents with the medical field and that ethical decision making is an important part and sometimes there's no black and white answer and you have to look at both sides of the situation and draw common balance and find common ground with those and this is how I would approach that is find common ground where I'm not holding her back and I am helping her out and not giving up my trust another tenant so finding common ground awesome thank you thank you being here thanks Mimi bye-bye right