23 July 2019


00:22 - Cooking my fast and easy healthy meal at home (rice with sea-salt, turmeric and peppers, egg, hotdog, spring mix, olive oil, broccoli, cauliflower and ...

look at how amazing this look I tried

Aikido thing and I was so lean I must have lost seven to ten pounds all of a sudden I started getting these crazy rashes like all over my chest it was so crazy hi guys welcome to my channel this is Anna marks today I'm going to be showing you my regular healthy dinner that I'd like to make every day let's get going so I'm gonna start with making something right I usually like adding two exclusive cease all the spoons black pepper two spoons of turmeric because turmeric is supposed to be really good for you and I also add just a little bit of red pepper as well okay so the rice is ready so I'm gonna take it out I'm gonna have a little bit of olive oil so most of the time I asked spinach however this time I define a nice finish so I bought this spring mix a little bit of mushrooms and I'm also gonna add some veggies look at how amazing this looks so when I'm doing this on a daily basis I don't really like to bother with you know all the sea salt and black pepper red pepper and some turmeric stuff like that which is why I add a little bit too much to my rice so that when I add my rice on top

of all of this you know it tastes so well that they just start cooking I'm going to be cutting up my one hotdog one or two eggs I'm gonna do just one accident well I guess I'm just going to look like this for like maybe a minute and then it's good okay guys so my dinner is finally ready as you can see it looks delicious and I also have a glass of wine in this context I don't know what it's made of but it's supposed to keep your drinks at whatever temperature they are to begin with and don't mind my favorite for question like it's pink its lightweight I like it so anyways this is so frickin amazing I only recently started making this kind of dishes this is my typical dinner dish that I make um lately and I specifically thought of it in order to contain all the things that you might need so it has basically it has healthy fats you know coming from olive oil it has healthy carbs rice I mean some people you know my station it writes but I'll tell you my hero story and how I realized that I don't know maybe because I'm Asian but for some reason it seems like I need my carbs I tried Aikido thing and it really

didn't work for me I broke up in horrible rashes so there was a time when I was obsessed with like healthy eating longevity research diets and stuff like that leading experts doctors researchers on longevity of the eating a lot of them tend to talk about the benefits of a ketogenic diet especially lately so I was like you know what let me try this out and I did they Lokar almost no carb high fat moderate protein diet so basically whatever I have on this plate - the rice would be considered a ketogenic diet because of the olive oil beef and egg fat content would be pretty high and wild ladies are technically considered carbs if you're eating green leafy leafy vegetables things like cauliflower broccoli you know they're really long carbs and very high in fiber so it's not really considered like high carbon I eliminated rice and potatoes which I really like those were like my go-to favorite carbs I mean I of course eliminated everything else like anything starchy white flour sugar you can't eat any of those like very even if you do it needs to be so low that it doesn't kick you out of ketosis and if you ptosis is when you're fasting or not eating carbs

only high fat and moderate proteins your body gets into that mode where instead of burning glucose which it usually does it starts burning fat people say that because you're burning fat you do lose a lot of weight especially you since you're not eating carbs your body doesn't hold on to water as much and so you lose a lot of body weight so people think that they're getting leaner but what you actually lose like in the first days of trying your keto diet is you're basically losing a lot of water weight and I was so lean I must have lost seven to ten pounds pretty easily pretty quickly but the thing with that is that the second you start eating carbs like in one day you can get all that back like so for example let's say I was eating keto two-three weeks I lost about seven to ten pounds I'm looking really lean I love it I'm like oh my god I'm so skinny this is amazing and then one day I'm like oh my god my weight is so low you know what let me go you know I'm have a cheat day right and then on that cheat day I go and buy myself some carbs you know some ice cream chips mac and cheese some wine everything that I wasn't able to get before that and

there's also this mentality about cheat days which I don't do anymore where when you're having it today you feel like the end of the world this is your last day your last chance to eat something that you won't be able to eat tomorrow and so you feel like you need to go stuff your face with everything horrible that you can find you know at 7-eleven I would get all of those things like sometimes you don't even like feel hungry anymore like you're done you're like oh my god I all of this food junk food I am so not hungry anymore I'm so full but then just because you're thinking to yourself but wait but this is my last chance this is my only cheat day I'm not gonna have to taste anymore in a very long time tomorrow it's gonna be a super clean day and all of a sudden you're like I didn't have this kind of ice cream today or like I didn't have tips today and I feel like tomorrow I'm gonna want them so I should go and get them now even though I'm not even hungry anymore that's why I don't do cheat days anymore but basically going back to the car thing so I would eat and drink all those things different dates where I would have to cheat days in a row and like from 106

pounds I would I would go to a hundred and sixteen pounds in two days but you know what I didn't even mind that because I was actually really loving my state while doing the ketogenic diet because not only was I so lean especially if you are consistent with it it is a really nice feeling to you know wake up and not look bloated but give me my face like I could see it in my eyes my face it looked really skinny right eating carbs are like having wine I know there's a lot of times I wake up in the morning and my face looks really small I'm like today for example and my eyes look hopeful it's just like on a ketogenic diet like it never happens to me and also the pray the the sharpness in my mind was just me so I really like that however what I started noticing about like several months after experiment all of a sudden I started getting these crazy rashes like all over my chest it was so crazy it was so itchy so Fred I had no idea what was going on I went to the doctors because he wouldn't go away it kept coming back and it was so horrible that even doctors like when they saw it they were like I could tell in their faces like whoa what

the hell is that like I look like I was dying it was like a triangular pattern like on my chest like this and I'm like upper back in the same pattern this triangular pattern so they had no idea what that was we ran some tests blood tests out the chests which I'm not gonna tell you because too much information and so she come back to me she was like you know your tests are fine your blood work is fine you don't have any infections so I basically had no idea and then right at that time I'm you know one of these channels this healthy eating Fitness channels that I was following that were like the advocates of a keto diet they made this video called a keto rash oh my god that looks exactly like what I have on my chips by the time I saw that video that was like my third or fourth incident with him you know outbreak and you know while I was having those first three or four outbreaks I tried everything I tried everything over-the-counter I tried switching up my food I was like is it eggs it's a daily what is it is it not switch you know before they ever ever in my life was I allergic to

anything so I was like what the hell is this I can't eating the healthiest the cleanest diet you know at that time when I first broke out I was literally eating just every day I would just eat a couple of pasture-raised eggs or some veggies some walnuts I think that was it I think that's why I broke broke out yes in a rush that time because it was such a restrictive diet that like it had almost no carbs and just I was going into ketosis just like that apparently my body's not really liking me not having any carbs at all and that's what happened every time I would get this ketover actually the moment I start eating carbs like it started subsiding in there like it disappears completely before new thing is that nothing helps like I've tried so many things I've tried over-the-counter creams I've tried you know the most popular things on Amazon that people say they helps them from crazy bashes I even went the prescription route in the very beginning when I didn't know that it was because of a keto ration but I just needed to eat some carbs I went to I was so scared I was looking like I don't know like I was dying they were looking at me like

well I wasn't showing it to anyone but only doctors and when they saw it there like there's such horrified faces there is an only guy I need to get rid of this fast I need to find out what what what this is so they couldn't find it out ask them to prescribe me you know the steroids based creams pills we've tried them all nothing works like that's the worst thing about Aikido rush nothing works mmm I think there are some antibiotics that are supposed to work but you know people do this Kido rash I mean keto diet for health reasons because they want to be healthier but like if you have to take antibiotics with it which is you know which is known to be horrible for your body I went from this like super restrictive diet where I was literally there were like so many days where I just ate some pasture-raised eggs walnuts and veggies they on a keto diet I would always be thinking about like I have a 7-eleven like right downstairs I don't always be thinking about these ice creams that they have about the chips that they have about the frozen mac and cheese and I would crave it the

wine and I want craving so bad like horribly as luck would have it I have a giant store right behind me in a 7-eleven the right downstairs I would go to giant and buy a whole lot of more food and eat it and then I'd be like I'm still not cool I still want more you know what you did and then I will go to 7-eleven and buy even more junk food even more horrible it just felt like my stomach was like a bottomless pit a dark hole you could just through all sorts of stuff in there shove anything on your face just bottomless and then the next day of course I would be so guilty like after two days of you know cheat cheat days or like three cheat days I would away myself and like you know from 106 I would go through 116 and I would feel so guilty and of course the next couple days I would fast I know that just you know in a couple of days of fasting I can be back into my himself but that's the thing with diets you can't really sustain it if you're struggling like that oh hey guys so I just finished my wine just in time and my food and I've told you I think I hope

everything I was gonna say about my keto experience which you know in keto rash which I really like my hero experience in the beginning I don't know why how the kiddo rash thing like happened but you know life happened sometimes maybe that was for the best so I really hope that you enjoyed you know my healthy food kind of sharing with you like the regular dinners that I have in order to try and eat healthy at least because I really like it so for me for example I really like it when other people that are trying to eat healthy share their you know how they cook what they cook especially if it's like super easy and fast I think that's pretty amazing and so I really hope that you know you found it useful informative helpful enjoyable definitely let me know in the comment section below like if there's anything that you would like to see in my future videos I'm really happy to hear any ideas that you might have you know to read them in the comment section please make sure to leave them down below if you'd like to see more of my videos make sure to like the video subscribe and press the ball below thank you so much for having this dinner / mukbang

storytime with me today and I'll see you next time