31 December 2018

Motive & Experts - a Lose weight fast keto diet older guy video

FYI. Hey, if you are thinking about trying new dieting and/or exercising activity' it is always a healthy idea to run it by your physician; and maybe seek knowledge ...


[Applause] hey everybody its bill or Billy I've got that YouTube channel the Kido bill grill at empty nest life I'm finishing up finishing up a little light weight dumbbell workout working on my working on my shoulders here I've already been through seven exercises it's my last one it's just a shoulder race kind of activity I got one more set I like to do about 15 seconds in between sets so I'm just about there I'm gonna finish up I'm almost done I'll be right back [Applause] [Applause] hey oh I just got a workout in it's day one of my four-day cycle of exercise activity a little light dumbbell workout feels good let me paint around here a little bit let me show you where we are we're actually at Liberty West reservoir it's a big fishing day here let me pan around here maybe you can see gonna pin down the fridge here in the distance maybe you can see some fishing rods if you put out here fishing and I love fishing and then we'll go over the lake here [Applause] this is about 20 25 minutes west of

Baltimore City and this is the main water supply for Baltimore City I like to come out here it's beautiful get on this bridge and do a little bit of a workout ah there we go it's a little chilly a little chilly today I'm gonna say temperatures the mid-30s a matter of fact I think you know as I was uh working out here and watching these guys do a little fishing by the way they're fishing for crappie they're using artificial lures also some striper bass can come through here this time of year too I'm sure they're going for that as well but they're catching crappie today I forgot my fishing rod I just came out or get a little exercise it's beautiful beautiful out here let me see if I can capture this some more kind of do this swing this around there it is why it's so pretty and we're in Maryland again just west of Baltimore City and this is Liberty reservoir the main water supply one of the main water supplies for Baltimore City and just occurred to me while I was lifting weights that I never really explained to you how I got into lifting weights except for you know the the general thing about my son kind of helping me figure out like dumbbell

training but really what I had to do after he introduced me to it I had I had to do my own homework I'm not an expert in weightlifting in an exercise for that matter I'm not an expert on how to eat and doing diet plans and things like that I just knew I was motivated I was motivated to get healthy and in two ways and the way I was eating I needed to eat healthier and lose a little weight and then once I lost the weight boy I realized I need to get fit and firm and so I went to the Internet I went to the Internet did a little Google thing and just started typing in searches basically for the exercise side it's I typed in weight strength training using light dumbbells for older people and I was able to find articles and YouTube videos from the people who know from the professionals these people really do know how to talk the talk and so what did I do I absorbed the information and I went with it and from that great information they give me I am walking the walk and I've been walking the walk based on all this cool information I got from and I'm still going strong as a matter of fact when the eating side you know I I had to

research that to Icona new Aikido was and as I was researching keto and thinking that it was going to be a good way for me to eat and possibly lose a lot I also started reading about processed foods and staying away from processed foods and about sugars and staying away from sugars and not just also what I was eating but when I was eating it you don't want to eat all the time you don't want to snack you just want to have a couple of meals a day you know things like that have just been so helpful to me so I am you know doing this YouTube channel really because a lot of friends and clients and relatives and co-workers would really saw what I was doing and not only did I lose weight and that I was looking fin but I've been sustaining it I've been staying with it so they want to know and that's kind of why I'm launching the channel and in addition to doing this channel hopefully I can pick up some information from folks too and learn some things as I'm going along anyway that's kind of a brief summary of how I got into this stuff and I guess what I'm really emphasizing is I'm not an expert at any of this stuff I guess

I'm a storyteller that likes cool backgrounds and I have people curious of what I'm about but really it's your own journey and maybe what I'm doing is good for me but again just getting on the internet Google izing stuff looking at YouTube stuff reading articles are both about both exercise and dieting and find your own lane another thing with me is that I'm enjoying this I think that's another key to it not just being motivated in finding a way to go about how you're gonna maybe lose weight if you want to lose weight or how you're gonna get firm if you want to get firm but it's something that in addition to just doing it hopefully it's joyous for me I don't know why but this four-day cycle of exercise that I'm doing it's fun I just like it and this eating I'm doing this keto diet and staying away from processed food and staying away from sugars I kind of it's a process you know not only am i doing it but I'm also shopping for my food I'm preparing my food I'm cooking my food so and it's and I I never thought I would enjoy doing that but I do is these are activities that I look

forward to doing all the time so after motivation hopefully whatever Lane you find you're finding joy out of it and just one more thing I am an empty nester and I've been sharing that with you in other videos that I'm an empty nester which means I have time the kids have launched they're gone my wife is just my wife and I and she's doing her own thing like I do my shopping she does her shopping I do my prep for food she does her prep she has her own exercise activity I have mine and we can do that because the kids have launched we have a lot of time so we're just you know doing stuff trying to be active and healthy and that's kind of where where I am with things I can do this because I have time maybe you're younger and you may not have the time for instance on the exercise side my my strength training that I do that's a 35 to 40 minute workout and then on top of that right after that I'm doing a 45 minute to an hour power walk I mean I do that on a four day cycle I do take one day off but four day cycle you gotta have time to and I'm in a position in life where I'm an empty nester and a half time that's my lane

maybe that's not your lane but you want to exercise you want to be fit and you want to eat right you got to get on that internet and Google eyes it and see what's up for you and what may make sense for you and it doesn't happen overnight you have to experiment you have to tinker by the way my motivation for all this was that I was extremely overweight and I was out of shape and in October of 2017 my daughter announced and I that she and her boyfriend were engaged and never getting married a year from now October 2018 and so I was determined to get into shape so I could look great for my daughter on her wedding day so that when I got up there and stood in front of a hundred people did the father of the bride dance I wasn't gonna embarrass her I was gonna be in shape I was gonna show her how much I love her and you know what I did that and now it's like two months later and I thought after that motivation maybe I would stop wanting to do this exercise and wanting to do this eating right but I'm still here and I'm enjoying it I'm in my lane I hope you find yours and I'll be doing some more

posts of course as I go along have a great day this is Bill or Billy and I do have that YouTube channel the keto bill grill of emptiness life hey I'll see you next time bhai