22 March 2017

MOTIVATION TALK | Healthy Eating & Working Out

https://greenjuiceandyogapants.com/ BACK AGAIN, this time talking about motivation! I ran a twitter poll that inspired me to share my own insight on staying ...

welcome back to green juice and yoga

pants why did I buy these glasses I have no idea but they're here and I feel the need to wear them today I am sitting down and filming this video because I feel the need to talk about a certain topic to then I guess a lot of people lack and myself included for sure so we're going to talk about motivation I ran a Twitter poll and majority said that what they needed help most ways with motivation and that really kind of stuck with me because that's very simple to talk about in order to get motivated the only person I can really do that is you you are the only person that can keep yourself motivated keep yourself accountable and to really just get done it's really all you have a few simple ways I stay motivated every single charts from the moment I wake up in the morning like I have to get motivated to get my butt out of bed it's just so cozy over there waking up in the morning I make sure that I have breakfast like I fill myself up in the morning I know a lot of people don't like to have breakfast on the wake up I don't know why I wake up starving it's something I've trained myself to do when I wake up in the morning I just want to

eat something it's what I do know i wake up in the morning and I have a fat Kodiak cake if you guys don't know what Kodiak cakes are they have my costco or you can order them on Amazon I got the idea from Whitney simin she talked about it on her youtube channel so i went and obviously ordered some Kodiak cakes myself fell in love it's 14 gram protein 30 grams of carbs so it fills me up forever I put fruit on it cheer up Nutella peanut butter or whatever I have put it on there and it's seriously my morning worse waking up so make yourself a good breakfast or like have something to look forward to in the morning because that's really motivation for me to get out of it I do to stay motivated for the gym is it's constantly a battle in my head on getting to the gym or not I as a lot of you may know don't even have a gym membership right now so I'm doing a lot of workouts at home outside I go to yoga all the time and it does not take much motivation to get to a yoga class because I love yoga so the biggest thing is find something that you enjoy doing and it's not a chore because then it will be a lot easier to get your butt to the gym or to a yoga class or

pilates class or whatever it is because if you find that you just don't have fun in the gym and you feel like you're not doing anything it's because you're not you haven't found what you love to do I love to do yoga I love to work out at home i also like going to the gym every once in a while and lifting heavy weight and getting a good workout in because it feels so good afterwards it's truly the after effect that really gets me to the yoga studio or to the gym because of how i feel either during or after is an incredible feeling that our body needs craves in once so you're doing a really good thing for your body when you're working out or you're eating healthy like it's something that we truly need so our mind is an evil thing and we think we need all this motivation because we suck but really it's our mind it's you versus like no I'm going to do this for myself and you get over it the end result is phenomenal just think about feeling you get after you're done with your workout that should be motivation do remember what is wrong with me use classes those awful make sure you're stocked with snack so it's probably my secret weapon and I

definitely need a blog post on this if you're stocked with snacks you win because when you're hungry you will have food right there and I don't know about you but when I'm hungry I'm not a person you want to be around like just simply put don't be around me when I'm hungry to make sure i'm taking care of myself i literally have to bring food everywhere with me our machines we need food to function on every level to survive to keep our heart beating to work out talk to think we need food that's our fuel I came home today and I was on e with food i'm so so hungry and i couldn't even think i had a good meal and i was ready to film a youtube video for you guys it's just insane I feel like people don't take food sir seriously you need food all the time with that said I hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you so so much for watching if you haven't subscribed please subscribe I'm definitely subscribing back feel free to shoot me a message i'm on instagram green juice and yoga pants i'm on snapchat at haley add namma which is just my name's spelled backwards in my middle name I know kind of weird so I me on snapchat I'm always

talking about Fitness there a lots going on in green juice in yoga pants and I love it so you guys tell me what you want to see and i will post about it thank you so much for watching see you next time