09 June 2019

Morning vitamin ritual. To maintain my hemoglobin levels

Good morning..I'm just showing you guys how i take my vitamins etc,like eating before and such. Check out my other video to know exactly which vitamins and ...

good morning you guys this is just gonna

be a little short video of how I take my vitamins I kind of like my routine in the morning I already hate I've gone 8 in the morning I'd like a sandwich just some peanut butter you know you need it you're like protein so I'm try not to have so much meat but I have my proteins in some other ways so believe it or not I measure this is actually a spoon like I mean duh actually the actual French toast so like I told you girls in everybody this one you can't have it on an empty stomach so I just let some time go just kind of ten minutes I'm used to it feels like you're taking a shot like afterwards it feels like all warm you wish to make minutes so definitely you want to have like some orange juice some coffee some water whatever you know I was still trying to figure out where I needed up I remember I told you guys in the video how I have them in here now don't you take my cherries first since that a gastric bypass I chew everything over 20 times and order for your body to really break down into food and this is good for anybody even somebody messin had a gastric bypass can you try to lose weight in our kitchen

every bite I was 20 times and you can't keep entering at the same time it's either or either you drink half an hour before you eat on each menu in half an hour then you have liquids because if you have both it makes your stomach stretch out send signal to your brain that is still hungry and that's why you came my way you end up eating more you understand the nutritionist told me this and the doctor so it's not something I just pulled out on my cool or you know commendatory and I don't have to make one I'm looking rough as it is and considering I lost over 100 and I'm gonna exactly but I love gonna rip away this is the only thing because I you know from stretchy no I just don't like my life a lot my love my life it's my lines my neck right here is trying to get back and I haven't here remember the Rebecca just so you know in another video the coconut oil with vitamin D and Omega 3 Omega 3 is really good for your next acity and further skin stuff it's really good I mean the worst I think I got from using away is like right here like actually that's like the worst right there I you know have to eventually get

that done first like he's gonna be the mommy makeover and then after that I'm probably gonna go in for this this gives me the doctors say he didn't want to do all so much you know he's thinking about my safety and that I really appreciate [Music] oh I mention this one is really good because since I'm going to get my surgery like little you know week from today like six days it's no week my consultation is on the 13th and my actual operations on the 14th so please keep me in your prayers I really appreciate it and for anybody who hasn't seen this video this is about if you're new make how different levels so you're not anemic and also you want to get a surgery because when you want to get a plastic surgery mechana stretchy it's better to be if you're anemic you have your levels I you know over 12 so you recover a lot easier so you don't have to get like an emergency blood transfusion or god forbid and the operating table it's very important to be on it it's always good to you ask your doctor to take a blood test and find out where your app so in take care of yourself you only live once let me

have the 41 so you know try it love it you know oh you guys this is b12 this is this is pretty much helping with like [Music] but this is good anyways for your nose in here and nose in here and just pretty much and blemishes and like if you have blackheads or anything that that been posed to fuck it I'm gonna take it anyway but the one I wanted to take that I'm gonna take it's inside its or when you have educated uh surgery you want to take arnica I think that you can get it in you can drink it like and tea in a pill form they usually dissolve right away and that helps for like opting like if you bruise easy if you have actually laid crabs pain that helps with that so like let's say you get a surgery or help ease you know lose as much it will help you also faster you want to take it I mean I say these and me personally at least a week before surgery but if you're not gonna so maybe you have at least a month in advance at me you're gonna surgery really

everything and try to get yourself right you know for centuries some of the surgery but also look into I think that massage is really I'm gonna make a video about that because I bought a machine especially for that FEMA female proxy is something that was really good for your blood your Lily and this is the beach you got a pretty big butt like a cousin liquid so they'll tease out real fast and it helps the circulation and that's really good for the run too many ways because they don't know when your knee make you don't get oxygen to your brain your heart is working a lot slower and you're out of breath when I had my transfusion I was able to breathe like like I could smell I could breathe better and it was just I mean I just recover several weeks ago and I'm very any like as you can tell like I'm not okay somebody knows me they know I'm I could communicate very clean I love communicating I'm a people person and I feel kind of like slow when just like it before would have kind of gasping for air and I could like I would look up and I'd like for everything like it was just OH well putting much this wraps it up I

wanna make this video long but definitely we have any questions just leave a message and any questions I can't because somebody not a lot of information I can't think of everything like I said I'm just recovering so I'm trying to find out we're hiding here look so you seem you think you know me here over there and I'm like I'm bigos basically I go from here to here everywhere but I eventually cover everything if if you have any questions just shoot it and I'll try to answer everybody as much as I can and also subscribe and please no negativity I'm not this is monopoly but anyway surgery or anything like that because I wouldn't want that responsibility in my hands mostly I'm letting people know my experience but also what is helping me because this could actually help somebody too because people tipping or you're dying you know get up for many many people don't realize how serious it could be any days and for somebody who personally suffered from it and even my grandmother her monami she rest in peace she died from that so this is very serious

and yeah definitely women who have like maybe periods look into that and look at some other healthy alternatives before you guys take such drastic decisions with your body getting body parts removed do a lot of research just continuous do a lot of research that will harvest rituals god bless stay positive [Music]