10 June 2019

Month 4: Disproving Vitamin A Deficiency

As you can imagine, having their bedding cleaned and finding themselves in this smaller cage is not their favoyrite time of the week. These guys are nocturnal ...

okay another weekly update video I

believe it's the 10th of June where I'm at at the moment not much has changed from last week I looked at the video that I recorded last week and the camera really just isn't picking up the the quote quality improvements so I probably sound like a crazy person you know saying it's it's definitely better and all the rest of it but in my perception it is from touching them and all the rest of it I I can really tell there's a difference there so yeah just reiterating that the Lamb that I've been giving them has been all eaten they've been loving her enjoying it clothing giving it to them one two three times a week and just as a result of the perceived whether it be real or not the perceived improvement and health I have considered breeding them again so as many of you know vitamin A stored in the liver and it can stay in LA in a significant amount for a long long time I think Garret dr. Garrett Smith now talking about two years for the limited to fully deplete itself from vitamin A in a human the other thing worth mentioning is that breast milk is quite high in vitamin A so in the six weeks that these guys were breastfeeding from

their mother they would have stored quite a bit of vitamin A and despite being on a zero-zero vitamin a diet for four and a half months now they would still have quite a bit stored in their liver in my opinion and from what I've seen in the research so I think the ultimate test when it comes to vitamin A and this experiment is to actually breed the mice and have several healthy generations of my spread on zero vitamin A I think if that can be achieved it pretty much proves that there's no well sorry he adds to the evidence the grant and Garrett has put together that there is no biological need for vitamin A so I'm gonna give that a go I mean it doesn't really prove anything to be honest you know this is an amateur experiment done by a guy and he's basement essentially but it does add some validity to all of that and of course if it doesn't work we can't rule out the the role of vitamin A in that who knows they could be deficient in in zinc or some other thing we don't know but it's worth trying it's worth putting it out there if nothing else who have definitely taken away from the credibility of that original vitamin

A deficiency experiment whether my son would lived like eight or ten weeks that's pretty ridiculous all right in terms of the audiobooks I've got poisoning for-profits fully edited by slab code Thank You Slavko I am struggling to get it into an video editor and decode encode it and all the rest of it so it's a 10-hour file mp3 file and it's just my computer is not liking it and the software I'm using is not liking it so I've got to work that out I think I've just worked it out this afternoon I think I've got it now but um it hasn't been easy I've got a nice computer and it just has not taken to it so yeah that should hopefully be rendering and uploading on YouTube tonight and God knows how long that will take for a 10-hour video it won't be quick and easy that's for sure that'll be up one things worth mentioning in regards that is there in the Articles that are putting up the grant has written I've put references in them so if you see there's screenshots of the different references in his article and different charts and graphs I asked slab coder to take time stance of all those charts and graphs and he didn't so I'm

just gonna put the audio up as is without all the references and quotes and you know in a few weeks time I might make a second version that's all polished and has those charts and quotes in it to give you an idea of how big a job editing is I've spoken to two sound engineers now and have both said that to edit audio there's about a 1 to 3 ratio in time so one hour of raw audio footage equals about three hours of editing time so it's not a little job and I'm really grateful for slide to slide code grateful for slave codes held in on helping me edit it really grateful for that so yeah that's pretty much it there's one other thing I will mention in the next few days I'll be uploading a video that is not related to my DNA it's more of a personal video on something that I've been working on for a very long time I'm really excited about it some of you probably won't be you know I appreciate and respect that I am just really lucky to have an audience here and to be doing something that I feel is meaningful and I mean no disrespect to grant or anyone else in uploading this I appreciate all you guys that are

following and subscribing and I just want to say thanks I know some of you will find it interesting but yeah that's just the nature of it we'll see what happens anyway and that's pretty much it June 10th they're doing great catches later