10 December 2019


MONDAY MORNING MOTIVATION NUTRITION PODCAST with coach Annette ! On one of the biggest topics yet, NUTRITION! It is common in this route ...

okay miss is that so thank you for

joining me today this podcast really excited to get a chance to talk to anything like that first off you are an amazing coach we've definitely seen that you've helped transporting many people lives but it's got three questions that ask you with your profession that are three common questions so my first question to you is what do you think the biggest reason why people are overweight in the United States whoa that's a lot of tackle but because we don't really have control some people just don't really know the nutritional value of things that you eat you think that eating is a substance and it keeps you healthy but yeah that's true but everything we eat is not necessarily healthy so I think it's just because maybe people just eat out they don't look at the nutritional content maybe they don't even know how to read nutritional labels we're not used to that and some of it isn't this education and some of it is now whatever we want to do now they used to be that way back in the day you didn't get to go out to a fast food restaurant they're everywhere now we are making more money now you can't get whatever we

want but it still requires some self-control well what were you put it into our body so most people don't know exactly the nutrition content so you say you were a nurse in the military you also been closed for quite some time now what are some things you've seen as a nurse throughout your career and how could this translate into into what you're doing that as a culture man what can you use as a coach down and then dear nurses games to help other people well as a nurse just taking care of people think even healthy was what I did back in the day and so I just help people who have issues like high blood pressure and diabetes and strokes and those type of things or those were things that I took care of but now that I want a different realm in the nutritional realm I see that some of the things that I do as a nurse and some of the things clients have our cause by then if you don't have child who knows if that means for example they have documents probably into things that you're eating that make you overweight that in and return put your body areas and we turn it into

flags that sends you to the doctor that give makes him prescribe medications for what you're already really called because of what we eat pretty much so we have to be thinking about best injuries and it's really just us up to us to control it we're putting in our bodies so me now I look at things differently I look at 80% of the things that we have gone on with us if it's not childhood onset or strong ready Terry kind of things congenital stuff then that meaning from birth that means that we're causing those things and we have to fix those things all the other thing do that well thank you so my last question to you is you know you've been even if we're not going to coach up with these people so you've been in this health field for quite some time and you're also obviously the first questions like these but why do you recommend the products that you have what what is so significant about your products and why would you recommend it to other people well I recommend these products because number one they've been around for 40 years number two there's the number one no

replacement check in the world you know and in over 90 countries so you don't get in 19 countries with some bootleg stuff number one you know and after 40 years these products have been able to work the kinks out of whatever there is that might have in the past you might have been something that the FDA or the state may worried about so it's the number one product in the world it is no prep in a nutshell you can drink it you can go and give energy is really quick it saves you money you get a cold you get people like us like you myself Michael twin you get people who care about you that keep you accountable that tell you about the nutritional facts and help you read the labels there is no other product that you can get that even when you go to would the Tricia's join you buy it off the shelf are some different you're not only buying the product you're buying a family you find a coach somebody who cares about you somebody who can tell you how to make it tell you how to take tell us should be in Tokyo it should be tell you what kind of exercise we should be doing keeping you accountable one on

one coaching is what to get and I mean that life limitless as far as money goes its prices you don't get that kind of thing most people want coaches they keep them accountable well you want accountability then you get you ask what you got it so all right personally as a professional I use the product professionally and I'm a professional people who are seriously ready to change your life change their mindset make a better world that be here in the future for their families and their grandkids itself right and what kind of results have that's outside when we talk to us where were my last questions a worker results in kind of in these parts yourself oh my training in the first place but I didn't really have anything to lose what you really think about it it was just basically I have a pressure it just took a minute for me to try the product once I've tried the product man I lost 40 pounds when he you know I was all for blood pressure peniston's I went to - I went to one I went to none and then also pre-diabetic that was a really quick I mean it was just fat just lose weight get healthy

and that this was saying that you know on your verge to be a diabetic if you don't change some things pre-diabetic means so our life doesn't cure what it does is it just makes you healthy issue healthy cousin change your circumstances and your the way you lose weight and that's losing the weight you lose the pounds so most of the things that we have and the illnesses we have are all related to us being overweight anyway and being on that meter of 15 pounds 30 pounds because you're in the yellow anything over 30 for one of us is in the red anyway and so it's just like torn apart to that say you're towing a car and you got a load behind you that's really too heavy for that car to tow then that's gonna have stress on that vehicle it's the same thing with our bodies you know more weight and stress on my heart stress on our vessels stress on our bodies as a whole and then puts us in the red and sends us to the dock so for me no losing the weight I feel great I'm over 60 years old I've never felt better my body ages 47 it's just getting younger ever go but exercise 20% is nutrition it's 80% is getting

hydrated and they also us sleep as well make sure your body gets adequate progress in that whole pyramid of things that we need to keep yourself itself but the biggest thing I would say is to just start you know if you're at a point and you're already at a lull and something's kind of change then you just gotta be ready to get uncomfortable ready to take a risk and see and come out on the other side for the better and this is just a great way to do it with these amazing nutrition products that that give your body what it means and cuts those calories in half right so unfortunately we're kind of ran out of time it was me to the back that we appreciate the initiative this coaching it and we're looking forward to some more information from you as a coach and before they see what we can do to collab more information and go from there thank you