17 June 2019

Mommy's Losing It! Weight Loss Update || Daily Vlog #80

Another weight loss update! I'm at 195.0.... I was at 194.8 two weeks ago! Here's my weight los playlist (with some old videos): ...

my goodness hey guys it's another friend

okay hurry it excuse me I had breakfast today but it is super super windy outside right now okay ignore that okay oh man it's only 85 degrees but like I said it's annoying me I gotta take it out um so I just finished ship shopping I was up early today if you guys didn't know target.com you can place an order and instead of waiting for it to for you to pick it up or get delivered what is like two or three days shipped can have somebody deliver it to you same day so I just told orig somebody a shark vacuum and also if you spend $100 to get a $15 gift card you also get a four-week trial of ships so you can use the service whatever stores like grocery store h-e-b Target CBS if they are in your area you can deliver to you shipped um usually it's just a two two week free trial but if you place your target.com order you get four weeks so I shared that uh my facebook page and I had a few people message me like oh and yeah they've been really small orders but really high priced items so if you guys didn't know shipped shoppers like myself get paid a percentage of the total so if you just get eggs bread and milk we only get paid

smaller amount than if it was uh for like target.com diapers or of doc you more home decor whatever those are higher price so our payout is a little bit higher anyways but today's vlog is about today is June 15 and that means another weight loss update yeah so I have a little bit of time before I have to head home so I figured I would go ahead and do a car vlog and a weight loss update for you guys I think it's been going pretty well however this scale disagrees and I don't think I mentioned it in the last update that I did or the one previous to that I've only done like three or something but I added those videos to the playlist that I started after the baby came home so few years ago 2016 because yeah I just want to keep everything in one place so I think I don't remember but check the description for numbers and stuff I think I gained a pound or two but like I said I didn't mention earlier and the other videos I have been doing intermittent fasting wanna it's super convenient it's a busy mom or two it saves money you because they don't have to add an extra mouth to the meals and stuff and

three it it's super easy convenient easy same thing whatever uh so intermittent fasting you can google it youtube it but it's pretty much you just eat during a certain window of hours and then you fast the rest of the time only drinking water which and yeah the first month I've been doing it for a while now before I started weight loss or whatever and I lost quite a bit of pounds but it has slowed down I think I lost maybe like eight pounds and yeah I think it's just because I I'm drinking other drinks like yesterday you bet I had her get off to get some drinks for us because we went to the rock rally there Republic of Texas motorcycle parade and she brought me a red flash it's like a big red it's my favorite drink and I need to stop that other thing I mean I don't know what's going on so I fast um a quarter no I eat a quarter of the day from like two to seven ish but later than usual and we're a family that sits and eats dinner together at the table so that might be an issue I'm eating a little bit later so I either have to push back my starting time I usually have breakfast lunch at two o'clock and then

dinner or snack so yeah I guess I need to fix that and I make the most of our meals we only eat out maybe once a week as a family but when I ship chop I do grab like today I have a mystery shop or jack-in-the-box at 4 o'clock so that'll be my so that might be another reason um the weight the weight loss absolute has slowed down I can't talk um but yeah exercise wise let me take a drink if you guys watched one of my other vlogs oh I was gonna insert some clips from earlier this week but event has a summer job and she only works at half a day so in the morning when I drop her off I've been doing C to 5k it's like a running program that gets you all the way if you finish the Perl ground you can run a 5k straight or any that's the goal I've done a few other times before years ago so that's just kind of like my intro unlike my husband he likes to just I'm gonna exercise let me do 100 pushups 100 jumping jacks no I need to start gradually and I love the like checking off boxes like okay they wanna check day to check the progress I love the increase in duration and time and the progress that's like I love that

and so the only thing I need to add my husband says is strength training like push-ups and jumping jacks and stuff like that I have done before there are some YouTube channels like Fitness blender there's an app that I used to do called like 30 day fitness challenge like that and it just gives you exercises to do every day and it also does that progress thing where it increases the reps or whatever every day or so so I might do that if you guys have any suggestions on pearl graphs I've also done p90x before but we have carpet no in our new house I don't know how that anyways comment down below if you guys have any suggestions on that because I have a mid tire I will shoot what's the name in in Spanish Genta up against that so you know I can't do like all the exercises in p90x so yeah alright so I guess that's an update follow me on instagram you don't already I'll probably do like a story or a picture share some of the scale when I get home Eva and I have a volunteer thing today with Collins hope and generation serve excuse me if you guys

are in the Austin area I'll leave a link down below because it's their birthday ten years which is awesome happy birthday so they're asking everybody to you know just donate ten dollars and if everybody you know gets together and does their part and donate ten dollars they can keep going for quite a while I think I read every event that they do costs around 300 dollars so that's not too much I don't think so yeah feel free to donate if you guys want to keep these volunteer programs free for us I was looking at they they have family volunteer opportunities teen opportunities and they're also doing like a summer volunteer or fun or their birthday as well so should be super fun alright so that's that weight loss plus volunteer shift talk as always be sure to LIKE this video if you liked it comment down below and exercise suggestions or if you do intermittent fasting it shares some vlogs or information I'd love to check it out I have an uncle who did it and lost tons of weight I look like a different person now and subscribe if you haven't already if you're new to my channel we blog daily or I vlog daily

I'm a mom of four living in the Austin area and it's summertime so lots of fun blogs for you all to check out get that notification build so you can get notified when I put up the vlogs and we'll see you guys tomorrow right all right Donna he just did some stretching so yeah that feels good and I'm sitting now under one of my favorite spots with this huge tree on top of it and I can see the trace to carry him in hey put him down put him down so yeah so I'll vlog again if I do something else exercise related so we'll see you guys then