09 January 2016

MM at CVS on healthy snacks

Freebies and MM on healthy snacks. Great if you got a weight loss resolution.

okay hey guys so this is the hall that I

was telling you about with CBS where it's a moneymaker so everything that you see here we got paid a five-dollar ECB to take it out of store so let me get through a real quick how to show you we have more of everything but everybody's been getting into it because it's really yummy so these are the coupons you're going to want to print out and you're going to want to print out as many as you can if you can get as many it makes nwb can get all this stuff for free continuously we've been calling in friends to print out as many as they possibly can because like I said they're delicious so you've got two dollars off of two gold emblem nut bling trail mixes you've got two dollar off of two gold and bloom snack items and one dollar off of one gross gold emblem grocery item just FYI CBS does not allow use two of the like I coupons in the same transaction and they consider the grocery one and the snack one the same one so you can't use it so as you can see we have a bunch transactions because we had to use we'd do more than one so here's how it's going to work okay so this is how you get the money maker I'll show you this freebie in just a second

wouldn't freebies much easier so you get four of the granola bars which are these ones right here they have a bunch of different kinds you can get and stay out of the animal made so anyways you have the four granola bars it's going to come to 398 you're going to use one of the two dollar off of to snack coupon one of the two dollar off of to nut mix coupon this one as you can see must be marked down so let me show you there we go so as you can see i got for the granola bars and then they took a two dollar off coupon and then they had you just the other one down to 196 because CVS doesn't allow overage so as you can see my total was zero one hundred percent saved and then as you can see it's tracking how it was if I can see it spend 15 get five dollars so as you can see they're tracking at the bottom where I was doing it before so so as you can see it's tracking so CBS s what's good as tracks on each other ok so the edamame is a your mileage you can sit there and just keep doing this until you can get your fifteen dollars and get your five dollars back that makes it five dollar money maker with nothing out of pocket or if you can get the edamame

to work these are really good my wife absolutely loves them she won't stay out of them and this is why I'm saying this is your mileage may vary okay these rice pop clusters are amazingly delicious and the other day when i was working i got one of the big ones that's like 299 and the only coupon i had on me at the time was this coupon so i gave it to him anything over a dollar this coupon doesn't take a dollar off it actually takes two dollars off so if you get two edamame at a dollar ninety-nine and use this coupon it's going to be marked down to a dollar ninety-nine it's going to make the edamame free so and this edamame is tracking for the ECB the rice pop clusters and the popcorn are not tracking those if you use these coupons the two dollar off of two and you get two of the cut rice cop clusters that just makes them free and they're good enough that we went ahead and got so a bunch of them for free but as you can see let me where's the edamame okay so here's the edamame wait no that's not the one I was looking for sorry okay so here's the edamame and as you can see I only got the edamame and then the Dove to put it over the 199 and it was two

dollars you took off the two dollar coupon and that's for this one it took off two dollars so that's how you can get the edamame like I said you can do all edamame or you can do all granola bars or you can do like we did which is a mix of them and then like I said once you spend $15 there's no out-of-pocket for any of this because it's all free you get the five-dollar ECB which makes this all free these were just fillers these are on sell these were just fillers that we put in because I had a four dollar where's I had a four dollar ECB from last week which I have no clue where when we got sodas the sotos right now are a good deal to their Pepsi 534 ten dollars and when you spend twenty dollars you get a five dollar ECB back ends up mixing them like 250 apiece OOP sorry my that's stretching on the window so these were fillers for that so you get it up over what we needed in order to use our ECB's to get it out so we ended up walking out paying absolutely nothing out of pocket for it all so yes but that's in case you're new to CVS unlike walgreens where you have to buy everything in one transaction in order to get your

register wards and your bounce rewards you don't have to do that so for like instance I haven't got there yet right now they have a household spin 30 get a ten dollar I've only spent six dollars because I went and got some toilet paper and a little track so next time I go in and get some more of those items qualifying it'll track so you can sit there and continue to do these and these are really really good I feel she wants to Adam okay so happy shopping hope you guys can get them all and hopefully you're the edamame works out for you guys