01 May 2019

Milky Mama, Euphoric Herbal breastfeeding supplement review

A general overview of different milky mama products as well as euphoric herbals products and other products that are supposed to help with lactation and milk ...


hey guys and welcome back to my channel today I'm going to be going over some different products that I have used to try to help my milk supply I will be going over the milky mama products essential oils I know I say that funny and just a couple different things that I found food recommendations and I'm gonna let you guys know how they have worked for me and let's get into the video alright guys so today I'm gonna start with the milky Mama's products you guys have probably heard about these I have some right here I have the emergency brownies and I also have two different of their oral I guess supplements and so I'm gonna review those for you guys so right here no I have tried the regular brownies and the emergency brownies are a little more expensive and they're said to be more potent now I only have one left so this is how they're packaged and it says emergency brownie and they're actually really good I'll admit it um they're a little on the drier side so you wouldn't expect it to be like a chewy brownie that you make at home but these are said to be more potent than their regular brownies and

if I'm being honest I have not noticed anything I have not noticed a change in my supply at all and I paid significantly more for the emergency brownies I think I'll have to double check um but I I'm just not impressed with my production Wow eating these now now get me wrong they're delicious but they are what is it a box of 12 says one dozen brownies and it's about $20 and on top of that you also have to pay for the shipping so personally for me they didn't do anything obviously I'm still eating them because I paid $20 since the brownies so it was really hoping that they would work for me they are delicious you know maybe the work for you I I can't say with certainty so for my personal means they didn't really work but that's not to say that they won't work for you this is just my review on them and the next mielke mamas product I have is called the dairy Duchess and so this is a dietary supplement I personally put it under my tongue but here it says that you can take two bulbs lose fully directly under the tongue or mix into bourbon yeah beverage one to two times a day now

I personally take this twice a day as you can see it's almost gone the ingredients in here are alfalfa go through a marshmallow root and fennel so these are all ingredients that have been known to help with milk production personally for me I haven't seen a changed and I I'm spacing on how much I pay for this but I will link them in the description below in case you do want to try these products for yourself or read other reviews on them because I'm one person and it may not work for me as it would work for somebody else so I don't want to completely discourage these products they are a little on the pricey side and I'm gonna be honest the taste is not great so I always kind of have my little cup of coffee there is a chaser and what I do is they put the two bulb squeezes under my tongue so you can taste him yeah and I just kind of sit with them like that for about 30 to 45 seconds and then I go ahead and swallow whatever hasn't been absorbed and I just take a swig a coffee um so like I said this is the dairy Duchess personally this hasn't worked for me but again I'm still using it because I paid for it and finally we have the supplement from

milky mama called pumping Queen now this is amazing I have been using this for about a month and a half and it hasn't helped raise my supply at all I'll let you know but what it has done for me is helped with fat now my fat layer on my was always very very thin if any my hindmilk just wasn't that thick rich fatty milk that my daughter really needed especially because now she is completely fallen off the growth chart she's about a little over 12 pounds at almost 7 months old so we have been having to supplement but I find that I'm supplementing less and less since I have been taking this because my milk fat is unbelievable I will take apart my pump when I use my free me cups and there's just fat all over the inside I'll insert a picture right here and it's just amazing so the ingredients and this one are minute totally messes that shot Avari which is a vitamin and Maureen yeah and I'm not even gonna try to pronounce this last ingredient but this has helped me so much now milky mama does have a lot of different um little liquid supplements like this that you can try you actually go onto their website and you take a little quiz and

it basically asks you what are your problems with clumping what are your goals like what would you like to see happen more with your milk and I feel like these pumping clean has worked best for me alright and now I'm going to go on to this brand called euphoric herbals now this was an advertisement Facebook stalking me for a while because you know any time you mention or google anything about breastfeeding problems ads and I bought this off of an ad and the reviews I read were amazing I was a little iffy about buying it at first but you know the reviews were fantastic it's a woman and mom owned company which is a bonus for me here's the packaging just says milk machine how's their little logo and then the directions on the side and the ingredients so the ingredients are Moringa spirulina I'm totally messing that up I'm sorry les thistle alfalfa fennel and nettle so these the directions are to take two capsules three times a day if you don't see it Creason production moved to three capsules three times a day now the kicker with this is it is rather expensive and there are only 60 capsules

so if you do the math if you're taking six capsules a day or nine capsules a day depending on if you're taking two or three that adds up very very quickly 60 is not going to last you a long time and I'll show you what they look like they taste very good if it sits on your tongue for too long so usually I just want to shoot them back and as you can see I really don't have a whole lot of them left but this is the pill and as you can see it's basically just a capsule full of all these grounders it doesn't smell very good I have not noticed any change and I milk supply from me unfortunately I have been taking them uh I stopped about a month ago because it just wasn't noticing anything I'll probably start again just so I can use them because again I spent money am I gonna waste it um but they are gluten-free kosher handcrafted and they are also not safe for pregnancy it says so be careful of that if you are pregnant wait until after because I know that it's not good to take um phenyl or blessed thistle while you were pregnant so be sure to just check with your doctor but you really shouldn't be taking nursing supplements if you're

still pregnant my personal review on this is that they're not really the best for me again this is my personal review go and do the research yourself I will link all these products in the description below and if you guys have any other questions about it just let me know next I'm going to move on to essential oils so I was told that two essential oils that can really help with milk production are fennel and basil so I went online on Amazon because hello Amazon and I bought um I bought the tools and I bought these little um roller bottle kits and so it comes with a little funnel and everything again I'll link everything down below if you just want some really nice roller bottles um they're super super pretty and the nice thing is it actually comes with a device to click the bottom or to click the roller into place and to lift it off which is really nice and it comes with cute labels so I have labeled mine no production and so basically this is just a blend of fennel basil and some unfractionated coconut oil for the carrier oil and basically what I do is three to four times a day I will rub it on these sides of my pressed

in towards the nipple I don't put it on the nipple because my baby still nurses and I think she'd like that flavor very much usually I do it right after a nursing session because the smell is a little on the stronger side so just be careful of that um so by the time I go to nurse her again two to three hours later the smell has dissipated and I've just been keeping up with that now I just started using this so I can't for sure say whether it works or not um I've just heard good things about it so I figured it's a cheap option rather than the twenty thirty dollar supplements so I figured I'd give it a try alright next I'm going to move on to foods that are said to help milk production I have three foods with me I have my first one which is just some organic old-fashioned oats now I have heard that oats are great for nursing that's a big component of like nursing cookies and things like that is because of the oats in them now they have to be old-fashioned as you can see I'm almost out so I have eaten these pretty much every morning and in my oatmeal I do water it in a little bit of almond

milk and then I add in two tablespoons of brewers yeast and then I add in about two tablespoons of flaxseed meal now this I found is better if you mix it into the dry oats and then you cook it because the flax seed meal needs to soak little bit I find um this is the Bob's Red Mill okay and as you can see it's just a ground really fine flaxseed powder and it's a little on the pricier side but honestly this has lasted me as long as this giant container of oatmeal so honestly it's worth it and you're not eating it by the cup so now these three products I feel have really helped my milk production and they helped me eat a little more of a balanced breakfast I never used to eat breakfast in the first place but I am very determined to nurse or breastfeed my baby whether it be expressed milk or actually physically nursing my goal is a year and I feel like I have really enjoyed these products now they do give a little funky taste so I usually add a little bit of brown sugar to my oatmeal because who likes plain oatmeal it's kind of yucky um now as far as the brewers yeast I actually looked for this in the baking

aisle because they figured a yeast would be with the baking supplements this was actually in the health food section at my store where they sell all the vitamins and everything um and it's just a really fine powder it doesn't come with a scoop or anything but it smells a little funky but honestly these three ingredients are what you find in lactation cookies so if you're looking to get that extra boost for your milk supply but you don't want all those calories that come from just eating cookies all the time I definitely recommend doing the oatmeal with the flaxseed and the brewers yeast and I guess it's a little bit of brown sugar never hurt anybody I make mine with almond milk alright guys and that is my review of these products if you have any questions for me please please please leave them down in the comments I am more than happy to answer and maybe if you have a more in-depth question about ingredients or anything like that I can definitely at least steer you in the right direction again I will put links for everything down in the description and I hope you guys enjoyed this video