10 November 2018

Milk Thistle For Liver Protection - Does It Work?

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hi how're you doing my name's Craig back

I'm the stop drinking expert welcome into another video and today I wanted to talk about supplements to help you stop drinking and specifically milk thistle okay cuz I've had a couple of emails one from Victoria that's asking about the supplements that I recommend as a part of my online how to stop drinking program and also nikhil has been in touch and she wants to know specifically about milk thistle because she's heard that it protects the liver and also acts as a liver cleanse and can repair the damage done by drinking is it true she wants to know so that's what we're going to talk about in today's video now before we go any further I'll ask you please like and share this video let's spread the word and help as many people as possible and subscribe to this YouTube channel if you can please that would be fantastic if you're looking to come to one of my quit drinking boot camps let me just give you the latest update on this because these things always sell out so far we've done London San Francisco and New York every single one sold out don't miss your opportunity so we've got 3 confirmed dates in the diary now January 2019 we're back in

Covent Garden London England February Nashville Tennessee and in March 2019 for the first time ever in Canada Toronto so if you want details go to the website right now stop drinking expert calm also at the website you'll find details of my online course as well and how you can get started with that today so liver problems are getting worse we're kind of at the start of an epidemic here because I speak to a lot of doctors and a lot of consultants and they're telling me that more and more people are turning up at the emergency rooms with liver problems but what's most shocking and most worrying is they're getting younger and younger and younger and whereas in the past it was kind of you know you fifty pluses who you know they had kind of thirty years of heavy drinking behind them and they were turning up at the doctor surgery with jaundice and symptoms of liver failure doctors are reporting the people in their late 20s are now turning up with end-stage liver cirrhosis and I believe this is because the way we use alcohol has changed you know you go back

thirty years and alcohol was not really something you did at home so much it was a social thing you went out to do and certainly back when I was a kid growing up in the United Kingdom if you went to the supermarket 3040 years ago the alcohol section was tiny it was like you know it's like a little store cupboard at the side of the store and they had maybe six brands of wine even they had like three different very sweet German Riesling type wines there was a couple of really acidic horrible French plonk and there was maybe one fizzy English brand but that was that was it you know why we just wasn't a thing people went to a pub or to a bar to consume alcohol and this meant that you pretty much knew who had a drinking problem back then everyone knew the town drunk because it was very visible it was done in public you know people with drinking problems would go to a pub and fall over and get slung out the door every night now what's happened over the last thirty years is that bars and pubs around the world are closing at a crazy rate it's something like a couple of hundred pubs close per month in the UK and that's that's not because we've woken up to

just how powerfully harmful this drug is it's that our consumption patterns have changed these days if you go to a supermarket the rows are full of alcohol infinite brands and flavors and combinations and tastes and they have all these discount offers you know buy two get one free and all these sort of things and cheap plonk and what's happening is instead of going out to drink people are stocking up at the supermarket and they're bringing their booze home and we live in this world of social media these days which puts huge pressure on people to be perfect especially mums and dads and so you've got mums and dads who are having to hold down a full-time job to make ends meet and also social media is saying you've got to be the best parent in the world you've got to be your your son or daughter's best friend as well as their parents you've got to be this perfect personification of the perfect mother or father and there's all this social pressure our mums and dads and what's happening is parents and stressed-out folk around the world are turning to alcohol as a relaxant so people are

getting the kids packed off the bed and it suddenly becomes wine o'clock and what this means what this means is that our alcohol consumption has gone underground it's off the radar and what experts are telling me is that we're heading towards an epidemic of liver disease 5-10 years and our healthcare systems are going to be overwhelmed by this tsunami of liver failure and it's because of all this alcohol consumption going on on a nightly basis by so many people and I think you can't even see the tip of the iceberg on this one so many people finishing the day's work and going home and drinking dangerous quantities of alcohol on a daily basis now you know I'm not preaching here I'm not looking down on these people because that's exactly what I did for two decades of my life you know coming home from work and drinking was my absolute set in stone routine if anyone got in the way of that oh my god I was in a bad mood I can think back you know times when I had to go to parents evening at school and find out how the kids were doing I was furious you know that couldn't drink what tonight it's tonight do we have to do we have to find out how

the children are doing our guard you know so I understand and I've been there so I equally understand what people like Nicola email me and ask about supplements that are being touted as a liver cleanse a liver protector because I think we're all acutely aware that you know once you harm your liver beyond its ability to repair itself your numbers up because if you're counting on getting a transplant we know that certainly in the United States the wait for a liver is about 12 to 18 months now if you go to the the doctor and he tells you you've got end-stage liver cirrhosis you have at best six months to live so the math kills you you're not going to be able to get the liver you need because you just don't have enough time so I understand why people are looking for magic bullets magic pills magic supplements that can take away that horrific risk and that thing that we worry about and back when I was a drinker I used to take vast quantities of milk thistle I mean probably five times the recommended dose because it was my it was my clausal deniability of is that you know is like I could deny that my drinking was killing me because I was taking this

magic tablet that somehow protected me so we'll talk about the supplements that I do recommend in a few moments time Victoria I promise we're coming to that but let's just talk briefly about milk thistle and get straight to the point here does milk thistle protect the liver does it help repair the damage done by alcohol to the liver are you ready for the answer here it is I don't know and nobody does because the research just hasn't been done what we live in this kind of twisted world where if there's a natural cure for something it never gets researched because the drugs industry that big pharma companies are not interested it unless they can put a patent on it and say we own this and we set the price they're not interested and sadly our doctors are taught by the drug companies our doctors are taught what to write on a prescription pad and if they can't write it on a prescription pad there's no funding for it there's no research there's no training there's nothing and so while milk thistle has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine and hearsay evidence suggests it's good for the liver nobody's ever really

reached researched it to an extensive level because they can't make any money out of it so what we know so far from the limited research that's been done is that milk thistle has a small beneficial effect on the livers of rodents rats laboratory rats saw a small increase in liver function when they were given milk thistle does that mean that you can apply that to human beings who knows it's it's you know it's too much of a gamble to make that assumption it's that you know if you're taking milk thistle under the assumption that you're protecting yourself from liver failure it's like jumping out of a skyscraper and assuming that the safety net is in place it might be but it might not be it's you know it's a night playing Russian roulette you don't know you're gambling and it's a huge gamble to take you're drinking poison and assuming that you're taking something that protects you against poison and you simply don't have the evidence to back that up now you can find the evidence if you want because back when I was a drinker and I was using milk thistle I was backing up my beliefs all the time on mr. Google and what you find is that you you use a

lot of confirmation bias you don't go searching for unbiased reports or scientific documents what you go searching for is evidence that what you currently think is correct so I was searching for things like evidence that milk thistle works benefits of milk thistle for liver protection I was typing in the search terms that I wanted to get the answer to to confirm what I believed and guess what I got it and this is the same reason that why you shouldn't ever ask dr. Google when you get ill because you've kept your worst fear coming back to you isn't it true you get that you got a sore nose and you type into google it tells you gonna die of nose cancer within three minutes so this is why confirmation bias causes a huge problem so nicola you can take milk thistle if you want whether it does any good at all who knows taking it to compensate for alcohol consumption is like playing Russian roulette and I wouldn't advise anyone to play Russian roulette so supplements now Victoria emailed me to ask about what supplements I do recommend so let me let me run you

through some that I do now the supplements part of the stop drinking course that I run at stop drinking expert calm are not a cure for alcohol addiction or problem drinking they are simply a tool in the box and I give you dozens of tools on this course and when you put them all together you get a pretty powerful arsenal of weapons to use against this problem but if you take any one of them out of the box and use it on its own it probably will be ineffective the supplements just help restore some of the nutrition that you've missed because alcohol interferes with the absorption of vitamins and minerals vitamins from my American friends and also you need to stabilize your mood during the first couple of weeks of quitting drinking because the last thing you want is to feel down in the dumps or exhaust it because you're not sleeping during this period where you're dealing with the physical addictive element of the drug and so I recommend things like Amiga three because Omega 3 is just great for our brain function it's great for inflammation turmeric in my opinion turmeric is just the miracle it's an

anti carcinogenic and bearing in mind if you've been drinking for many years decades often you've been routinely drinking something that we now know causes seven major forms of cancer so taking turmeric is just a no-brainer for me B vitamins drinkers are normally really low in B vitamins so that's all I always recommend that vitamin D simply because 80% 80% of the Western world is vitamin D deficient because our lives have changed I won't go into details I talk about it on the course and for the same reason magnesium as well most of us are magnesium deficient and magnesium is really important for getting good quality sleep so if you go into the members area of the stop drinking expert website you'll be able to download a kind of shopping list to go to the vitamin shop and buy all this stuff the supplements help they are not the cure they are not the fix for this problem but certainly they make a difference so listen thank you very much for watching today's video I hope it helped don't forget if you want to join me for a free quit drinking webinar go to the website right now stop drinking expert

calm and book yourselves in for bootcamp at London and January Nashville in February and Toronto in March 2019 like and share and subscribe thank you for watching and I will speak to you very soon