11 March 2019

Men & Women show different weight gain and weight loss patterns.

Metabolic and hormonal processes are so drastically different in men and women when it comes to weight gain patterns, associated conditions, and weight loss ...

Dr Kochar you must be getting lots of weight loss cases at Nutribiome.

So with your experience have you seen any difference in weight loss patterns of men and women? Dr Kochar: Yes there is a difference in the pattern amongst men and women. Difference not only in weight loss pattern but also in weight gain, weight physiology.... we see lots of difference in the entire process. People think that weight is a mechanical process. If we eat more we gain weight and if we eat less weight loss happens. No it is not like that. Body fat deposition is a biologically active process. This involves body's physiology, biochemistry, hormones, metabolism. So first of all let us see difference in weight gain between men and women. In ladies there are 3 hormonal stages which we call as hormonal tsunamis. Firstly menarche: when periods begin whenever women get pregnant and lastly when periods stop i.e. menopause. These three stages are like hormonal tsunami. Hormonal status drastically changes. During these stages we have seen that women put on weight. Men put on weight at any stage of life. With maturing age definitely the incidence increases. Beyond 40s definitely increases. Inactivity is the leading cause. Secondly what we have observed is that internal metabolism is very different amongst men and women. The difference is that men gain visceral fat faster i.e. apple shape obesity Do you mean belly fat? Dr Kochar: Women mainly deposit fat around the hip area. i.e. pear shaped obesity. Visceral fat and fat around hip behave in a very different manner.

The difference is because visceral fat is metabolically active. Subcutaneous or below the hip fat in not metabolically active. Women have a higher tendency of cellulite because of subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat poses a lot of complications. Diabetes, cholesterol, fatty liver incidence with increased visceral fat. When people join our program we have observed that women loose weight slower although they are more sincere with the modifications. Men on the other hand are not so sincere in following some are, but mostly are not. But luckily for them visceral fat melts easily. If they follow everything properly and avoid eating wrong foods then visceral fat goes away easily. Another issue is age; at which stage of life a person has come to us? As the age increases their metabolism continues to slow down. With passing of every decade after the age of 20 years our metabolic rate decreases by 2-4% Like for example if there is a 20 year old person compared to someone who is 50 or 60 years old the person who has advanced to 2 or 3 decades his or her metabolism has now slowed down say by 10-15 % And to top it with some other wrong tendencies or hormonal disturbances are there so 15 or 20 or 25% metabolism has already slowed down. Women who are coming to us are generally coming at a later age. But certainly if someone is following everything properly if someone has good activity levels and includes healthy foods and stays away from wrong foods will definitely show a good response.