23 July 2019


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hey so today I want to talk about self

pride and self-respect and self-worth and I'm gonna try and keep it on like path but I might ramble and forget a bunch of stuff anyway I bring this up because the other day I was at a carnival and I noticed how many men in particular lack self pride and women have this issue too I'm not saying that they're immune to it but I think that it really bothered me with men because they you know like they want to be wanted by women and it's true and don't deny it like lots of guys want female attention to women want male attention it's just like how it goes but the thing is it's kind of hard for a woman to give you attention when you don't conduct yourself and present yourself with self pride and that you actually take care of yourself because at the end of the day it leads to her thinking that you don't have confidence and that's a real big thing because like if you're a if the woman is an actual feminine woman who hasn't been destroyed by like extreme feminism she will want a man that radiates confidence and shows that he has self pride and that he can look after himself and the reason is is because all of that leads to like being

masculine because a woman who is feminine does not want a man who acts like a man-child and can't look after himself and he needs to be catered to and like basically babysat for a lack of better words and reminded that he has to groom himself and this seems like such a stupid topic in a sense but it's not because when I go into public and I see how so many men present themselves it's like he could be a good man and he could have all the things that a woman is looking for and wants in a man but because he lacks self pride and doesn't have confidence and doesn't look after simple hygiene stuff she's right away like throws out like all like the chances of maybe letting them go on a date or something or whatever because of just that simple of how he portrays himself you know so this is like kind of what I want to talk about so like first of all you don't need a lot of money to look after yourself and like dress nice and stuff you don't need to wear like brand names like diesel and Hugo Boss and Lacoste and all of that stuff you could literally go to your local Walmart and find a new pair of pants and shirts and

sneakers and whatever and dress in new clean clothes that aren't torn and tattered and get yourself a haircut and shave and clean up and trim your fingernails and clean the dirt out from under them and you will look so much better just by doing that if you have long hair and a beard and you like having that that's fine that's your choice that's your identity that's your personality etc etc but you still have to groom it you have to look after it you can't be all like shabby and like messy and dirty about it like if you have a beard keep it trimmed keep it sleek looking don't let it get so like overgrown like a woman like me for instance like maybe not all women but for myself if I see a guy that is like a big shaggy beard and he has ketchup and mustard dried on it my first thought is not hmmm I want him to kiss me no it's like you I don't even want to talk to the guy you see so you see how that's like a barrier and that's the thing if only like guys would put like just look after themselves like clean up you would get so much more female attention I swear because like even like you know and I know someone's gonna be

like oh well I work I get dirty I get messy and stuff that's fine I grew up with a man like that my dad was a very hard worker he still is a very hard worker he was a heavy-duty mechanic and he had long hair to top it off and he would get so dirty and his hands would be all black and he'd have like dirt all on his nails and stuff and he'd come home every day after work always smelling like carburetor and I remember every single time when he'd come home from work he would drop his coveralls and his steel tools at the back door he'd go downstairs shower clean up clean out the dirt off his hands come up and have dinner that's just how it was he and even now like he has work clothes that are meant to be torn and tattered that he wears when he's doing like outside work and construction in the rentals and all that nonsense and then he puts his like every other days like everyday clothing you know what I mean that aren't torn and tattered that he wears for doing like you know day-to-day things and stuff so that's like there's a way around it and like I said you don't have to wear a very expensive brand-name stuff but it

just shows self pride and it's attractive and it makes you look like you have confidence and like you're not a man-child and that your wife doesn't have to be reminding you to look after your hygiene and stuff like that now there's probably some women who don't care about that stuff because they probably have bad hygiene themselves but that's like who cares that if they both like it sure but if you're a single guy and you want to find a girlfriend this is like a place to start it's just basic stuff now for women the thing is like women I find will start to lose self pride when they start gaining weight and I was a prime example of that I back in the day when I was skinny I always wore makeup and like not a lot of it you don't need a lot to look okay like you and that's another thing a lot of women are mistaken about less is more and the thing is you like I would wear makeup and dress nice and do my nails and all this type of stuff and my hair and everything and then as soon as I started gaining weight I started to notice that all of that stuff went to the wayside because I was losing self-love for myself which in turn turned to like lack

of confidence no more self-respect and it's just like a downward spiral from there on out and then now I find that as soon and then like I always lived in um sweats and Costco clothes and shit like that because I couldn't fit in anything else and I just felt like well what's the point of looking after myself I'm already fat and ugly you know what I mean now though I actually like take care of myself I do wear makeup now now I do do my hair I wear nicer clothes like still I'm on a tight budget I do we're like expensive stuff but I the thing for as a woman like you could still hit up your local Walmart and find like a nice fitted pair of yoga pants and a fitted t-shirt and put a little bit of mascara on blush on and lip gloss and you know like be nice and clean and everything and you'll look good you don't need like to spend like shit tons of money on stuff like this and women that like it message me about this they say that the the first thing they notice is their femininity goes away when they start to gain weight and it's true because then you're not being feminine anymore because you're just like angry about your weight and everything and

then you you don't look after yourself and you can become like depressed about and everything and it's just it leads to this honestly like a very downward spiral and it's not good and men and women are equally like have these issues but as soon as you start to lose weight you start to get confidence again and you start to love yourself again and have self pride and self-love and all all of that comes together like they're all intertwined it's enmeshed and then you end up wanting to like dress nice and take care of yourself and all that type of stuff and all of this is important because it for both sexes like radiating confidence is very important that's also like how you make friends and stuff because people gravitate towards you when you have a smile on your face and you look like you actually wanna have a conversation like do you want to approach the person with the scowl on their face no you want to approach the person who's smiling and looks happy and feels like they would be friendly you know like it just goes both ways and then the other thing which I was thinking about with all of this too is like back in the day when I was 18 I

lived in Eastern Europe and there the people are very very poor like North Americans are not poor at all these people were poor I don't know if it's gotten better now because I haven't been there for like about six years but when I was last there the one thing I noticed is it didn't matter how poor the person was like I'm not talking homeless people but just people who could still have a roof over their head but on very very tight budgets and did not have anything they still wore presentable clothing it was an expensive stuff it was cheap clothing very very cheap but it was clean it wasn't torn it wasn't tattered it didn't have stains on it the shoes weren't falling apart they still groomed themselves and their hair and everything the guys were always clean-cut looking and nice and clean and it just looked better and nobody would judge you and be like oh you have no money and they wouldn't assume that you had no money because of how you were dressed and I find that that's like a misconception here in North America's a lot of people be like oh well I don't have money so I can't look after myself and dress nice well no like I just said

you can still shower you can still groom yourself you can still wear clean clothes and presentable clothing and stuff it doesn't have to be expensive but the point is that it shows self pride and it might I feel like a good start would be to clean up all of that stuff and then you would be like feeling just like like more like just more confident in that you love yourself and then it's motivating for you to lose your weight and stuff and then you'll look better in the clothing too and it's just all tied together and it's so so important and like now even like it's not even just about you it's like for your children too because you want to show them how it's done and that's like with me where I'm at right now with my daughters is like I want to show them how to be feminine I've had enough of this feminism bullshit it's driving me nuts I want my daughters to have long hair I want them to be girly I paint their nails every other day bright pink to make a point on their toes and their hands I do it on purpose but they love it they ask for it but you know what's interesting when I was fat my older daughter never was really into that she

never asked much for it it wasn't until recently now that they see me do my stuff and all that in the bathroom and everything that they're like reaching for the lip glosses and they're stealing my lip glosses and I'm like what the hell you're like you guys are just like tiny little girls what's going on and then the other thing too is it's interesting because they want to wear dresses now and the older ones like how come I can't wear makeup and she wants to wear makeup and I'm like damn it I don't want her to want to wear makeup I gotta like figure this out so what I do is I tell her I go Reena you were so beautiful you're absolutely stunning like mummy wishes she looked like you and I said your eyelashes are so dark and luscious and long you don't need mascara and she goes well what about my blush like my cheeks and I was like you don't need it your cheeks are so rosy as they are I was like mummy needs it that's why I wear it and you don't need it at all but the thing is on a side note I could tell her how much how beautiful she is and all of this stuff and pump her tires but you know

who she really needs to hear it from this from her dad and him and I are gonna be having a little chat about this the next time I see him because the thing is that daughters like yeah it's nice for your mom to compliment you there's no doubt about that but it's even better when your dad tells you how beautiful you are because then she's not seeking validation from other guys and it all starts at this young ripe age he has to start doing this now and this is what stuff my dad did with me is like he needs to tell her how beautiful she is and how like gorgeous she is and flawless and all in just constantly doing it all the time so if you're a dad and you have daughters do this it's super super important because it instills their confidence and self worth and self pride and when a dad tells his daughter this stuff it makes her trust him and then she's not thinking like what worrying about what other guys are thinking of her she's thinking well my dad said I'm beautiful so of course I am and that's very very important and then the other thing is like if you're a mom and you have a daughter and she's seeing you wear makeup like what's what I am

doing and stuff and you don't want to get them into that just I feel like what I'm doing is a little bit right because I'm not me I'm not holding it back from her like it's this like taboo thing but I'm just reiterating that she doesn't need it that she's perfect as she is and I let them have lip gloss because that's innocent and there's like it's just it's no color and stuff and it gives them a little bit like distraction in a sense where they're not so hyper fixated on the actual like mascara and crap like that in the eye makeup so that's just that and just my two cents on all of this and just something to think about again some food for thought because it's all intertwined and I really just wanted to share this because I feel like it could help someone even it's just one person and just remember that it's all tied to like your confidence and your self pride and your self-worth and loving yourself and I swear when you lose your weight and you start working on yourself you feel like you deserve this stuff and that you do deserve it don't forget that you deserve it so that's just that and have a good night