20 October 2018

Meghan Markle pregnant: Pregnancy health tips Duchess should abide by #ubox


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pregnant Megan and her prints get a crash course in childbirth from the flying doctors after being shown a simulated labor on Australian tour they will no doubt be learning plenty about pregnancy over the next six months ahead of their first child's arrival but the Duke and Duchess of Sussex got in some early practice in childbirth during their tour of Australia today as they received a crash course in maternity from Royal Flying Doctor Service volunteers at double airport the soon-to-be parents were clearly interested in the medical dummy on a stretcher with doctors showing them various emergency scenarios including a baby in a small practice incubators it comes two days after Kensington Palace revealed Megan and Harry are expecting a baby next spring in an announcement made just five months after their spectacular wedding at Windsor Castle Meghan wearing Outland jeans an Australian brand amazing kitsunes shirt and Serena Williams collection shirt and Harry spoke to volunteers for the service and dedicated a new plane as it marked its 90th anniversary the couple met nurses and other staff and

volunteers from the service during their visit to the hangar David Charlton RFDS aviation general manager said discussion turned to the number of babies which are born midair he said our staff thought it was quite interesting given the couple's current condition the couple found it most amusing and interesting we all wanted to ask if it was a boy or a girl but everyone behaved themselves as Harry and mother-to-be Megan were introduced to health workers as well as those who have been helped by the RFDS which provides health care across two ninety seven million square miles 769 million square kilometres of Australia but a large cake on offer also appeared to catch the Dukes eye after he and Megan cut the cake Harry gave it a sniff and helped himself to some of the icing mr. Charlton said the service would consider the knife a prized possession he said he licked the icing from the knife which in Australian parlance is going straight to the poolroom the couple are on a sixteen day tour of Australia New Zealand Fiji and Tonga during their visit to the drought-affected city of double Megan spoke to

armored emilycarol about motherhood and made a fuss of her baby ruby the 33 year old said they both had a little tickle with her she's normally in bed at 10:30 a.m. but we had to stay up for this she's done so well dot Megan told me that she's feeling pretty good so far which is great and that she's running on adrenaline she said they're doing 76 engagements in 16 days with maybe one rest in the middle they're both great with kids the couple swapped the colas and crowds of Sydney for the rural City and New South Wales with the palace saying that Duke was keen to visit regional Australia Dubbo 190 miles outside of Sydney has been stricken by drought but the skies looked ominous during their visit the welcome was warm with one pupil reaching out for a hug with the Duke as the couple arrived in the city Luke Vincent v was one of the 150 strong Welcome Party and went in for an embrace with Harry and stroked the Royals beard school principal Ann van Darrell said the youngster was mesmerised with Harry's facial hair she said he got a hug from Megan and then Harry bent down to speak to him and Luke didn't give him

any choice Luke's favorite person in the world is Santa Claus who has a beard so he rubbed Harry's beard it's been a wonderful experience for these little country kids to meet people they've only ever seen on TV much needed rain which the Duke called a gift that eventually fall as hundreds of people came to catch a look at the couple at Victoria Park Harry praised the resilience of the city and its people following the barren period during a speech to the assembled crowd he joked I've got my wife as he was offered an umbrella before taking to the lectern at doubles Victoria Park as Megan provided shelter from his side you people are the salt of the earth hard-working and as tough as they come he said I know that life has not been easy you have just lived through two years of drought - laughter from the crowd he said despite recent welcome rain it is going to take a lot more and a long time to recover you are all the toughest people out there the most persistent the ones who can weather the storm or the drought should the doom have wished to wet his whistle after getting drenched in double he could take advantage

a gift given by 62 year old Peter West the tarry man gave the Duke a can of double-row ala special brew which has been made to mark the royal visit and contains UK lager and American hops he said it's a mixture from her town in America and his in England it's beautiful we bought a slab to take home but we had a few waiting here this morning the rain put paid to plans of outdoor activities at their last engagement of the day at the clan turf Academy students had planned to participate in a session of netball and touch football drills on the school oval highlighting the importance of sport in education but as the downpour started the sports demonstrations were abandoned and the pupils rushed over to meet the royal couple under a covered area Harry told pupils at the academy which aims to improve the life skills self-esteem and employment prospects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young men about the importance of talking to friends about personal problems the Duke who has spoken in the past about his own mental issues said there is a stigma still attached from our parents and

grandparents time not to talk about mental health [Music] mystery of Harry's new bling Prince baffles fans by wearing a black ring on his right hand in Australia so is it a gift from Megan while the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is baby news has been stealing the spotlight this week it's not the only element of the royal tour to set tongues wagging since touching down in Sydney on Monday dad to be Prince Harry has been sporting a mysterious metal band on his right ring finger the ring which Harry has never worn in public before appears to be made from a dark metal such as titanium tungsten or black gold and fans are convinced there is a hidden meaning behind it while Harry has been sporting a simple gold wedding band since his nuptials in May in addition to his signature beaded bracelets the ring is understood to be new addition to his wardrobe the ring was noticeably absent from Harry's ensemble during his last public outing the wedding of his cousin Princess Eugenie on Friday 12 October likewise he sported a bear ring finger when he joined Megan on their first

joint visit to Sussex on 3 October it has prompted speculation that it could be a gift from his wife to celebrate their baby news however others have suggested the jewelry could be a nod to the upcoming 2018 Sydney Invictus games Kensington Palace declined to comment when contacted by mail in line the couple announced they were expecting their first child just hours after landing in the Australian city on Monday after a brief visit to double on Wednesday they are bound for Melbourne before flying back to Sydney and Fraser Island the second week of their trip will see the couple fly to Fiji Tonga New Zealand before flying back to the UK on October 31st in the early days of their courtship Megan inadvertently dropped a hint about a relationship with Harry by posting a photo in which he was wearing a blue and white bracelet identical to one sported by the Royal [Music] she looks a bit like you Prince Harry breaks royal protocol by taking a photo of Megan with a young fanned nine after the girl's grandmother points out their uncanny resemblance and the Duchess agrees

Prince Harry broke royal protocol by taking a photograph of Megan with a young fan in Sydney after the Duchess noticed how much the girl looked like her the Duke of Sussex 34 was seen calling over his wife after he spotted Secunia Gibbons 9 in the crowd during a walkabout by the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday asking her do you want to meet my wife Harry can then be heard asking the girl do you want me to take a picture of you two together with the youngster nodding enthusiastically in response daughter grandmother can be heard telling Megan who is pregnant with her first child we feel she looks a bit like you to which the Duchess responded I was literally about to say the same thing Megan then noted the sathanas girls can do anything top telling the youngster I love your shirt royal fans have been gushing over the sweet moment after footage of the exchange was shared on social media following the special moment Secunia said I was waiting for Harry to come over and he said girls can do anything because that's what it says on my shirt then he asked me if I wanted to meet his wife I said yes and then he asked if he could take a photo of me and

his wife Safina from Sydney was with her grandmother Sharon Gibbons and cousin Rebecca secures Harry then took a photograph of Secunia with Megan along with her grandmother Sharon and cousin Rebecca Megan also said I look like her when she was little Secunia said it made me feel really happy and excited Rebecca 17 also got to speak to the couple explaining I said congratulations to them for the baby and I got to shake their hands too Sharon said was delighted for her granddaughters commenting how lucky were they Harry and Megan jetted off to the drought-hit country city of double in New South Wales following their whirlwind day in Sydney on Tuesday for the second day of the royal tour Megan wore 108 pounds high-rise jeans by Australian brand Outland a 1,110 pound boss oversized blazer by her friend serena williams an amazin kitsune button-down collar shirt 440 pounds and 172 pounds ankle boots by j.crew dot th e couple looked delighted as they met with five-year-old Luke Vincent who gave them both big hugs the royal couple spent the day touring

the farming city which is suffering its worst drought since records began in 1900 and their visit brought some much-needed rain as the heavens opened while Harry made a speech at a community barbeque later in the day bystanders offered in an umbrella but Megan had already stepped in to shield her husband with her own Broly the Prince joked I've got my wife to laughter from the crowd after Megan stepped in earlier in the day the Duchess even whipped up a loaf of banana bread to take with her on a visit to a farm to highlight the plight of farmers hit by drought while meeting well-wishers today Megan admitted that she is a bit tired and running on adrenaline but planning to go ahead with all 76 engagements of the 16 day tour the couple are set to fly on to Melbourne on Thursday morning before returning to Sydney on Friday for a visit to Bondi Beach Megan and Harry announced on Monday they are expecting their first child together shortly after landing in Sydney you [Music]