22 July 2019

MEANINGFUL Friendships & Peer Pressure | SNAKE DIET

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hey so today I'm gonna talk about the

whole like friendship fiasco when you're fasting and basically I don't like saying when you're fasting cuz it's a fasting focused lifestyle but like when you're trying to change your life and become a better version of yourself and cut the vices and addiction and I've been thinking about this for the last like few weeks now and I want to talk about it because I think that absolutely everybody has come to this crossroad in their life where they want to make changes in their life and become a better version of themselves but they're being held back by their family or their friends and I talked about this like a long time ago back in the day like I don't know like in November or something but I have a different outlook on it now so I think my opinion is that it's easy to be friends with people when your friendship is based on vices and addictions it's easy to be friends with someone when your hobby together is getting drunk or going to the bar and getting high and I don't know eating all the time chasing women chasing men being on like just like all those like vices and addictions and stuff and the reason I think it's

easy to have friendships with people when you guys do that together is because there really is no substance and depth to the friendship anyway because the thing is let's think about it for a minute when you're high and when you're drunk and you're just like under the influence of something you're not really having a true friendship with the person because you're not your real self you're not sober there's no conversation that's on a deeper level the conversation is basically based on like the night of events of being having fun and just being a drunk and a complete retard and stuff there's no deeper level communication you know and when you actually sit down with a friend and have a real conversation and you're not hi and you're not drunk and you're not eating and you're just sober and you this is when you actually learn about each other and you become more connected on a deeper level and you actually talk about convert like controversial topics in the world and you actually have deep conversations and this is how you like build trust and stuff but like a thing it's easy to ask a friend to be like hey want to go get drunk like most people

are down for that but it's like hey want to come over and like talk about like some stuff with each other and they're like and I don't know and they're more apprehensive or hey want to go to the gym oh no I don't want to or want to go for a walk wanna go swimming want to go to yoga want to go to the library like ask people those things and most people aren't for that but as soon as you're like hey want to go for lunch they're like sure want to go get high sure you know like I'm not saying all people are like this but I'm just saying if you're at that not at that level yet where you bridge your addictions and stuff and this is where it can be a real struggle for people because they don't want to change their life like they know they need to and they want to deep down but they're scared to because they don't want to lose their friends in the process and the thing is that I understand that because people don't want to be lonely and by themselves and they're afraid of not having friends and stuff but you have to really think like what means more to you does it mean more for you to be happy in your life and pretty occupied with your health and

your fitness and bettering yourself and being the best version you can be or does it mean more to just be surrounded around a whole bunch of meaningless friendships that are just bad influences on you and that are bringing you down and it comes down to like peer pressure really because I I think back to you know when you're like 12 years old and you had you've had a group of friends and there was that one person in the group that wanted to try smoking and so they feel like a smoke from their mom or their dad and they come to school and they're like hey let's go out try a smoke I got a cigarette for my mom or my dad and then you kind of like don't really want to try it but you don't want to be the odd one out and so you're feeling that peer pressure so then you end up trying smoking but when I look at it the person who asked you to try smoking wanted you to try it with them because it doesn't make them look like they're the only one doing it and it makes their actions acceptable because someone's doing it with them but if you were to say no and didn't do it then this is where it would be very much different because now they have to be

like oh maybe what I was doing wasn't right but as soon as you get someone in on it with you on your side it's like well they're doing it so it's okay and it just comes back to like present day as an adult when you're faced with those two situations and like getting into peer pressure basically is what it is you have to really ask yourself like am i doing this because I want to do this or am i doing this because I don't want like the judgment from people or am I doing this because I don't want to lose my friend and you have to really like sit down and ask yourself these hard questions and be honest with yourself because all of those activities like being like a drunk and all that or all it fun and games because everyone's doing it with you and it's okay because it's old she's doing it he's doing it yadda yadda yadda but what it comes down to is at the end of the day being being able to step away from it and get the courage to make a new life for yourself and get rid of all of that stuff and move away from it even though you lose friends excuse me it's a hard thing to do because like I said people don't want to

be alone but it's needed it's needed because I read this quote by Robin Williams I don't know exactly how it went but it basically said a broken heart an empty wallet and a hungry stomach will teach you the most important life lessons in life and I agree with it 100% I was like holy that was so me last year like I had a broken heart I was hungry as and I had an empty wallet and they true and that is how I learned so much but when when we're uncomfortable that's when you learn and you actually grow and you can grow so much stuff about yourself and that's why I wanted to talk about this with you guys because the thing is like the friendships now when you're older it's like they become fewer and far between and people are embarrassed to admit this that they don't have many friends because it comes to a point of quality not quantity when you're teenagers and young adults that's easy to have millions of friends it's easy to have all these friends in a big crowd because you're like I said it's not based on any real substance and it's not a good friendship and just based on

addictions and vices but when you start to actually get deeper friendships and that real connection that's when you start to lose friends because you don't have share like common allergies and the same values and that morals in life anymore that's really when it comes down to and it's rare or to find people that share the same beliefs in like life with you you know and then uh the other thing I was thinking about with on this note was just how when you end up going through your transformation and you become a different version of yourself people will grieve the old version of you and this happens to me that now that I am a new version of myself I'm not who I was a year ago I changed on many levels besides physically like but mine the main things that I've changed on that I realized as myself worse myself love myself pride and my self-respect these four things are the biggest things I've noticed with myself and the really thing is I have a backbone I stand up for myself I have boundaries and I don't let people push me around and push their way into my business I don't care who it is and this I know people that have been in

my life constant from like my whole life until now they miss the old me because I don't tolerate stuff that the old-fashioned used to deal like allow and accept now I have strong boundaries in my life and this is why I'm saying this jubie's you will find that that is why a lot of times to family and friends aren't supportive of you because they they know that you're going to change and they don't want to lose the you they don't want to lose you they want you to remain the theme they don't want you to become a better version of yourself because it changes like how they got to be and they have a hard time grieving the loss of a person cuz it is it's just like the person who once was an alcoholic they're not who they were when they were an alcoholic they're a completely different person and they could be there definitely actually a better person but people will still miss some of the things about that old version of them like oh he used to always be down to go have a drink and he was always lots of fun now you can't ask him to go to the bar no more or like with me for instance

like oh she's always be down to go for lunch now she's not like that anymore now it's like hey you want to go to the gym want to go swimming want to do other things that don't worry ball around food and that is hard for people because now they have to reflect on themselves and they have to think like hey you know like you don't now I got to change myself and make myself a better version you know and people don't like doing that that's why it's easy to be friends that aren't at a higher level in their life because their expectations are so low to the ground and they they just like they're easy to please and they're easy to have fun with but when you have someone who's at a higher level now they make you reflect on yourself and it's hard pill for people to swallow it really is but what I'm trying to say is to not let them hold you back to where you want to be in your life and what you want to do yeah it sucks if you lose friends along the way and certain family members and stuff but the thing is just remember that there comes a point where people eventually some people come back and they will come back and be like you know what you're doing is actually a

very respectable and what you're doing for yourself and I see yourself how you're living your life and how happy you are and healthy and I want that so then they're gonna low suit but if they don't come back they don't come back and it's just how it is as part of life there are no promises in life there are no guarantees again you can't have those expectations all you got to do is have expectation on yourself for what you want for yourself and have expectations on you that's all and then you will be happy and get to where you want to be and who cares about all the rest of the stuff going on so that's just my little two cents on like the whole friends and family thing and just remember that people don't like when you start to better yourself because it makes them reflect on themselves and the changes that they should be making and most people don't want to make those changes but don't let because of their issue of them not wanting to make the changes prevent you from getting to where you want to be in your life just focus on you and the other thing that's really really important on all of this is if you have

children like you're doing this for yourself right but you have to always keep in mind that you have little kids watching you and they copy everything you do and you can't sit there as a parent and criticize your children's friends when your friends aren't any better you have to lead by example you can't be a hypocrite so if you want your children to live a certain life and pick good friends and be surrounded around good people who are going places in their life and they're all about bettering themselves and their life isn't about vices and addictions you have to do the exact same thing because your parents will your kids will think you're a joke and like the laughingstock if they like see you hanging around friends with all these vices and stuff but you're telling them not to and this is just like a simple like parenting mistake that all parents make but a simple thing that we have to think about because it's true like I cannot when my daughters are older and they have teenagers and be like oh you shouldn't be hanging around the kids that drink if my friends are drunks you know what I mean so you have to like I just thought

of that even further so anyway those are my two cents like I said have a good day