12 January 2018

Meal Replacement Shake - Premier Protein High Protein Shake Review

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hey guys welcome back to my channel I am

honey and honey girls worldcom glad to have you here today I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about some of the changes that I'm making in my life I mentioned this on social media before as well as here on my youtube channel for vlogmas that i really really wanted to make a bunch of lifestyle changes so a lot kind of happened over the course of the last two months I stopped drinking Pepsi which was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I also stopped eating rice but the reason for this video is because and now there's a helicopter passing by sorry I wanted to start reviewing products for you guys that I have been using that I like that I don't like just kind of lifestyle stuff that I'm incorporating in my lifestyle journey so I figured that I would go ahead and share some of those products with you in different types of product reviews and today I'm gonna be talking to you guys about the premier protein drinks I have been taking these drinks one to two times a day pretty much two times a day are suggested from my nutritionists and it basically is a way for me to add in that extra protein that I'm really not getting from my

meals it also helps me to kind of boost my weight loss in the process of what I'm doing so I've been drinking the premier protein now for about two months like I said I've only tried three flavors but I do know that they have an additional one so I'm gonna talk to you about the product give you my overall review and what I think of it and then yeah so this is the caramel one this is what I had for breakfast there is a chocolate and a vanilla that I've also tried and there is a I think it's a vanilla banana but I'm really not a banana person unless it's fresh and I put it like in the green juice so not too fond of wanting to try that one the caramel is probably my favorite though I will say I've tried like I said the three vanilla caramel and chocolate and I like them all except like I said caramel is probably my favorite on the premier protein drinks have 30 grams of protein so that's about a third of the amount of protein that you should be getting on a daily basis they do not come with any artificial growth hormones they have a hundred and sixty calories 1 gram of sugar they're very low fat and have 24

minerals and vitamins within you're looking at approximately 3 grams of that one of those grams are saturated that you have 25 milligrams of cholesterol 360 milligrams of sodium 310 milligrams of potassium and again like I said 30 grams worth of protein now this is a milk type protein so if you're lactose intolerant or kind of has sensitivities to that you may find that this may be an issue for you but I don't seem to have a problem with it I like it because they come really easy to go they're already pre-mixed you can just throw it in your gym bag take it to go and as a busy mom for me that's a really big deal I also like them because it gives me that that allotment that I need for my protein on a daily basis which is very very important and mmm the chocolate vanilla have a slight chalky flavor but it's really chocolaty and really good the vanilla is I mean the caramel is super delicious so I do like the flavors of these in comparison to others like muscle milk and stuff like that they're kind of gross that's just my opinion but yeah so I wanted to share this with you I think that it has been a really important part in my you know

weight loss not necessarily journey but in my lifestyle change it's been really important for me to get my nutrients as well as my protein in because I'm always on a goal so I figured that I would share this for you I think it's a great way for energy a great way for a meal replacement or anything that you need and if you're busy mom like me you'll find these really really helpful and whatever it is you're doing so I wanted to bring that up to you guys definitely check out premier protein shakes you can get them at various retailers I bought them at Walmart I also get them at Costco at Costco you're averaging approximately an eighteen or a case of eighteen for about twenty six ninety-nine when it's on sale it's like twenty 2.99 so it's it's worth it you basically it's actually pretty cheap when you look at it for an eighteen case and yeah so that is my little mini review on the premier protein shakes I hope you guys enjoyed this don't forget if you want to follow my lifestyle change or you want to just keep up with me all of my social media is down below if you enjoy these kind of videos give it a

thumbs up don't forget to subscribe the subscribe button is down below and hit that little bell icon so that you can get notified of my new videos again I am on social media I don't have snapchat anymore but you can catch up with me on Instagram as well as Facebook and I'll see you guys in my next one I hope you guys are having a great start to 2018 and I'll talk to y'all soon bye guys