21 January 2015

Meal Prepping Vietnamese Food: How to Make Healthy Pho

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Billy came here again today I'm going to

show you guys how to make a healthier version of FUP we're going to be using a little bit leaner proteins I found this new product that I've been using for the last year year and a half now it's very easy to make because you know it's just a power that you put in it's very macro friendly I mean I understand the way that my parents used to make it with using all the bones and all that stuff like that but frankly I just don't have the time to do that so being able to make something that's quick and fast make it fit my macros and still be able to reach my goals makes it very easy for me and I want to show you guys how to do it also I'm gonna be showing you guys how to prep it in advance so now you can have you know as a type of meal prep for yourself whether it's for dinner or even just having an idea while the weather starts to get cold and you want something a little bit soupy but still want healthy alright so like many of my recipes I only used you know maybe less than five ingredients so from here I want to start off with the noodles or the bonfá you can pick that up at any local market in the Asian market will be a little bit easier to

find secondly we're gonna use this powder that I got from Costco it's a pho broth powder so all you have to do is really add in just the onions and the ginger next we have the lean protein so you can either choose you know chicken tenderloins chicken breast you know or a lean cut of beef such as a top round or round I for me I just like to use the top Brown cut another tip for beef is the less white it has the less fat it has it's not that fats bad for you but we're just trying to limit our intake or however you can fit in your daily macros and lastly you see the onions and ginger those are the only things that you need to add into the broth powder as you're making the broth so really simple very few dress very few ingredients and that's all you need alright so this is how I'm gonna make the broth you need one gallon of water this is half a gallon and again now I want to have my water bottle water I've gotta throw in one onion two pieces of ginger and this one already pre open just because packaging so you're gonna see is this little pouch in here there's actually two pouches so you're not going to use one of them save that for the

next batch drop the pouch you're gonna see some powder in here and just take half you can eyeball it it's good enough and about half that's gonna stir it around that's not gonna take about 15 minutes and once 15 minutes is up take out the little white pouch okay pretty much now you're ready to serve and we'll go to prepping the noodles next all right guys so first thing here is we're going to portion out the noodles and again there's no such thing as bad foods but only bad quantities and I always emphasize that you should eat according to your goals so according to this right here 2 ounces will equal 35 grams of carbs if you'd like to know more about how you weigh out all your food or find out what your macronutrients are go ahead and visit my website at Billie Kate Fitness calm and I have a complete program for you there so again this is exactly how I go about eating my father so we got turn the scale on we're going to tear it and I'm gonna eat a quantum my portion so I'm gonna do a little bit more than two ounces I'm just going to do three ounces here and I want to show you how I do it mess here sometimes I was bringing a

pair of scissors and I'm not sure that's the right way to do it but that's how I do it how many Ounces we got there it's in grams I'm switching artists for I'm just gonna keep three three three ounces there's one serving so I really want to emphasize that it's really important to eat according to your goals you know understanding how much carbs you can have a day you know carbs aren't bad for you it's just that if we overeat carbs then it becomes bad for you because then that's gonna cause some weight gain so get understanding your Mac initially it's understanding how much you need to eat is absolutely key and now that I have all my noodles ready it makes it very easy for me to come home from work and then just grab from the crowd from the fridge dip in the hot water and then I'm done and ready I don't have to measure it out again all right so next year we're gonna weigh out our proteins I want to start out with the beef again eat according to your goals for me between 4 & 6 ounces roughly close enough the macronutrients will be listed below in this video so if you want to check up on your numbers or

looked up for MyFitnessPal at all be there all right standing for the chicken it all depends on how much you want to eat so I'll just do 6 ounce portions a lot of guys always ask do you weigh your protein before or after it's cooked generally I weigh it after just because it tends to be easier but for this recipe I'm just gonna do it before and doesn't really make that big of a difference as long as you stay consistent with one or the other all right guys so here's the last step we're going to boil the noodles real quick in water it should only take about less than like 30 second just want to give it a quick little dip and slosh just so for the noodles to kind of soften up and that should be about it it's about 30 seconds they're kind of cook up your beef real quick but I'm gonna do it's just real quick I'm just moving around that's it you're done and I did include this before but actually you can also add in cilantro green onions and thinly sliced onions totally up to you it's a little bit more effort into doing but it gives that the father extra flavor that you're missing there let's go ahead and top it off

all right so here's a final product this is uh die or lean the macros are very easy to count just because it's one carb and one protein and feel free to add in a little bit of extra sriracha for some spice and traditionally we also add in some hoisin sauce which is primarily a carbohydrate so just make sure to limit yourself you'd want to go all crazy on it but other than that it's really simple recipe to make I include it in my diet all the time and you saw the meal prep previously there if you have any questions let me know and that's pretty much it yeah alright guys thanks for watching my video here if you haven't missed the last one which is basically shopping at Costco and getting these ingredients I'll post the video right here for you other than that if you can subscribe to my channel I definitely appreciate it and if you want to make some comments like this video share it let other people know about me don't keep me a secret make sure you visit my website Billie Kate Fitness calm until then you