08 April 2019

Meal Planning 101. Healthy Eating on any diet, in any life situation.

A simple step-by-step process to plan your meals Eat healthy anywhere with a meal template in mind The most important thing about meal planning to prevent ...

hey guys so let's continue with our milk

prepping well actually let's start it so first before do any kind of new planning new popping have somewhere to write down your thoughts it can be piece of paper it can be a mobile phone with note app it can be your computer anything just take something out you put your thoughts into and then the first question you want to ask yourself when you start the meal planning week is how many meals a day do you have do you have breakfast do you do intermittent fasting do you have lunches dinners snacks just figure out the situations all the eating situations that you encounter throughout your week second unit start with your breakfast so what kind of breakfast do you want to have every morning is it gonna be some X maybe an omelet maybe a scramble is it gonna be a green smoothie figure out where you're gonna have your bread and what you're gonna have for breakfast and once you've figured that out write it down write down all the ingredients that you're gonna need for your week or the bread before you start planning your lunches your dinners your snacks figure out and milk template your ideal new template or sample meal like no matter what kind of diet you decided

to follow voice what kind of eating protocol you decided to you for haven't you had a simple meal that you're gonna try to assemble whether at home or at work so for example my favorite or my new template is weight most the bulk of my new is vegetables and then I add some protein usually prompt side side piece of product or somewhere around that it's either gonna be fish most of the time or it might be chicken maybe X and maybe a steak maybe beef liver so figure out what's your simple it's no matter where are you gonna have your lunch your dinner you know out at 4:00 come commuting airplane if you have your new tablet new simple in your hat then you can assemble that what you have available as close to your ideal mu as possible no matter where you are even you have to have your meal in a supermarket or in a bench in a park and then again figure out where you're gonna have your lunches your dinner is how many times how many meals you gonna have and then again write down all the meals some in your notebook and then also write down all the ingredients that you need to get for the meals that you

actually gonna prepare or cook or that you need to get food for so put out English again all the ingredients from all your lunches dinners source snacks actually have that idea of how many meals you gonna have where you gonna have them how many meals you're gonna cook for and where you're gonna get all the food for all of your meals after that put all the ingredients in the only different piece of paper that you're gonna take you with you to or am I did no online store or grocery shop where you gonna do your grocery shopping so put it piece of paper write down all the ingredients in different categories so you know fruits and vegetables and no meat needs canned foods etc so write it all down right there mounds don't forget to get all the extras that you might need for emergencies or you know so be prepared to get some snacks some foods on the go maybe people adds nuts and seeds you know we're gonna have on the entire section of what you can pick up at the store anyway write down all these things and get ready also of course guys don't forget to pick up all the things that you might need

for cooking like spatulas also different containers for your meals to prep them as single servings ready to grab go and eat maybe I don't know maybe some smoothie cups that you need or maybe some shakers that are also convenient to put your smoothies in or some kind of drinks that you might prepare maybe a cup of soup you know you can put in a shaker don't forget your utensils your tooth of new planning new wrappings so you're not in a situation that you know you don't have anything to cook with so where to put your food in and I guess else you know just get that get utensils and pick up extra things it's better to be over-prepared that not prepared you know so once you have your list then you go and do shopping either online or offline you do your shopping you do your cooking cooking bulk for several meals to save you time put in containers put food into the freezer or into the fish depending on how many days you wanted to us make it as simple as possible for your food - you're ready to grab go and eat I think you are super busy especially if you eat a lot of your foods maybe commuting or maybe somewhere else because during the

week chances are you're not gonna have all the time and also if you travel if you eat out a lot if you're there points don't forget about that meal template that we talked about so if you happen to have your food you know unprepared somewhere else always always always have that example knew in your heart for example for me it's vegetable and product what is it for you the more precise that template yes the better idea you have about that simple healthy meal the better choices you get a half no matter where you are you'll have a simple number one sell it mix it right wash you don't need to do any cutting and washing any any extra water just put it in the bowl with your dressing and your salad super fresh delicious and super healthy is already so number one salad mixes plus guys this is amazing to put in your smoothies in your green smoothie that are gonna be in our meal planning so also amazing again no need to cut and wash them or prepare any other way remember you guys huge time-saver to eat your vegetables person so you don't have to watch them cut them choose them

properly this person was a lot of times they're people out there that there are people brightness and that way you get maximum vitamins and minerals without the least hot zone so again even after Western pattern just to them I don't know think the oven in the microwave if you want to do that with your partying and hey guys we are at a grocery store and this is episode related to meal planning this is going to be a home opening episode and I'm going to show you what time savers typical to me to make your meal planning number three time saver and food seafood can meet Ken she can a lot of good quality canned foods that can save you a lot of time also can be an a great option for a meal on the go just make sure that canned food doesn't have any sugars artificial preservatives and other harmful artificial ingredients you know basically it should have maybe like water I said so time figure number four guys all kinds of dressing mixes spices mix it anything and everything that makes your food any food even even if you're a beginner it makes you food tastes amazing and it also makes your cooking super fast and super efficient

yes again make sure that the ingredients are all healthy organic and good for you so no added sugars no artificial anything and no vegetable oils and enjoy your food and time see their number five so all kinds of nuts other great kind of snacks are single serving nut butters maybe piece of cheese maybe and yogurt a lot of spreads veggie sticks and of course fresh fruits and things like that so basically things that are easy to become you need to cook them wash them have a lot of those health options available in your fish and anywhere you go especially if you tend to eat on the go and being in situations where not so much good food available so make sure to have a lot of those both kind of options to make always healthy good for you two choices you