08 April 2019

Me Trying To Eat Healthy, Watching Captain Marvel, And Talking Way Too Much πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸŒΎπŸ‡

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Tigers another just came back [Applause] I want to drink something healthy so I'm gonna make a smoothie with banana blueberry almond milk and cabbage it actually tastes pretty good so so here I added a banana blueberries some cabbage and then I added soy milk and I'm gonna add one more cup of almond milk oh my god this is so good I just have to buy at the school for a little bit and I'm gonna go home finish my laundry and then maybe get some groceries not sure what addressed I guess when I just started reading so much getting some groceries at Whole Foods now this is what I bought did you make that no it's a leftover cuz I know we always good today I'm probably gonna grab lunch together with friends from the group because we got these free coupons from this Indian restaurant that we went a couple of weeks ago and I guess they like branched out and opened up a new Indian / Chinese lunch buffet not sure how they're related except both could be spicy I also wanted to share with you what my sister told me a couple days ago when I was stressed out a little bit a little bit

I was super stressed out basically I felt like I had to decide something that wasn't event like imminent as usual I felt like I had to like have this answer like right away I felt like I had to have everything all figured out for my future and my sister was telling me that you know do whatever you want like obviously you know research a lot like look into it a lot to figure out like you know what you want to do and what makes you happy but me our family will support you like no matter what you decide and ultimately it's your life and let's say you make a decision and like you regret it like a couple years later and she was telling me that in my opinion you know that's not too late you can just like adjust your course of life and you can start doing whatever that you love doing then so don't feel like it's necessary to make the perfect choice like nobody knows what's gonna happen in the future so don't feel pressure just do what you love just yeah and that that was really really helpful because sometimes I do feel pressured to make the perfect choice and have everything figured out for my life I mean it's kind of ironic

because I hate someone telling me what to do and I hate when everything seems to be like all figured out for my life but at the same time like I want everything to be certain and I just want to know everything about my life my face is so round today my my dinner tonight happy Friday time really does fly today I'm gonna go to work and in the evening I'm meeting up with a couple of my friends so after work I will head over to my friends house and have dinner together and talk over drinks I think so that's something that is planned today oh there is an almond milk version I think I'll get this later but not today maybe there was like Godiva chocolate liqueur too [Music] okay just came back they were actually giving out this instead of like the plastic large cups the movie was good it is kind of childish and it does seem like Captain Marvel is like too strong maybe she's just like basically destroying everything with her arms but yeah I like that I was glad to see you know a female character playing the lead role in an

action movie it's Sunday today March 1st or March 31st I can't believe the weekend has passed already and that March has passed already because Mars April 1st I'm just like where did all this time go so I just ate lunch got dressed and I'm gonna head out to school to do some stuff I'm actually going to use my free for today for Starbucks did you guys know that now there's this new size like the biggest size called treinta I'm kind of curious how big this is and I'm gonna get a violet drink I'm going to order this right now whoa this is ginormous I don't think I'll be able to finish this today we made a hope you for dinner today I chopped up Boulder vegetables so you can see like onions tomatoes garlic celery sweet potatoes potatoes and carrots like you can see how healthy this is and so I'm going to drain the water from the beans and then add all the vegetables in the pot and pour the soup base into it so I just added the soup base close this I'm gonna check back tomorrow morning this too looks ready too [Music] [Music]