10 February 2014

Massage, Breathe and Stretch Your Way to a Healthy Heart

Jesse Ferrell visits the set of Sonoran Living Live to discuss how to conquer stress and fatigue through breathing, massage and stretching.

well when we come back you can exercise

to keep your heart healthy and you can certainly make good choices when it comes to food but did you know you can also massage breathe and stretch your way to heart health will show you the things you can do yourself to live a heart healthy life for moving back if you are encouraged at all to be heart health conscious than you need to know that there's one thing that you need to be aware of is how stress affects your heart this is jesse farrell and he is a medical massage therapist and he has some great ideas to help relieve stress at home so i know you're in home watching i want everybody to get down on your hands and knees on the floor right now Jesse what is this going to do for us so the first thing we're going to do is a child's pose Child's Pose and what child's pose is great for is 15 minutes in child's pose every day is equivalent to an hour of sleep really so if you're feeling fatigued and not getting enough sleep to find 15 minutes in your day even 30 or even 10 minutes and just lay there and relax while you're in child's pose we're gonna focus on our breathing okay so you're gonna breathe in into your heart allowing your heart just to

relax okay so how is the house the poster your knees are a little bit wider than your hips okay hands are shoulder width apart and then you're just gonna move back sinking into your hips sink your heart into the floor to the mat and then all the way down into your forehead and then you'll want to relax your shoulders let him just kind of sink into the floor and then keep relaxing your hips so they'll go further down pretty hard to do when your pants are great yeah you can do this in jeans you don't have to have fancy yoga clothes but it's so great for your heart so then you want to stay like this for 10 minutes you can do it even for 15 but you can already seal the circulation in the blood slow coming up to your face hmm so that helps reduce wrinkles breathing will help drop your heart rate all right and then slowly come up and then from there you can just movement on my face is flushed from from there you can move into for a low back stretch bring your your right leg good right into your hip area your hands are still the same place you drop let your back leg goes all the way back and then you can go right back down into your onto your forearms

and you can fill that straps right into that oh you sure try it into your lower back it feels amazing this is called pigeon now as it as a medical massage therapist do you find that a lot of people are just totally stressed out to the max these days more so than ever for sure I mean we're pulled in so many directions even just from being on our tablets our iphones driving being on the computer all day completely stresses out the neck the shoulders even your hands and rest can you show me one trigger point that we can use I always told is thought it was like right here what is a good trigger point to help just do our something that we can do ourselves yeah so a couple things I like to do just to keep my wrist moving throughout the day being on the computer and after I'm working all day doing massage is I just like to grab my opposite wrist and pull it with my my wrist is kind of together and then stretched my fingers out you can kind of feel it adjust the bones in there I can fill up all the way up here and oh my my upper layers really stood up pop and do the same thing over here Wow and then i will bring my palms together just massaging the where the

thumbs are the whole times there and then the point you were talking about the trigger point is great for headaches oh and so by pressing i just holding out well just whatever pressure you can't but you can kind of feel the trigger point in there hmm pull that and just again bring you your awareness back to your breathing okay real quickly you have a chair and there's one can you show us one thing to do in the chair yeah I know absolutely so one of my favorite things where I tend to get a lot of pain is in my shoulder blades right you know I will find just in each air where I can sit out and making sure my spine is nice and straight I'll bring my hands so they're back together clasping my hands together and they kind of hook your shoulder blades into the chair mm-hmm you can kind of just sink into the chair and my shoulder blades are just hooked up in there and I'll just relax my head back taking a few deep browse but it helps to release the shoulder blades open it up a little bit this helps open up the chest which helped opens up the heart which gets the blood flowing which is exactly what we're talking about Jesse you're amazing

thank you so much for sharing these tips and just a few little things simple little things that you can do to be stress-free the American Heart Association has joined forces with us and our campaign to keep your heart healthy with their Go Red campaign to learn more and receive heart healthy tips visit abc15.com / rally for red and turn to learn more about it you can also learn more about Jesse by visiting our website Sonoran living calm Thank You Jesse appreciate you