07 April 2017

March Favourites | Health, Supplements & Skincare Products | Jacfruits

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hi all 30 Jocelyn here and today I

decided to do a March favorites video because the pin so long since I've done one of these videos i think i haven't done one since like a lot july so it's literally been forever so i thought i would share some of my favorite products to the last month Wow the last bit of my coffee care of you health food items fitness products and a little bit of skincare and beauty products a lump get into it first let's start off with the food stuff because I love my food this is number one so you guys watch my blog you'll see me mention this like in so many of my previous blog because I'm literally in love with it it is a protein nut butter I peer goodness and it's so good this is a chocolate hazelnut flavor I'm definitely going to be buying more after this and I want to try their other flavors as well they also have a salted caramel toffee crunch I'm sure they all taste amazing this is made with pumpkin proteins there are 12 grams of protein per serving 17 57 car and it does not contain whey protein which I like because I don't suggest way very well so I try to stay away from that and dairy stuff that you have to try it's literally like I can't even

explain it like the best nut butter I've ever had and I've had a lot of nut butters like I'm a big fan of peanut butter and all that stuff but since it's amazing it's like on another level i bought this from walmart so if you guys are looking for it go there or I think you can call it order on line two I'm going to list all the links to all these products down below so you guys can check them out okay do that let's talk about TV ah so you guys also probably know that I love to Queen everything this GV I'm an oatmeal my smoothies everything I just came across this it's a liquid stevia focusing and it is a english toffee labor so it's really good i add it in everything it's really easy because just liquid so i just kind of drop it in there and you're good to go i got this from pricesmart you can probably get it at any grocery store next I'm going to talk about crowning organic so you guys saw my announcement last month I recently became an ambassador for them and I really loved all the products they're made with all organic quality ingredients from whole fruits and vegetables this one is one of

my favorites for the last month it's pure food be it's made with let me just read ingredients to you if it's made with wala lemon holy basil and spirulina powder it gives you a boost of energy a ton of B vitamins I love to add it in my smoothies and even even if you're in a rush you just pop it in water mix it up and you're good to go so that's what i've been using the last month and it's super cute like there's this little cute i know i just my food is there's a cute little scoop in there getting it everywhere so yeah I like it a lot I do have a discount code if you guys want to try their product you can get a discount off their items and also free shipping in out of that or us so make sure to check it out use my code next I want to talk about he loved like you guys this has been my favorite for like the last while I wouldn't say I just discovered in last month I've been having them were quite a while I usually like this one at nighttime is a camel miles lavender tea and this one is by the Brad English tea shop so it's really nice i like to have it before bed it just relaxes me and give me a good night yeah next I got some bcaa's so I haven't

been taking BCA's regularly ever and I decided to start trying it out especially since I'm in bikini prep right now I'm feeling pretty sore most of the time so I stumbled upon this brand I just ordered it off amazon it's called sigan I don't know about pronouncing that right i think it's called slide gen c YG en this is a natural one I really like it because of the ingredients they're all quality ingredients there is nothing like artificial in it it's vegan friendly and this one is a black cherry flavor it tastes like a red lollipop to me so I really like having that to sip on during my workout after my workout and just throughout the day yeah next I have a supplement by how nutrition so if you guys are launching my blog you'll know is that i've been using their products for a long long time for many many months I mean copier so this one is called Big Chill and it helps you cope with stress and I have noticed that I do feel a lot calmer after taking it you only need one capsule a day take it with food and all their products are very quality I've noticed a big difference in my body after taking their supplements

so i definitely recommend them i wouldn't recommend any supplements that I don't take myself or that I don't personally enjoy and I have seen a lot of benefits of taking house Oh check this one out I love all the supplements i just thought i would mention this one for this month and one last guide of my protein if I knew that submitting this for the last couple months and you guys have policy dimensional a lot at my recipes and my meal prep stop my favorite flavor for the last month was the creamy cappuccino because we all know how much I love my coffee I love adding this into a morning my morning a black smoothie that decided to name the naughty hodgepodge of hozeva suggested by one of my followers and the flavor is just super delicious is low in carbs and at higher protein is 21 grams of protein per serving and there's only one gram of carb it's very outside gluten-free dairy-free is made with pea protein GMO free and vegan i also have a discount code for this you can also get free shipping in canada or us and also discount all their products so make sure to check it out ok alright moving on to a beauty product so bed it's called

chicken I think that's how you pronounce it sukin it's an Australian natural skincare brand and this is paraben free which I love this is a moisturizing night cream and I really love it like it's so moisturizing you don't need a lot of it quite thick I know it's nice clean but sometimes in the morning to you because I love it so much it smells like an orange creamsicle to me so good like seriously orange creamsicles so delicious and it's very moisturizing there's rosehip in it and evening primrose and other oils you moisturize your skin I apply sensitive skin so I usually try to look for natural products I don't like stuff with a lot of like synthetic fragrances and things like that so this is good because it's all-natural next I have a lavender mist spray if I stage my friends got me this for my birthday I really love it I love everything lavender if you guys know me like I mentioned my lavender tea lavender oil lavender mist everything I like moisturize my skin with lavender oil after shower and usually too so a lot of so much let me just and spraying this I'm a pillow before bed helps me relax or even

during the day if I just need to rest like right now just feel so relaxed after carry it everywhere one last item a face mask so I really enjoy using face mask you will lock would tried i usually use them in the night time just before bed or if i'm taking a bath i'll also put one on and this one I really really like it feels like so fresh and very like this brand I'm not sure where is it Blackie wait oh I think it's called Coco storm I'm going to list everything below so you guys going to check it out it's very thin and I like it because it's like very wide like the circles for your eyes and your nose in your l's are very wide so it's like you don't you know what I mean like when you use a map and the holes are so small it's just difficult to put it on but this one is like very stretchy I find very thin very light so it's just very cooling that is the last those are my favorites for the last little bit I hope you guys enjoy this video and make sure to check out all the links below and believe them in the description box please like and subscribe if you liked this video and I will catch you guys in the next one bye [Music]