10 December 2019

Making My OWN Supplements [PART 2] - That's a PROBLEM!

Making my own supplements has been a long time coming! Make sure you check out the first video in this series of videos that will document the process of ...

what's going on guys it's Jordan elbows

back again now I hope you had a chance to check out our very first supplement video which gave you direct access to what it looks like to create your own supplements not today we want to show you part 2 which is gonna highlight some of the issues we ran into part one was shot back in May so part two catches us up to where we were in June you'll see that our number one issue was with the fall out of the product we're trying to jam pack so many high quality ingredients in a one formula that we had issues with the solubility you'll see those issues and you'll see how the team and I tried to attack and fix those issues so as always please like subscribe leave your comments below let me know what you think and we'll be back to you soon with part 3 so we in a good space bad space the product itself is still not soluble there's a lot of fun on the bottom I do think long term that's going to be an issue for you ok it'll taste great people buy at once but usually for the long term they will not come back because they're gonna get down to that sludge and it's like sludge and they're gonna throw it out because it's bitter it's really pretty

you'll see when we get there it was the same problem with that we had last time yeah I think the flavors and everything are good I know there was some extra bitterness that occurred but they took that out went back to the original formula ok so to us I think it tastes the same as it did last time Oh God I think if we could improve it one more step that would be just to make the beasts solid gotcha so how do we determine what is our way to know what you think or just by looking at the ingredients what you would think would be the culprit of that honestly No so there's different forms of ingredients so if you tell me that you're using lion's mane right maybe it's like well maybe it's not it depends on the vendor right and the source that they're getting it from some for synthetic summer natural summer soluble some aren't also the levels the higher the levels the more not soluble it's going to be the lower the levels sometimes you get through it it might be a little dusting on like the bottom of the base but it's can people can consume that and it's fine at the levels too high you just get

more sediment at the bottom right and there's a lot of sediment so honestly they could send in their greedy --nt and we can go through one by one and see which one's the culprit or which ones making it like brown in color or they can set that up themselves we can work in either way gotcha tip which one should they check every single ingredient like should they go one by one set it up in water and see at this level if it falls out these I do think you have more than one culprit I don't think it's just one thing that's coming out if you on here that I'm not super familiar with and that would be the best seven I'm sure that's a trademark brand name yeah but I'm not familiar with the s7 or this one the last one can and can't be again that's gonna be on levels but it looks like it's in here fairly low but I think when you start getting one two three and now five items that are not soluble you're just adding to the sediment at the bottom so I think it's truly gonna come down to which ones are you okay with falling out at the bottom and which ones do you want to kind of lower levels or just maybe gotcha

I'm gonna coffee you want to email us and it's okay just say hey can you have because they have some people in my lab and even know we've been there and have them just run that through those levels and see first of all by itself is that ingredient falling out in the water what level can you get it to without a falling out right are those the questions I should ask yep and I would see even the pomegranate just because I'm not familiar with what sources are using our vendor they're getting it from we have seen both and we use that in here and we have one that falls out and we have one that's completely soluble so I'm just not sure what you're choosing but I think those would all be good things to check okay so I'm gonna send Ally a message while you guys set up tastings okay and I'll copy you just so you know everything that's going to open say if they could test each ingredients if it falls out what level can you get to that it doesn't fall out and then once they get each individual ingredient to where it doesn't fall out put it all together and make sure that it doesn't fall out yeah sounds fair yeah I'm a copy YouTube so

the whole point is just to reduce the sediment from these ingredients cuz there's just a lot of sediment at the bottom I don't think it's just one factor I think there's more all the sounds that are causing so we'll get it this is not yeah totally concerning as long as you get the taste right then we'll have to work on the sedimentation piece with them cool and honestly when it's more soluble it's gonna taste better even better I've got it usually when it's not valuable it's very cheap sources of the ingredient what you're finding sometimes people just they just want the cheapest thing they can get out there it's cheap sources right sweet yeah I see what you mean I can see it yeah so usually the white but plus I don't know is back in this one but sometimes the aminos will do that a while they look like flakes and usually float at the top I see at the bottom are you what you say all right strawberry lemonade strawberry lemonade mm-hmm it just smell so good yeah well I think I think it's great maybe a little more lemon time you get more scrap that a little bit more

strawberry the other way I do taste the citrus and when I come in right now but that's good though I know people don't use it well I pay attention to smell the stuff I'm like what's this smell like kind of sets the tone well we got here watermelon Jolly Rancher exactly what everyone's you know I solve it that's one of my favorite new house solid right there tastes like a jolly rancher pretty similar maybe it tiny bit sweeter maybe but yeah not less meaning I mean it's that's just me I like it I like the sweetness is not to where you could drink I could drink 8 ounces of this easily and it wouldn't be too overwhelming yeah it's really good well we can show it to you sweeter I mean just a hit there's a hint just a little just low this little oh just a little something it's like a little something little sprinkle sweet all right so both of those are awesome so we got here this is the guy right here this is the this is the man this I've been hearing a lot about you you got a don't disappoint me see what you got

all right you smelled a part let's see okay okay you came through you did you do your thing did you think no you did you think all right that's hard to beat right there yeah it's good it's good oh that's very good great tape nerds oh great Birds Oh reminds us a great nerd so that's just what we started calling this yeah but it is more great forward I love that and it's like the powdery you're fighting crazy sweet to our great dirt mmm there we go yeah okay now that's the point I mean that's exactly like the Nerds it really is its point on the base is no changing and obviously but it's the same across the board do you want do you truly want to increase it on the watermelon I think just ahead yeah so you think it's gonna getting them better than this when it oh yeah that's all it's only gonna go up pulling them too long yeah so I said good morning we have Jordan this morning in the laughs we're doing well with the flavoring as far as the nervous sweetness and overall profiles we're still having issues with

sedimentation can the team at ninja cap look at the following ingredients individually see what's falling out and determine the highest level we can get into solution for each and then I listed those ingredients that we get talked about and once you have that can you put the base back together and confirm that the sedimentation has been drastically reduced or eliminated and do you agree with this approach yeah like starting off with that getting those to the level of the highest level that thing go into at so if you want this but they say thank you mm-hmm we're seeing fallout this level but you can get down to this level it's fine and then putting the base back together just making sure to move some R&D on there and to make sure that they're not having that right because we we see this every day right like we work with all of these ingredients oils high I would see what goes to market we see what stays on the market we see what's still thriving ten years later right one year and it's done and it's the sediment because consumers with Wyatt ones they love it and then they will start to get down to there and then they will throw it out yeah

so if you shake it set it down went and got your bag together for work or whatever and come back and you're like oh well that's sitting at the bottom you don't want that you drink that too the flavor is there but do you notice like you kind of weren't getting you're getting that when you're drinking you can feel like a little bit of powder or something that's what should be a woman once you get that drastically reduced or eliminated you shouldn't even know how you had yeah oh yeah gritty it's kind of really it's like oh yeah you taste the kind of ingredients which clothes we don't want to the bottom you're right you start to see security nuts he's gonna need a little bit more bitterness and those are all your actives so when people are buying it and they're buying it for this specific reason because they want those actives they don't want to think that they're just throwing it all away right because that would be really hard to drink and drink repeatedly right throughout the day throughout the week throughout the month so I think that's it like I think if we can just get those

into water-soluble versions or tweak those around just a little bit these are gonna come through fantastic just really fantastic so when you're tasting lose against other stuff that you guys do not to give any not not to not any other brands I mean I know how I feel how do you feel about the overall flavor bitterness everything compared to other sports nutrition products that you guys are working on your in line I feel like you're right in line and you're definitely at the higher end because some of them are some of my top yeah we we always want the best for all of our customers truly but some of them you can't in your life manages so no like somebody's gonna buy this once I'm not sure they're gonna be a repeat buyer these are right on par with what we're seeing is the top selling you know flavors out there this is right on par with how they taste the sweetness levels the ingredients ingredients are great and you just seem to switch them to water-soluble versions and we're good sweet so back and says he doesn't agree with this approach are you okay with us having the ingredients sent in separately absolutely I'm doing some

already in art we can do that too it's gonna be quicker because they have them all there to do that but if they can't then we can and what we'll do is just that set it up see what level knock that down put the base back together see what what is coming out is not not too well so question so you all have ingredients of your own correct but some stuff like you said the pomegranate and so forth so I'm curious though like if there's one saves the lion's mane right and for whatever reason there's is not a soluble or high quality version if we would be able to or if I would be able to find a way to source that and get it from somewhere else and still have it included in the formula yes or we can even source it we're not gonna be crazy I'm just letting know for the whole base we will be higher yeah but I was yeah because I don't care at all right I would rather get I just want the bust so okay I really don't care what it costs or anything we may be the levels are just too high Jordan may be the levels are too high and if you can drastically reduce and I know you like the lion's mane but maybe that's the problem child then you just

put it in at the level yeah cuz I checked with them to see because you have the fruiting body of the lion's mane which is that's going to be the the part that you want the most out of or you got the mycelium which has the green and stuff in it a little bit too so that which they have the one who has the green so I think the green is gonna cause more issues and not going to be a soluble through that version now just getting a fruiting body only I would assume this probably cost more because that is you know the key extract out of the lion's mane that everybody wants the most so I don't know if that could be causing some a bit of issue too so if it was just if we could find maybe just a fruiting body of lion's mane that it would be a lot more soluble and not have all the extra you know like grains and all that type stuff in it because those maybe not what's you know soluble in that but I guess we'll find out if we get the ingredient by itself but I would just see them there is an option or release a this is level one that year say okay with the level work that source animals have to look for a different source perfect because like I said I

would rather just if I could get each ingredient at as high its level however we got to do that or whatever steps we're going to go through or different vendors or sources or whatever I'm totally given that I don't really care what it calls really to but I just want to get the best of best of the best that we can get right I think if we have all those ingredients in the formula like this that tastes like this and you can reduce the fall out then the product is killer if you make sure to pack and send it to Toby yeah sure that would probably good this is why we're concerned kind of thing no products on the market have that much stuff enough that was many ingredients right so if you're able to pull that off I think you got something big no we might see a little or a little bit of dusting like if you think about like iced tea sometimes you see a little bit of tea residues okay at the bottom there a little bit might be okay but this much right that's a product and this would be a lot to get through a soup yeah that's a problem for sure we just finished up our second trip here the taste testing is going

phenomenal we just had a little issue with the fallout so a little bit of sediment at the bottom so that's really all we're doing we got the flavors dialed in this group is fantastic I mean I'm talk about phenomenal right so the flavors are awesome I can't wait to give you that those my favorite one right now and the burr one leader board is gonna be the great flavor man that's killing I think you guys are gonna love it it's gonna taste like something very familiar from your childhood that you used to taste so I can't wait for you guys to try it and give yourself a taste of that and yeah man we're rocking and rolling so we just got that one little issue so we're gonna do some more R&D with the ingredient source some higher quality ingredients if we need to so that it mixes a little bit more soluble so I want to give you guys the best of the best man the top ingredients that you can possibly get the most soluble ingredients that you can possibly get and that's what I hear for man to give you guys the best top quality premium products in the land at a price that nobody else can't even compete with because that's what I'm all about all

right it's not about margins and trying to make money and get rich quick off you guys is about giving you what you deserve and that's the most top-notch quality sources of supplements that you've ever had in the industry at a price man that you can feel comfortable with and you can feel like hey I got a great deal so that's what it's all about we're about to head out man grab some lunch I think one more day here and then we'll be finished and the products will be to the manufacturer rocking and rolling man and then it's here man it's happening we'll have men hand rocked up and ready to ship to you guys and get it out there and get the hope dealer out to the world man so the vision is here God has made it come stay faithful to your vision and he'll always bring it to you all right so as always man thank you for your time humming and blessed I will see you next time god bless you and I keep you to that [Music]