01 July 2018

Making Ethiopians not only have food per se but nutritious and quality food - Bless Agri Food Lab

'Making Ethiopians not only have food per se but nutritious and quality food' says Mr. Belete Beyene, Chairman of Bless Agri Food Laboratory. Credit: ...

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famine in media and hit5 them and today I cherish really to see that the toupee is again coming out out of Malaysia and meeting the development was and making sure that they do pass not only health food per se but mistresses food quality foods and the future generation is guaranteed to compete internationally in every aspect of intelligence that's what I am looking for Italy that's what I am wishing for my children utopia has really done a tremendous work on the food security part but we want to combat when we want to improve on our stunted growth problem specially on children in Ethiopia we do have only small holder farmers we wanted to invest in a laboratory in a food laboratory because there is no accredited for laboratory in Ethiopia and agriculture being 80% be 80% of Ethiopia's GDP there is no quality testing laboratory and our agricultural produce is going to the international market without having a quality certificate and this is affecting the grading quality and also the importing countries requirements and we are getting less than the fair share of the price of the fair price of the agricultural produced this laboratory we

do have two big units that's the microbiology units and the chemical laboratory units in the chemical laboratory we do have all the proximate analysis that's 14 fat moisture etc and also in our instrument allowed within our chemical laboratory also has pesticide residue aflatoxin mycotoxins vitamin and minerals testing heavy metals testing and we are also building on our scope and we are all accredited for them the first and foremost problem today is awareness I saw this big distance of this laboratory we will create awareness among food processors exporters farmers everybody in the value chain the need for testing the need for nutrition awareness clearly it will made a great contribution in promoting and popularizing for safety and for quality standards and eventually and ultimately fighting my little issue if you appear our biggest problem is the hidden hunger micronutrient deficiencies especially on iron on zinc and iodine so this is this is where you can find by having a testing laboratory food fortified with this specific micronutrients will be controlled our customers our food

industries food and feed industries and a food value chain in general from starting from the agriculture for the producers to the exporters to the producers and advance to the consumers in order to sell your product to the global market the first question is they ask you to bring a specification to your product please give you evidence certificate to show that your product is in compliance to the International requirement let me give you an example of something that we think we have brought a big change in the food value chain in penis you'll find a flaw socks fungus called aflatoxin and this was a big problem because the peanuts in Ethiopia are highly infested with after with this fungus so what we did was we had to go trained F the farmers how to do post harvest technology how to with good storage practices and show them the results of their peanuts the results of their peanuts were really bad so we were obliged to import at that time but now with the increased quality awareness the farmers are trained to store them properly to do a post on proper post harvest technology so now in Ethiopia we have better quality peanuts initially in

setting up this lab as the investment was too big we gave the proposal to the Netherlands government for Minister of Foreign Affairs we proposed to them and they agreed to fund to give us a grant of the half of the cost this project came under the big the bigger picture of aim aim is Amsterdam initiative against malnutrition and also have partnered with gain that is without socks on oval where the DSM and Intertek to learn from their expertise from the best practices that they have so this experience sharing have really developed our stuff internally together we make a very meaningful institution this company is a as a business and all businesses have to be a going concern and that's how we established it as you know the supply chain there are many stakeholders bliss is one of the stakeholder is coming with good solutions all these things are to protect the consumer all these analyses are done to protect the consumers please as its name implies comes with blaze opportunities [Music] [Applause] [Applause]

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