08 August 2019

Lunch Ideas | Modified Keto Diet

Do you take your lunch to work? I do because it saves me time and money. Here are some of my recent lunches. *My videos are for entertainment purposes only.


[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] for our first lunch I have this is a wrap it's beef and cheddar and then I made an aioli out of kind of an aioli out of horseradish and cream cheese and then I have just a few carrots and cucumbers and I have a tablespoon of hummus here cottage cheese in the back and then here we have a mix of olives so this is one lunch idea I put it in this box this is a young box and the thing I like about this is it has a seal around each compartment so they don't leak so that is one munch idea hi everybody today's lunch idea are is ham and cheese pinwheels we've got ham cream cheese lettuce and pickles in here you go like this and then I added a lot of this as leftovers from the last time I didn't eat it all so I just added some cucumber here this is what I had leftover for cream cheese that's what I had left over for hummus and then I added some black olives because I did not eat this black olives

so there is lunch for today for this lunch I have a piece of salmon that I meal prepped and some vegetables and then I'm bringing this along there's no way I eat all this but I have some raw cauliflower dill dip has this is mayonnaise sour cream equal parts with some dill in it just a few cherries and then I've got a cheese stick and a beef stick here hello everybody today's lunch is I put it in this yum box chicken salad this is chicken and celery I've got a few green grapes in there onion mayo and some seasonings in there cottage cheese I got some strawberries from the farmers market and then I have two cheese sticks I have one cheddar and one mozzarella cheese stick there thanks lunch for today hi everybody happy Monday here is what I'm eating for lunch today I am having this is a chicken soup that I made it's um chicken celery onions carrots a little bit of tomato and can of green chilies in there not in here but in the whole pot and then this is a three cheese jalapeno muffin that I'm eating and then I'm gonna take these punching

up and put them in my soup kind of as crackers these quests tortilla chips this is the Chilean lime flavor so today for lunch I am having this is stuffed peppers it's half of a pepper stuffed and I meal prep this in frozen I'm just reheated it smells really good and then this is a disagreeing style it's got cauliflower but choy spinach kale green onions carrots cauliflower just your basic chopped salad and I've got the Trader Joe's spicy peanut vinaigrette on it and that is what I'm having for lunch today [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]