18 March 2019

Lunch Ideas for KIDS + What They Ate | Trader Joe's Edition

Check out what I packed for my kids lunches (Preschool + 1st grade Grade) this week with groceries I picked up from trader Joe's! BENTO BOX LUNCHBOXES: ...

hey guys it's Lindsay from the toasted

pine nuts come welcome back to my channel it is Sunday we just got home and we stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home I've been wanting to make a Trader Joe's kid lunch series I guess so I picked up a bunch of things for their lunch boxes and I thought I would take you through it real quick to do a week's worth of lunch boxes and just show you what I'm putting in their lunches so I did a kid at lunch box video a little bit ago and I love making lunches for them I do get kind of stifled if my kid lunchbox creativity so I would love for you to leave me a comment below tell me what your favorite thing is to pack for your kid for lunch tell me what they absolutely love to eat because I am always looking for new ideas I want to preface this video by saying my kids don't have any allergies so I really didn't take into consideration any gluten-free dairy-free nut free allergies in this video and these lunch boxes so I have some ideas for the lunchboxes but I'm kind of also just winging it as we go like I said I picked up a bunch of things that Trader Joe's but we also have a bunch of things in our house that I want to use up so let's

get started on my kid lunchboxes but before we knew if you like it the sound of this video or if you like the idea of kids at lunch box series hit that thumbs up button and don't forget to subscribe because I never want you to miss a recipe video or any video so without further ado let's start making at some lunches alright so we just got back from Trader Joe's I thought I would show you all of the things that I'm planning on putting in their lunches this week so I guess we'll start over here so I got these flat breads I thought they would be really good to roll up with some peanut butter and some banana or even cream cheese and jelly because my one son really likes that combo so I thought this would be a really good one there's super thin I think will be super easy to roll and maybe make some like peanut butter banana sushi it situation let's see then we have some peanut butter some strawberry jam some carrots I got some of this strawberry smoothie because they love them this is something new that we haven't tried so I have no idea if they're gonna like them but they are blueberry almond peanut nut date

chia seeds coconut some flower seeds I don't know I'm very curious to see if they're gonna like them but let's see we're thinking it's here there I thought it'd look pretty good lots of good stuff some orange zest in there give them a whirl some crackers cuz I'm gonna do some peanut butter and crackers or cream cheese and crackers and and some of these mini peanut butter sandwich crackers some strawberries some bread for sandwiches some bananas just a few cuz we've been not going through bananas as quickly as we normally do so then I got some bars to pop in as snacks and also just a little bit of fruit leather fruit wrap for just some sweetness for a sweet little treat so I'm gonna get started and assemble some lunches alright so we are starting off with a traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich so I got this peanut butter from Trader Joe's putting a big old dollop in the center of the bread that I also got from Trader Joe's and spreading jam on the other side then I'm going in with my sandwich cookie cutters I'm not cooking cutter sandwich cutters and the kids have been loving this dolfyn one I think it's because it comes in three

little pieces but yeah so I did the dolphin shape this time and then I'm giving them some strawberries so I always tried to put a fruit or veggie in one of the little sections and so today since I stocked up on strawberries I'm gonna put strawberries in that little section [Music] then I'm gonna go in with these little date and nut bytes and unwrap them I didn't realize they came individually wrapped like that so I just unwrapped a few of them finishing off with a little fruit leather for dessert and that is Monday all right now on to a Tuesday we're going in it with little mini peanut butter cracker sandwiches and then one of the Apple strawberry bars that I got at Trader Joe's doing some mixed berries I had some left over so I did strawberries that we got from Trader Joe's and the berries that we had left over in the fridge and I'm using one of those flatbreads I'm just spreading out some peanut butter all across it and then I'm going to slice up some bananas and put the bananas on about 3/4 of it and then start rolling it and then just cut it cut them into

about like inch wide slices and they're little cute peanut butter banana pinwheels and yep pack them in the lunchbox put the lid on and call it Tuesday a moving on to Wednesday I'm gonna start off we just are adding that smoothie into the into the container along with some carrots I'm probably gonna also give them some hummus or ranch dressing or something to dip the carrots into and just in a little container on the side and then I'm gonna do some big peanut butter crackers using it those big crackers that I got at Trader Joe's so I'm just doing four crackers I think that's a good amount given that they also have the smoothie and lots of other goodies so for peanut butter cracker sandwiches putting them in there and then I had this leftover Kiwi so I am finally slicing it up and I'm gonna put that into the big section of the container [Music] now we are on to Thursday so I'm just gonna give them straight up crackers and a little orange I like to peel just a little bit so that they can peel the rest themselves I think it keeps it fresh also including an apple and banana

fruit bar from Trader Joe's and I am trying out a different kind of wrap I'm doing peanut butter and jelly and I'm gonna roll it up and do kind of a peanut butter jelly roll up wrap sandwich thing it's just a fun way to switch it up and try a different way of having peanut butter and jelly and yep just pop them in it to the Container and I think they look so cute really fun all right last day happy Friday we are going in with some more carrots and then some of those nuts CD date bars along with a little fruit leather for dessert and then my son loves cream cheese and jelly so I'm doing a cream cheese and jelly sandwich except the twist here is I cut off all of the crusts because he does not like the crust and then I cut them into little mini sandwiches which he apparently likes way better than a big sandwich and that's it alright guys there you have it five easy lunches breakfast note Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday five five easy at school lunches that you can pack for your kids that I am packing for my kids and honestly I am thrilled that this is all done and that I don't have to scrounge around in the morning making

them lunches so I hope you like this video if you do give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe because I'd love for you to be a part of making to fan I am Lindsay from the twisted peanut calm come find me on instagram at the twisted pine nut and I will see you in my next video bye