09 June 2019

Low Carb / Ketogenic Diets and Thyroid Issues? - Fruci Fit Personal Training Marlborough

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afternoon so had a question this morning

but to have an answer Jeff I'd do this first then I'll be answered I get some writing from it and I've done a little bit research before and I might share it here first so do ketogenic diets / low low carb diets these are really no cop these are you know high rain type of diets which are used fara peuta Klee four things are epilepsy now originally you know low carb is very big hi Debbie low carb is a very big thing to do and actually helps control society now there's a difference here between low carb and ketogenic diet that's why I first want to send the screens really a lot really dark you know so um yeah so firstly they did a study in 2017 where they wanted to see what happened to people with epilepsy and they found that people a key Genet diet which is essentially a low to moderate protein diet so really no real high fat and very though like even limiting vegetables and the cars and stuff now they had really good results with epilepsy so 46 percent of patients became seizure free with zero medication if he was thirty three percent decreased by 50 percent

so it was like huge with epilepsy but the bad news is what they found was the firewood malfunction so even after one month so what what what that kind of shows though is that you've got a consider that it comes down to energy balance when it comes to weight loss now for healthy individuals my healthy I mean you don't have a condition where you know like epilepsy like maybe certain cancers stuff at that potentially I'm not gonna go into that so I'm not gonna give advice on that cutting out a whole food group completely it's probably not to advise but at least in the long term because of the different interactions that can come from that we know that carbohydrates can help stimulate the thyroid plus we know that eating really really low calories for a long period of time when you're stressed out you're working about not sleeping and you're still struggling to lose weight and you're stressed because you're not losing weight and constantly over years and years and years of doing that maybe just maybe you need to eat more for a bit just maybe you need to increase your carbohydrates or a little bit because remember that that helps

decrease stress and be okay with being patient in my patient I mean being okay with being in it for the long run cuz you've got time imagine just spending 12 weeks and the grand scheme of things going I'm not gonna try and lose weight I'm just really a healthy I'm gonna feel better I'm gonna eat a little more calories maybe maintenance I'm gonna increase my carbohydrates to reduce stress levels cuz it does it just helping us sleep as well so yeah there's a few things there that said I will say there's a few things if you're if you're if you've got insulin resistance diabetes a low carb diet will help maybe not forever but you know it it'll probably help you you can help control your hunger by here remember this difference in key Janet - Janet is literally zero carbs lower carb is literally just like you know maybe skipping potatoes beyond two meals or lower-carb is normally defined as anything less than about thirty percent of your diet which isn't even that high anyway that lower cut so it isn't even that low anyway sorry so we just eat too much anyway over too much of everything

yeah just just consider that there's no need to cut out a whole food route here to lose weight completely okay so if you eat like a bit of pasta bit of bread don't go home agar just gonna turn into fat not at all see it from a different view right let's gonna sit me up afar a little bit you know just remember that calories are king here so when you when you know that um that's the main thing in like I said unless you've got a condition like epilepsy etc if you're if you're healthy you don't need to go to to complete streams here remember that you're doing this to enhance your health not be a nuisance towards it hope that house I hope it comfy there's a few other things as far as I just want to touch on eating like raw vegetables like broccoli regardless or they say about cancer myself is shown not to be too good they bind to firing receptors so that broccoli cruciferous vegetables cabbage like stuff like that if you're gonna eat them any but under the fire I would boil the hell out of them if you're gonna eat him and also you know try and limit them a little bit I know it sounds a bit weird but that's kind of what it's shown also iodine so

making sure you get enough iodine in your diet so like fish or um yes certain vegetables make sure that milk is a good sources are but make sure you're actually yeah keep an eye on the vegetables earlier it sounds weird but yeah raw vegetables I'd probably avoid them so I hope that helps so just a bit more context on around that cuz you often see like Ito everything he ever finished if she does like America the moon but they don't consider like attention is like what can happen our poster study is actually for you if you want to have a look at a decal yeah but I think it always comes back down to balance and it can be an effective strategy for fat loss short term like going completing these zero carbs that's great and if you doing it for a period of time by those I see no problem with that at all I can do it you'd have to do it for a while probably and to the extent if you consider your lifestyle so more bread and less raw broccoli for me yeah pretty much not necessarily bread but you know what I'm saying him though here is that if you were to follow a strict ketogenic

diet bear in mind that's about 80% fat like about 75 percent fat 20% protein fibers in cars you would struggle to do that that is literally hi Joe that is literally getting the fattiest cut of anything and just loving butter and ghee on it and that's still probably not being enough fat so one thing is hard to stick to anyway a lower carb diet will work fine you don't need to go to the extent where you go crazy yeah I was fine balance of it you're never gonna stick to it like I said to the extent that you'll be able to do it long term anyway because you know you have lawyers you're not you know so your full-time job to cut out carbohydrates that's a t-shirt it's not my full-time job I'll think about that anyway hope that helps just want to clarify that any questions about it let me know and yes stay away from raw broccoli especially 2.7 kilos and the stuff and yeah just know not to go to extremes because it may be unnecessary calories are king take care sweetie