08 April 2019

Low Calories Healthy vegetarian recipes | Low Calorie dinner recipe | Low Calorie Snack Recipe

Buy scale from here - https://www.etekcity.com/product/100334 welcome to my channel Cooking with Mitisha. Today i am sharing low calories dinner and snack ...

hi welcome back to my channel in today's

recipe I'm going to share with you my low calorie dinner and snack ideas okay let's get start with the video so here I have scale this is nutrition scale from etekcity what I try to track my calories whatever I'm eating I just want to know at least what how much calories I'm putting in my body so and I will show you how this works so let me just show you my first recipe along with that I'll share the detail about the scale as well and how does this work so I'm just going to turn this on so I'm just going to share my first recipe for that I'm just going to use this ball here as you can see I have placed ball here and it's giving me the weight of its own what I'm going to do I'm gonna zero it out so right now there is your way so whatever you put here it's gonna measure accurately so right now I have empty ball here and first I have is brown rice I hope you can see this is cooked brown rice 100 gram almost about one cup this is not fully one cup I think is 3/4 of cup but it is 100 grams so if you want to weight it so I'm just going to put this into this bowl as you can see it says gram and it is 100 gram so you can

change unit from here so let's say this is mo this is answer 3.5 hours this is lab announced again so I have kept it on a gram so now it's 99 because I have some stuff on my spoon that's awesome about 101 so about 100 gram so ground rice okay so I'm gonna show you how you can check for the calories on this one you have to download the app which is called vsync and then you Jones you open you will see it says my home and this is the scale so you wanna click that I already have paired with it so now you can see is giving this exit measurement but is showing up us here why don't you are 101 or 101 so now what you can do is you want to click here what's on your skill and then it's gonna give you the list so you can always search here what kind of food you help put it over here so you can see I have just typed Brown and will give me all details so right now I have long grain this one is more like a medium green so I'm gonna click on this one because I have long grain cooked rice up its about 101 Graham has 124 calories and then it will give you fat protein carbs everything so and also you will be able to see it over here too once you pair you'll see here it says

calories 124 fat nine point one calorie and stuff like that so that's pretty cool you can put anything search it and it will give you more detail so right now this is 124 calories okay with this rice you can have Moondogs which I have share recipe on my youtube channel previously so I'm just going to add a little clip here but if you want to watch full recipe you can go to my youtube channel so one cup one cup of cooked moong dal has 147 calories and then with the rice and dal you can have this 1/4 cup of plain yogurt into that if you don't like Flynn you can add a bit of sea salt or human powder or to make it more tasty or you can just enjoy a plain this is 1/4 cup of plain yogurt has about 39 calories so here is your complete dinner lentil rice and yogurt so this is my dinner okay so for snack I'm gonna give you a good idea so I'm gonna turn it on you know let's just wait so now it's zero because I already is you know up so now what you can have is really delicious homemade salsa as you can see I also have shared this salsa recipe on my channel

I prefer whom it because you simply know what's in it so this one is about three spoon of salsa maybe four spoon of salsa it's about 4 tablespoon of soy so has this is 52 grams and I'm gonna show you the calories into this one so let's look this also right there has fifteen point one calories so not bad again so with this salsa it can enjoy this delicious crackers these are like black pepper salt crackers there are really good in taste and this one if you eat 16 of them at the one time has 130 calories so if you it's too much you can just cut it half eight has half calories if you eat 16 then 130 calories so if you want to divide this into snacks like if afternoon and evening snacks you can do eight in the 8 in the afternoon and eight in the evening time and then I'll combine you just taking hundred thirty calories but this 15 calories if you take this twice then it's 30 calories so it is really good option I'm gonna give you all the total of calories there how much you're in taking for just the snack and dinner and I hope you have enjoyed this video and before I forget let me just quickly show you what kind of crackers I'm use

I got this from Costco and let me just quickly show you this artist organic harvest tun and has a brown rice sesame flax crackers these are really good I love them I don't know if you're gonna like them or not but these are really good but this salsa if you're trying to have some healthy snack during the daytime so this is all for today and before I finish the video I would like to share this that if you're really interested purchasing this skill to count your calories intake then you can go to their website it takes it it'll come or I can leave the link in description box you can go there and buy from that link and that's it for today and if you like this video please subscribe to my channel and share this video with your friends and family and I'll see you next time