22 July 2019

Losing nearly 10lbs in week On KETO!| 31 DAY KETO DIET CHALLENGE| AMBERSHARNIECE

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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel it's amber journeys and today's video is phase three of the keto diet challenge the 31 day challenge South Korea here on my channel for you guys to lose some weight at home doing the keto diet so let's go ahead and get into today's topics and all that good stuff about the keynote a challenge alright guys so last week we learned more about you know in incorporating intermittent fasting with your diet so that where you're eating on a scheduled time frame which is allowing yourself to not overeat and stop eating you shouldn't be and then also helps cut down on the pounds as well I also let you guys through in on a little kiddos secret which I like to call it which is the keto Coffee I found for myself anytime that I you know start drinking the coffee in the morning or drinking as a pre-workout whatever the case may be that it also helps my fat intake and I was able to lose a little bit more weight as well and that pretty much you know led you guys to phase 3 and phase 3

is one of the most important parts of the diet in my opinion no this is not recommended all the time when you're doing the diet but I always recommend this because I feel like it gives the most effective boost and that is exercising phase 3 consists of what I like to call red lights cause sweat it out so pretty much what you're doing in phase 3 or the challenge is you're going to be exercising you'll be doing a lot of cardio so that when you can get your body in the form of sweating yes to lose weight you need to have a really good diet it's pretty much a two percent diet 20 percent exercise but I know a lot of people are busy they don't have this time to exercise which is why the keto diet works for a lot of people because they don't have to incorporate you know much cardio or physical activity in it but if you want to give yourself a bigger boost exercise is something that you need to do I feel like every human being should be exercising it's just something that you're going to need for yourself for longevity you can do the diet all you want to but you still want to physically feel good about yourself when you're out playing with the kids or

you're having a fun day at work whatever the case may be you still want to get your body in a good tip top physical shape and exercising is way to do it so what I used to do when I was started to die was pretty much go to the park and I run or walk run or walk pretty much every day for about an hour even like I think like 45 minutes to an hour and I come home and that's it and with me doing just that the first thing that I did the diet weight just fell off like no other I did not initially start working out when I started the diet I waited I waited into events I think about two weeks into my body got adjusted to and I was used to the eating routine and you know the things I'm supposed to eat and then I decided okay so now that I've done all this I meet somebody to the nether to the next level and let me start working out and I didn't do anything streams I didn't do anything crazy but I know what for the fact one thing that I want to make sure that I did is sweat profusely and I did not sweat profusely I felt like I did not do a workout today so what I would do is I would either put them on sauna suit or I

would put on one of my waist belts and that's what I did it but now of course I have my own waist belt that I like to use which I also some of websites if you're interested in seeing what that's all about I'll leave it somewhere around here you can go check it out for yourself but anything that you can use a trash bag you could put the petroleum jelly on your stomach whatever it is that you need to do to maximize your sweat maximize your sweat okay but don't forget you must stay hydrated throughout the entire thing you want to make sure that you're replacing those electrolytes that you're losing and you're going to be able to lose a lot more weight than what you initially did by just doing the keto diet by yourself and alone and don't forget that you're taking everything that you're learning from phase one phase two and you're putting that as well into Phase three and you're adding things on so for each phase you're building you're adding things on it so phase three is where you're working out and you're exercising oops is where you're working out and you're exercising and you're you know incorporating still your meal prepping

and you're incorporating your foods and your intermittent fasting and your keto country you're doing all this stuff at the same time so don't think you have to you're stopping one thing to do another no you're doing all this thing of times.this the time you got to get all of it going together all of the point together but I didn't want to talk about a few things I've noticed unknown the challenge along the way so I noticed that initially a lot of people started to exercise an intermittent fast and everything during phase one of the diet now it's probably because you've seen the previous videos of mom that I told you guys about did these things or probably because you saw other people's journeys or however the case may be been I see that a lot of people started out going SuperDuper hard and it looks like a lot of people aren't really doing those things now or they've reached a plateau you just don't see anything else working it right now I'm not saying that that's a bad way to start because of course you know you're trying to do what you can to get where you going but always take a baby steps and start out slow is pretty much because you've done

everything that you you put everything basically it's a phase one and you tricked your body so much too it's like okay you're not tricking me anymore I'm so I'm gonna stop doing I'm gonna stop losing all this weight that you've been trying to get me to do the first time because now you've tricked me into it you need to slowly trick your body into the processes each time so that's why I always encourage you guys never to start out exercising intermittent fasting and doing the diet all at one time but when you're starting out you don't want to do all those things because you you kind of stop with your process further down the line so for any of those people that have not started the diet yet and they're interested in doing the diet and you know you've seen the process that other people try to take it as slow as possible you don't have to be speaking silence you don't have to do all this and do all that to lose weight SuperDuper fast trust me it's gonna come off okay so just take your time and do it step-by-step so that way you're shocking your body you're giving everybody enough time to you know coorporate and and get used to something

and then shock it to do what it needs to do to lose weight let's talk about phase two what happened during phase two and in the lead at this pretty much at this point so I'm gonna give you the top three weight loss in Phase two and this is not saying weight loss from phase 1 to phase 2 just for the week of phase 2 I'm gonna tell you how much weight well the top 3 weights that were on there so we got three point four pounds in a week 3.5 pound and then 9.2 pounds in a week so I did see that a lot of people slow down a little bit and that's only because of course you were giving two weeks for phase one and of course phase two only gave you one week to lose weight and that's nothing that's gonna deter you or anything like that it's perfectly fine that you did not lose as much weight as you did in phase one the only thing that we want to make sure that we were not doing is gaining weight so if you did get any weight back we make sure that we're on track we're doing everything that you need to do and that were you know sticking to your goals take it to the purpose of doing the diet make sure we're not doing any cheating okay you

know you probably slipped up a couple times but it's cool it's okay you still have time to gather yourself and get back on track okay okay in total I'm through I pick out the challenge right now it looks like there are two people in the lead one losing 14 pounds and one one losing 14.2 pounds I thought told you guys last week we had somebody lose about 15 pounds so that pretty much just means that you know somebody propagate a little bit more weight back but it's perfectly fine you're still at 14 14 pounds into the challenge already which is absolutely amazing so I'm super do part of you guys for doing that and keep up the good work we're gonna see what's gonna come out on top and also the next picture submissions are due on next Saturday it should be on the 27th if I'm not right I will definitely correct myself on the screen somewhere of course they're due before 12:00 midnight Central Standard Time and the word to put on your actual pictures it's going to be phase 3 now I got tops y'all buy something real quick okay so this week guys I've been like SuperDuper busy last night I was supposed to send out what was the day

before I know that usually I sent you guys a reminder letting you guys know when your picture submissions are due I also send the word the word or phrase or whatever you puts put on your picture as well however of course like I told you I was really really busy no excuse however I was SuperDuper busy this weekend had family renew into our outside the country that's what's gonna send you guys to confirmations for your submissions like I I've been busy girl however I did get a lot of people studying that they did not know what to put as the phrase on the wait submissions well girl if you watched my whole video last week I told you to put phase two but it's okay it's cool I get I know that I've no missing those emails out so it's my fault I apologize however it was totally in that video so that lets me know you wouldn't listen to the whole thing girl clues towards the end but it's cool no problem at all I completely understand but for this this this week's video on your submissions for the 27th it's phase 3 I put three fingers got fixed and you need three and three it's phase three okay that's gonna do amazing through phase

three you guys this is the time to go extremely hard like I want you to go hard hard because we're pretty much almost at the end of the challenge I'll be intense nuts in the winter and another week from now so you guys you know get yourself together lose this weight because the jackpot honey she's pretty sweet so I'm just letting you guys know this now the jackpots pretty nice it's pretty good okay but again I thank you guys so much for tuning in to my channel watching this video check out any of the other videos that I have on my channel of course again I'm amber Shanice and have a good one you