01 January 2019


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[Music] [Music] [Music] welcome to my channel and welcome to today's video burning calories losing weight getting rid of belly fat getting rid of stomach fat that's what today I have a wonderful remedy for you you're gonna take this you're gonna drink this at night and in days seven days you're gonna notice and use difference to your body this is gonna help you to shed the pounds it's gonna speed up the metabolism referent rev it up it's gonna actually let you go a little more you know often to the bathroom however we need to eliminate it toxins from the body so guess what if you are lazy this one is really good for you because you don't really have to do much however if you workout along with this you're going to lose even more but if you do nothing you're still gonna lose so if you're interested in this wonderful remedy for losing weight for getting rid of fat for removing toxins from your body continue watching our first ingredient is lemon and if you do not have lemon go ahead and use some lime however in this recipe I prefer

lemon you can also choose to mix both of them together now we're using lemon in this recipe because lemon promotes hydration lemon is a good source of vitamin C it improve your skin quality it support weight loss its aid digestion and not only that lemon have depression the breath our next ingredient is ginger and this is a piece of ginger I have here about 2 ounces that has washed and peel and ginger help with digestion it helped to boots the metabolism it has to stimulate the digestive juice and ginger also have to relax the muscles therefore eliminate ten gas enjoy also help with blood circulation it is great for the stomach overall ginger is great for weight loss and a whole lot of other benefits to the body our next ingredient is tumeric which is really a brilliant yellow orange spice that add color to like curries and stuff like that however turmeric is filled with antioxidant properties that is great for weight loss turmeric we'll have to speed up the metabolism is hade in digestion turmeric also have to settle the stomach detox the body to get rid of all the toxin and build up in the body that you

really do not need in your system it is really a wonderful cleanser if you are feeling nauseous turmeric is also gonna help with that our final ingredient is green tea and this is a tea bag if you have loose-leaf go ahead and use that green tea may be beneficial for weight loss by helping the body metabolism to be more efficient green tea contain caffeine a type of flavonoid which is an antioxidant this can have to break down excess fat while increasing the amount of energy the body uses therefore it's going to help you to lose weight you're gonna need a pot since we are gonna be boiling this tea so the first thing we're gonna do we're gonna prepare our lemon so I'm gonna wash the lemon make sure to get good quality organic lemon so now I'm gonna wash and chop the lemon let the lemon is washed I'm gonna slice the lemon and we're not gonna peel this levered we're gonna use up all of this lemon so we're just gonna slice the lemon small pieces and now the lemon is ready we're gonna push that to the side reaching for our ginger which is about two ounces and we're also gonna chop the ginger in small pieces you can always choose to

grate the ginger or ever chopping the ginger is just as effective as grated so we're gonna chop the ginger in small pieces since we're gonna be boiling the ginger so now our ginger and lemon is ready and we're gonna place this in the pot so we're just gonna put our lemon and now if you're using lime you're gonna do the same thing and like I said earlier you can choose to mix your lemon and lime together it's gonna be just as great now here is our green tea and we're gonna put it in we're not going to open it now if you're using loose leaf use 1 teaspoon of finely crushed green tea or 1 tablespoon of loose leaf old green tea so now we're just gonna drop this in in reaching for our turmeric powder we're gonna use 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder now this is gonna give us about 10 ounces of liquid which you could use twice ok and now we're gonna pour our water on and we're gonna use about 12 ounces or so of water add enough water for evaporation so here it is and now we're gonna boil this for about five minutes or so so I'm gonna boil this and then I will be back so here we have our tea after boiling and what you're gonna

do with this next you're gonna strain you're gonna remove all of the ingredient and leave just the water so now we're gonna strain so here's our cup and we're gonna strain this directly into the cup and notice wonderful color that we have make sure to get everything out now this we're just gonna discard however if you make a lot and you have to put away some then just pour this in it and strain when you are just about to drink that way it could infuse even further now here is our tea and you need only about 6 ounces of this now you can choose to drink this as it is or you can choose to put just a little touch of honey in it now personally for me I do not use the honey I just drink as it is now once you yes you need to drink at least six ounces every night just before you go to sleep you're gonna drink a lot of water with this and you just gonna flush the system out you need to eat a sensible diet with this for even faster result just before you go to bed six ounces and open horizon in the morning make sure to drink a glass of water just as you wake up and you are good to go continue to use this until you achieve your desire

weight so there you have it if you liked the video give it a thumbs up don't forget to share the video go and make this wonderful remedy try it come back and leave a comment those are always welcome and if this was the first time watching you want to see more of this video look below you're gonna see the word subscribe click on it and you will be subscribed [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you