01 January 2019


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all right hey how's it going guys today

I want to make a video this is a little bit different if I don't mess up the camera but today is going to be about losing weight in 2019 and what I did in 2018 to lose I don't really know how much fat I lost but I probably Kate I probably kept around the same weight if someone will not shoot a gun around here I probably kept around the same weight but I did lose a lot of fat and I did put on a little bit of muscle not much but a little bit so what I did was I started playing a sport now you don't have to play for a team or for any sort of thing you just go outside and start playing basketball or soccer or whatever soccer is probably gonna be your best bet because you are running a lot and it's you're doing things you know you're just doing a lot I mean with basketball you do run so but the most probably fat burning would probably be soccer I would say so get involved in a sport even if you don't really like sports just go out there and try something try something that you that actually makes your body move because a lot of people who don't like running okay I get that but I try to do some sort of sport right because running could be a little bit tedious

and maybe you just don't like it I don't really like running all that much either but if it is paired with some kind of sport or something else with it it's fine so secondly I would say Khan Alchemist frickin drinks all right cut the crap out cut so doubt juice out I mean if you have to do it cut all this crap out especially alcohol if you're drinking alcohol that crap is gonna make you fat as you know that's gonna make you really big if you're drinking alcohol all the time and it's not good anyways it's not healthy for you and it's just not good so like I said cut the crap I'll cut your drinks if you're drinking a lot of soda that's probably most people's problem on here soda is going to hinder any kind of loss that you are doing it in anything because you're drinking your calories so don't do that do not drink your calories unless you're drinking like hot tea or some crap I don't know just don't don't drink a lot of uh don't drink a lot of drinks that have calories in them you can try to find some low-calorie I guess what is it those I forgot even the name of them they they don't have any calories in

them they're like some kind of water type soda that lacroix crap or whatever it's alright I mean I know some people can't even down water they have problems even drinking water which yeah that's that's a big problem if you can't drink water you you've got to start with that you got to be ok with drinking water because water is what you really should be drinking your whole life so basically I stopped drinking sweet tea and a lot of other stuff like that I mean I will occasionally drink it but it's not anything that I'm drinking even weekly I might even I might drink sweet tea maybe once every three weeks and even if that like a you know us some kind of soda or whatever every three weeks so 2 a month so it's not like I'm drinking it regularly at all so do not drink that especially in the morning I don't know I hear people just say they drink it every single meal are you serious you're really drinking soda in the morning please do not do that that's not good for you that's not good for you at all if you're drinking it at any time but especially in the morning why why why why why are you drinking in the morning I hear people say that all the

time well not all the time but I don't know I've heard that and then they say they want to lose weight but you're not doing the things that you need to be doing to lose the weight so you are therefore not losing weight I try to come on here and be like that I've still got some weight to lose in my stomach area but I have definitely lost a lot of fat though so but like I said just drink water people I don't know if people have a problem drinking water just drink it just get over it if you use those little packets of some kind of like I don't know what it is so kind of flavoring try doing that but that's I don't even know what's in that I don't even know what kind of preservatives or something it might be zero calorie but what's in that so or you could use like some kind of fruit you could put rooting water so I know people do that so that's fine if you want to do that but try to get used to drinking water because a lot of people hate that and that's just kind of weird because your body is made of water so you should be okay with drinking it now trying to have to eat drink tap water if you can try to get spring water or I

don't know a filter it don't drink chlorinated tap water because I mean is it better than drinking soda I don't know I don't even know because if there's a lot of chemicals in it then I would say it might be better but I'm pretty sure it is better but the chemicals in that are not great if you're not filtering it that's just about it guys you just try to get involved in a some sort of sport cut out the fizzy drinks cut out all that crap especially alcohol if you're drinking that cut that out that's just not good for you at all and also your meals you can try to meal prep but I don't really know many people who do that and I'm not going to do that either just try to eat someone help you try to do that try to count your calories also if you if you really are overweight and you're really trying to lose a lot of fat and then I would say counting your calories is pretty good but like I said drink water cut down the fizzy drinks try to count your calories like I said I don't really know what is best for you but you can go look up go look it up on the internet I know like for some certain weights and Heights if you want to get to this

certain weight you can eat a certain amount of calories so I'm sure there's like a calculator I'll see if I can put that in the description for you guys and like I said drinking a lot of water that is probably key to all this because if you're dehydrated your body's not gonna work well also if you're not exercising you're not really gonna get the results that you want so you do have to go out there and exercise that's about it it's pretty easy to lose weight and lose fat but people don't really want to do it they don't really want to they don't really want to have to do the work or have to do anything really but they want it they want thanks they think I don't know and no one's fat shaming on here on YouTube I think there may there may be some people who are actually doing that and that's pretty messed up I guess if you're talking bad about somebody but I don't think it's people hating on people who have a lot of fat on them I think it's just they're trying to tell them that your life could be better because I'm telling you somebody who's 400 pounds and I'm not talking about a bodybuilder

I'm talking about somebody who is 400 pounds with a lot of fat on them you cannot tell me that you are happy with your body I mean it would depend on what kind of height you are and everything but someone who's 400 pounds yeah you're about 4 or 5 600 pounds no no no no you cannot tell me that you are happy okay because you're always carrying around that fat and you know people that you don't you know you'd always feel like you need to cover up or you need to do this or that in the long run and also it's deteriorating your body and so if you do decide to be healthy then you are extending your lifespan to a certain degree obviously you get cancer and die like I could die right now but you know it does extend your life you know like I said to a certain degree you are helping yourself live longer and live better so I don't know why you wouldn't want to do it I don't know guys I don't know hopefully guys enjoyed this video if you did please leave a like down below and please subscribe and I'll see you guys on the next video if you guys want to hear more fitness videos or you know videos about losing weight or anything then please comment down below and I

will try to do the video so that's about it