09 June 2019

Logging Recipes for Weight Loss | Carb Manager

Hey guys! I had some questions in the past about how to log recipes into carb manager so I wanted to show you how easy and useful it is. Also here's another ...


[Applause] hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are keeping it short and sweet I am making a meal prep for you and then showing you how to log this recipe on carb manager so first I'm just opening up the freezer looking at what I got I like to label my bags of meat so I know what kind of meat it's in there I also have a lot of old meal preps frozen that I want to eat this week so today I'm just gonna make one meal prep because I also want to eat these frozen ones throughout the week so we are going to make a tomato sauce with kielbasa and broccoli in it it's kind of like an Italian dish without the pasta so you know I like to keep things simple I am going with the frozen broccoli that you always see me use just pouring it right into the pan since we're gonna cook everything up anyways I cut up half of the kielbasa just to measure it and then I'll just times it by two for the other half so I'm just measuring out the plate and that way I can get a full count on just the meat alone which is about fifteen point three ounces and then that means added the other 15s gonna be 30 ounces it will

just like round it up to 31 and then this is the sauce I'm gonna use I have it in the fridge I've used a little bit of it already so that's six servings for the whole jar I'm gonna say there's probably four servings left in this and I'm just knowing that so that later when I log it I'll remember that I'm also just gonna add some seasonings like crushed red pepper because I like things extra spicy and that is it super easy dish I am going to just go ahead and split it up into five servings you never really know how many servings you're gonna do till the end when you kind of spoon it all in there and see what you got left like I don't have enough left for a six serving so five is gonna work out this fine for this alright guys so now let's go ahead and log this recipe so you are gonna open up carp manager and it's gonna bring you right into your daily food log so you're gonna want to get out of here guys one with those little lines at the top left corner go ahead and press that and you're gonna get some options here click on foods and then you're gonna click on my foods now this is gonna be a list of all the things that you've ever created or used

before so you want to click on recipes and then you're gonna click on create a new recipe at the top so I has all my old recipes in here that I've used before we want to make a new one so create a recipe and then go ahead and give it a name so we're gonna call this kielbasa tomato sauce and then you're gonna put how many servings that it yielded so we had five servings there you can skip all the rest of the information unless it's something that you want to remember like cook time instructions and stuff and we're just go straight to ingredients so here you can type in ingredients or you can look through all the old stuff that you've already used so I have used kielbasa a lot in the past so it's already in here which is really helpful and easy and then we weighed it on the scale so we knew that there was about 31 ounces total so then you're gonna add that and you see that it's already listed in your ingredients so now we want to add another one for this one we're gonna go to the little scanner because I have the jar of tomato sauce and this makes it really easy you get your jar you hold up the little camera

and once it hits that barcode is just gonna automatically register and put you right at the survey so I'm gonna take another look at the jar wheel and remember for servings for half a cup so that means it's gonna be two cups total and we're gonna go ahead and add that and there we go we have your Cabasa and your sauce now we want to add that broccoli of course I've used this broccoli before so I know it's already in there and yep it was I looked at the broccoli bag it said one pound or 454 grams and so I'm just scrolling through here to see if there is a pound and yep there is so we're gonna use the pound and we're gonna keep it at one pound and then go ahead and add and that's it if I scroll the top those are all my ingredients they're already all in there and now we can go ahead and save this recipe all right so now it's gonna be listed in with all my other recipes in there it is kielbasa tomato sauce so if I open that up it's gonna show me exactly now what one serving is and there it is so one serving of my cabassa tomato sauce is 12 grams of net carbs 53 grams of fat

31 grams of protein and 650 calories now let's say I want to add this to my lunch or dinner for the day you would just click on let's say lunch and then add two today now to go back to your food log you want to hit those little three lines again my daily log and there so that would be my log today if I had this her lunch so as you can see guys 12 grams of net carbs is a little high for one meal but you get 20 grams a day so I wouldn't eat this meal twice in the same day I would eat something with a little less carbs and the reason why it has so many carbs is because of that sugar in the tomato sauce so make sure you try to find tomato sauce with the least amount of sugar or make your own or use a different type of sauce but you know tomato sauce every now and then is not going to be kicking you out of ketosis or anything just have it in moderation and that is all alright guys I hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching and I will see you guys on a Wednesday for quick tip Wednesday get those meal preps in and have a great week bye