07 April 2019

Living more healthy... - JammLife #7 | Beauty Jamm

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hello people welcome back to beauty

champ today I'm going to be doing another GM life it's been a while since I've done one of these so yeah um I would I was gonna show you like Crash Bandicoot nitro kart stuff but my phone is not loading clicking Crash Bandicoot Twitter so I'm not going to be able to talk about that we've talked about a little bit of the knowledge that I know but I can't like show you anything screen recording or whatever cuz my phone it's been skipping pain right so yeah Crash Bandicoot nitro kart who is excited I am sorry who is excited I am excited I'm very excited I cannot believe that we're getting Crash Team Racing remaster now let me tell you a it's not a secret I've said it before but let me tell you something I've never played crash nitro Kart and I played crash 1 a question younger I played crash wanna crash - and then I skipped crash 3 I skipped nitro Kart and all those and I played wrath of cortex and that was it I didn't play any other crash game I didn't play to insanity I didn't play anything and that's why I'm a bit of a noob still when it comes to Crash Bandicoot because I don't know

all the characters and all the ins and outs of things I have played the insane trilogy now and it played all three so I do kind of I'm up to date on that you know but I never played nitro car but I am very excited that we are getting it redone I've never played the original but I'm gonna play the remastered so I won't be able to compare but I will be able to tell you from a new point of view from someone who has never played the original and yes I do know it's a racing game obviously so I'm looking forward to it a lot I'm imagining like Mario Kart style type thing so I'm very excited to play that and also in my life that's been going on what else it happened I have I'm fully recovered by the way I'm never sitting on a beanbag I'm fully recovered from the off I still have I stitch which won't go but I'm fully recovered I can do whatever I did before I'm back back to full health basically so that's good I started going to the gym I went to the gym in the beginning of March once I was fully fully recovered and I knew I was I started going there and to be more active um made a mistake first day I went let me tell you this right I walk

into the gym I've never been to a gym before in my whole life the only gym I've ever been to it is like the school one you know the fitness room and some I've been there so I know the machines on her treadmill blah blah blah but I've never actually been to a gym and it wasn't as packed as I thought it was going to be but it still was quite there was still quite a lot of people and and I walk up to the weights because I want to strength train right I walk up to the mics and I walk around and there's like this big massive thing was I'm thinking I'm not lifting that yet you know so um I walk kind of round because they're all in size order so I walk kind of round the side of the gym and come to the smaller weights and I look at the smallest weight that there is and it's six kilogram right now I know some of you out there might think oh that's nothing you know but for me that was a lot and I was thinking like why why is the six kilogram the smallest weight that they have you know so anyway I pick the weights up six kilogram and I do my bench presses and I do all these curls and flyers and blah blah blah and my arms and my legs are absolutely wrecking

like honestly so bad and I I went up to the changing rooms and I was just i sat there and I didn't cry but I felt like crying because I was just like oh my gosh I can't do this you know and I know my my hand not my hands my wrists and my arms here and all my legs my thighs and my calves were killing me because I've been exercising with the six kilogram weights and I've been using two six kilogram white so it's technically like 12 kilogram and honestly I just felt like crying and I was like why is this the small weights that I have right anyway finished the workout and I walk kind of to the front door wait because you have to put code in to get it I walk to the front door and to my right next to the front door is a mini little white section where all the smaller whites are and where most of the women were because I was sitting with these six kilograms doing my exercise and I was looking around and it was all men and I was thinking why am I the only woman in the strength training area like is it really unpopular in my area for this you know and I was thinking oh well perhaps perhaps the women come at a different

time you know like whatever who cares um and then I realized that all of the women are obviously down there with the lighter whites and the smallest way that the men have is six kilogram and I was like oh my gosh I made a massive mistake why wasn't I down here why didn't I look around the gym first why did I just go directly to the weights and kind of stay there oh my gosh you made massive mistake so yeah I spent most of March recovering from that and then I went back and I went to the smaller lights it was much better and my life so word of advice if you ever start going to a gym and you want to stretch the train look around first don't just go to the weights and think this is where the weights are that's it because probably not and so that's my advice Jam advice there for gym goers and so yeah that happened that happened um I went to Niki's tour Nicki's Queen tore well its world tour but I you know for a queen album I went to that that was great I had a great time I think what else to say that was good that was a good night I don't really do much

you know like socially and outside so it was nice to just kind of go and break from the routine I'm very much I work a lot an eye injury I enjoy editing videos I enjoy editing my game in and you know I work on my other businesses as well and you know like it's not like I don't get I gotta say I get down by xn town because I do n do it but sometimes when it comes to like certain events that I do want to go to it's a bit like oh it's nice to just you know and I also booked a holiday I'm going away I didn't think I was gonna go away this year but um things happen and it did happen so I am going away at some point I'll let you know closer to the time when I'm going away but I am going away very excited about that um and I'm going different I'm going somewhere do if I'm not going to Spain and I love Spain I've always gone to Spain but I'm going somewhere different this time I'll tell you more closer to the time and when things are finalized because at the moment they're not finalized so I let you more closer to the time of that happening but it is quite soon so yes i'ma let you know but that's pretty much it for this video I'm

sorry sorry I'm sorry it's short but that's basically what's been going on in my life so I'm fully recovered crash nitro kart is coming I'm excited I went to the world tour the NICU world tour and I started going to the gym I told you a little bit about my experience with that and yeah and I'll just keep you updated this way I like Jam life because I can just keep you updated with things that are going on obviously not too personal cuz things that are very personal I wouldn't share online but just things like that I don't mind sharing and I do like keeping up to date because it makes me seem like more of a human you know like I am actually human you know and and do these things that normal humans do so yeah that's gonna be it for this video I hope you enjoyed it if you did then make sure you give it a thumbs up let me know in the comments below what's been going on in your life if anything like you know whether you've been to the gym or blah blah blah or anything like that and yeah I hope you enjoyed it if you did then make sure you give it a thumbs up make sure you subscribe for videos for me and

make sure you check out my other videos and I'll see you next time bye