23 January 2018

Living a healthy lifestyle - tips and tricks||Catherine Sherry

Hey guys. Sorry for the late video. I have been really into fitness and health lately so I made this video all about living in a healthy way and hope you guys learn ...


hi guys and welcome back to my channel this video is about having a fit healthy lifestyle living in a sense our starting tips tricks on the hi guys sorry I don't think guys enjoy it guys sorry the first thing is figure out is why why are you healthy like of the range from any reason to I wanna lose weight - I want a food better I want to look better it could be anything my reason is I want to improve my skin and I just wanna feel better in general and not feel like all the time so the second thing they say figure out what you're gonna do to feature now this is gonna be a hard step because they plan out what I do [Music] [Music] [Music] and everyone has different boys everyone definitely everyone takes experiment different things so maybe go week with what might be what is like making grouse or upsetting you my fourth step is to actually put your plan into action this is actually really important you just need to do it you can't be like I'll start next start like yeah I'll start to start it now

alrighty now don't put it back others you're never going to do it just do it put in your plans into action or your research into action like juice greens like lettuce Caillou what are we having a bridge celery and then you just put some cheese seeds over the top and it's really detoxing it's really nice it's taste nice well I like it don't about you guys but it tastes really nice to me and I just like it in it's nice to have something to wake up to so now I'm just going to tell you guys some just some tips that I've you know done with my friend experimenting and I'm gonna have it done that much experimenting but I'm just gonna show you guys for maybe hope you so the most important tip I have for you guys is that you're you're eating and your exercise are in a balance you can't eat so healthy but they're not doing exercise you can't even if I exercise every single day I can still eat Macker every day that's between your healthy eating and you're exercising so and I feel like a kid like me don't one you have money for Jim to roast iam so like sixteen eighteen over so here is a Jim

sorry sorry make sure you guys subscribe to my channel and enjoy