17 June 2019

List Of Foods To Eat On A Vegan Diet I Easy To Follow

Here's how I eat on a Vegan Diet to ensure I have lots of energy, sleep well and can train hard to build alot of muscle! A vegan diet has helped me in so many ...

hey guys what's going on today's video

is all about how I eat on a vegan diet exactly what do I eat as a vegan to build muscle and to get healthy and to feel optimal in in my body so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go over nine different actual avenues uh you know different topics of food that I actually eat on a daily basis so number eight and nine are supplements in the herbs that I like to include to my diet that will boost my immune system make me stronger and make me feel healthier I don't necessarily like a taste of turmeric but I ate it every day so number one is berries I like to eat strawberries blackberries blueberries raspberries I eat these foods typically in the big oatmeal recently I haven't been just because it takes a bit longer to pop all these foods into you know your oatmeal dish so I like to either look faster and prepare my food fast number two is black beans kidney beans any kind of beans what kind Eleni beans a whole list of beans goes on and on so I like to eat my beans every single not I eat up for dinner I ate the same thing every day I eat an oatmeal dish in the morning and I have a I have a secondary audition that afternoon because I can't

be bothered preparing another meal and for dinner I have my my bean dish with vegetables and onion and mushrooms as well yes sir see this is another good run I have my seeds every single day with my oatmeal dish so I have pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds with flax powder and chili powder the more you break down the seed the more absorption the more your body will lapse actually be allowed and able to actually absorb nutrients in those scenes now before is nuts same thing your body finds it easier to absorb nuts are crushed but not necessarily powder walnuts and almonds are great additions to your diet if you want to implement these they have a lot of a lot more omega-3 ala fats compared to other nuts really beneficial for your health walnuts great for your brain if you're eating foods and they resemble like a body partner typically good for the body part have you ever looked at a boiler but they look like a brain so walnuts great for the brain almonds are great for you as well they're low in carbs and they're higher in fat and protein again they're good to get your fats up if you

want to just be wearing these nuts if you eat a little bit too much you're gonna get a bit more body weight so don't have like a full handful of day unless you need it so I actually eat a full handful a day maybe two handfuls because my body just burns back so easily number five is lentils okay I typically don't eat lentils very frequently but when I do I like to eat red lentils yellow lentils green lentils brown lentils I like to eat them all they're very tasty I like to make a soup dish out of these I sometimes like to add these into like a little burger maybe likes a whole meal weight bread with my brown lentils and onion with tomato and then tomato sauce and barbecue sauce and you can have a really nice tasty dish with that maybe cucumber in there too I don't like to have migraines ate this every day I have grains for morning and lunch and the grains I do to CER quick oats I don't have any whole oats anymore because my body took too long to digest it and I try to stick to something that's a little bit easier for my body to digest which is quick oats

okay so I have quick oats every day and they're wholemeal we go and also organic I have brown rice I try to have some form of whole grain at night as well because my body expends a lot of energy I like to eat a lot of carbs in every single meal again so I usually have wholemeal grains in every meal a day I have breakfast and lunch with oats or quick oats and dinner we'll have brown rice with beans and broccoli and onion and garlic into America so that's my that's how I eat it's pretty boring for you but for me I'd really enjoy it and I get a lot out of this diet and I found that I've been living on the start for now say like a little bit on and off for about nine months again this is the best I've ever lived on I have the most energy I've ever had my entire life my skin's the best on minimal sleep that I've ever really had and this is probably the most energy I've had ever in my entire life beyond my childhood okay so this is a really great diet it's sustainable and long-term as well so I feel like I've had the most energy really important grains that you can be eating on a vegan diet that I personally don't eat very

frequently but they're great and they're healthy is quinoa okay you're gonna have wholemeal wait again there's nothing I bad about it but the more process we actually make a grain the worse it is for you to actually consume so you may be gluten intolerance you might need dogger then we have vegetables I eat these foods every single day peas broccoli onion and garlic every single day garlic and onion are my staple foods to keep me from getting sick I haven't had the common cold in eight or nine months okay I haven't had a flu in nine months and I plan on keeping that for as long as possible I don't want to get sick again last week I ate Marcus's food his oatmeal dish here here was eating with a spirit I ate it then the next day I worked with a throat that was saucer my throat healed in three or four days Marcus is healed in six days okay so my body's ability to heal itself is a lot more rapid than other people's our body my immune system is a lot stronger eating foods up I like to say okay these prevent illness and make you stronger and healthier yes Anissa the kind of foods that I fruits eight dates and bananas every single day with my oatmeal

dish in the morning dates I'll use maybe a handful that's a very sweet you should be using that much but I expend through a lot of energy I have three bananas a day without home ill dish as well that might be a bit excessive for most of you but I like to have a lot of cards to actually give me energy also I find a my bananas and they tell me look better and walnuts I look my skin is a lot brighter and more vibrant the days where I doing that really if I sleep good and then I combine a good diet and water intake exercise get sunlight my skin's looking optimal and amazing now we're on to number eight supplements against the supplements that I always take is DHA omega-3 okay I get an alkie version derivative of this supplement because this helps you actually get out of inflammation mode and actually even out your Omega it's okay so your essential fatty acids that you can't make yourself you need to get this through your diet by eating something called ala omega-3 this is called DHA omega-3 if you eat ala which is found in seats nuts and there'll be a little bit here and there

and like lentils and vegetables and berries and all that they're a lot lower in these in these ala Omega threes if you have seeds like pumpkin seeds and flax seeds and chia seeds and and walnuts nubbins they're very high in something called omega-3 ala fats these foods convert through DHA in the body okay and the amount of the amount that actually converts in the body is different from your person that's why it's very important you start to actually implement that into your supplement range I guess so as soon as I started implementing that I felt like my brain fog went away I felt I had to sleep better I felt like I was less Restless in the day I felt like my skin looked healthier and glowing really good I implement that every day and I feel less bouts of dizziness and fatigue in my day and since I started doing that I don't feel any bounce of distance or fatigue once my sleep is good once I'm eating a healthy diet full of nutrients and I limit the processed foods and junk that I plus I'm doing something I love so then we have vitamin d3 which is pretty much sunlight this is the actual hormone that's produced on the skin when

you're when your body is in the Sun so this is important because we pretty much fight off cancer with this hormone but it's also vibrant I would suggest you something with d3 not d2 d3 is a thing that we produce on the skin again the hormone nature is so get these rates important b12 is important also beetle is a bacteria found in soil okay but it's not very present in today's society anymore in the soil because we're using pesticides and herbicides to kill that bacteria b12 okay so our body produces but we don't absorb it at all so that's important to actually supplement with do a certain amount Cement the hair sometimes too much is people said it's not an issue because it doesn't harm me if you have too much but I don't know if it it could be the thing I think it's important because once you exercise and train your body depletes the zinc okay for men once you have sex you deplete the zinc okay so your zinc is pretty much hang of seaman's credit it's a very controversial topic but Marlin okay so you think it's ink use I'm very important for you to actually have good looking skin zinc won't be absorbed if

you're eating foods high in zinc like per Peters when you eat it with a grain like oats so because I have oatmeal every day I have that open or dish with oats and pumpkin seeds in the morning and I also have a bunch of other than you know the think is in walnuts and almonds as well who think in those foods won't be absorbed as much because I'm eating them with a grain ok grains have a certain vitamin that prohibits absorption of zinc so it's important you understand that there are some foods that you may eat on plant-based science very healthy but you won't be absorbing all the nutrients that's why I think someone will sink don't over suffer because you can get sick as well we want to thank the right amount see a doctor before we supplement with anything here especially a plan based off of that can help you as well okay so last one is herb's to marry a supplement America is an amazing herb proven to boost your immune system and help you find cancers again sir this entire diet has helped me help me I get healthier help me put on muscle and help me say positive in bad times again so when I eat processed foods I

can feel it my body feels it straight away my body doesn't want to be eating that kind of that's it guys this is what I am I'm begging not if you've enjoyed this video make sure you like it because it helps share this video with other people the fact that you like it you're supporting this channel thank you so much guys and subscribe for more content see you guys next time [Music]