08 July 2018

Liift4: A Full Day of Food on the Liift 4 Nutrition Plan!

Hey guys! Thanks for stopping by! Today I walk you through an entire day's food on the Liift4 nutrition plan! What I'm eating, how I'm making it, when I'm eating it, ...

hey guys it's Amanda nice your busy mama

of two full-time nightshift workin hot mess and I am here today to go over a full day of food with a lift for a nutrition plan so if this is a program you're thinking about doing but you're not sure how the nutrition goes or maybe you're not even sure if it's right for you you can see what I'm gonna be eating in a full day and see how you can eat a lot of foods and still lose and work towards your goals this summer while only working out four days a week but they're gonna be four good ones so be prepared for that so today I'm gonna take you through exactly what I'm planning for breakfast lunch dinner two snacks and then you'll know exactly what someone my size says which is not teeny I'm five foot six but I'm a hundred and seventy five pounds and this is gonna be my meal plan for the day of course I work with all my clients to adjust it for their specific goals if they're gonna be eating more if they're trying to build mass if they are trying to get shredded you have to base that based on your fitness levels and your nutritional goals but today I'm just gonna share with you a sample of what I'll be eating on the lift floor plan if

you are looking for support a coach a group and someone who can take you through this and will be with you every step of the way I hope you'll consider having me as your coach and joining my awesome summer strong group we are open now where I'm working with them one on one every day about nutrition and helping them get really trained up and ready for that so that on July 16th when the early VIP launch of this program comes out they're roaring to go they've got the nutrition down and we're gonna be spending the next eight weeks together crushing our summer fitness goals so when people are in August not wanting to go out in their bikinis and get out on the beach in front of people or go to the barbecues and their shorts we're all gonna be ready and I hope that you'll consider doing it with us I promise you this is how I lost my 100 pounds I'd have kept it off now for three and a half years and it's doable it's livable for busy people like me like you people with families people who are on the go I work 12-hour night shifts in the hospital and it works for me I make it work so I'm here to share all that knowledge

with you and all the tips and tools I have sample menu plans in there and I'm just gonna help people achieve their goals with this program and I hope you want to join us if you do in the description of this video there are links is how to email me how to message me a link to get your lip 4-pack so you could do it with us and you can text me I'm available to my people and my group anytime and my coaching is free for you if you're choosing to do this program and I'm your coach so I hope you'll join me in that and reach out to me if you want some help so let's get started everybody in my group is getting all sorts of tools excuse me but when they get there live for they're gonna get their lift for nutrition guide and that's gonna break down for you exactly what foods are optimal to achieve your results if that'll focus in there there you go and what kind of choices you're gonna make to achieve them how many carbs a day how many protein servings a day and how many veggies you should eat to make sure you're getting your proper nutrition and I'm here to guide you through that every single step of the way of course my plan I already have

scratched out for the day I use tools like this that I provide for my challengers to make it easy for them to see in real life what these foods look like so for breakfast okay guys here is my breakfast ready to go you saw me cooking out of a second ago I've got some beautiful let me pick you up Kiwis some strawberries that's my servings of fruit I've got my favorites whole grain seeded bread that Dave's killer bread I love and I've got a couple F fried eggs there I fried them in some coconut oil and then I also have a little bit of ghee on the toast so I like some ki butter so that is my breakfast you can see it's a massive plate oh I almost dumped out that's gonna be how I start my day I'm gonna go eat it right now and I'll check back in with you and it's time for my morning snack hey guys it's Amanda and I'm back with my morning snack now I am busy between cleaning house and also working on my fitness and coaching business so I've been doing an hour of cleaning and I'm gonna sit down and do an hour of business and I need something to munch on and I want it to be on plan so my morning snack I have apples and

almond butter one of my most favorite actually it's not an almond butter I use today that's so if you've never had this it's amazing I highly recommend you pick it up it's cashew almonds Brazil nuts flax seeds chia seeds hump pumpkins pumpkins hazelnuts and Celtic sea salt that's it then it's amazingly like delicious nutritious it has all these good omegas it's seven different seeds and nut butters it's almost gone I get it at Costco but anyway that's my morning snack I drizzled it on there and measured it out so it's kind of drizzle of chunky I use the teaspoon I'm using two teaspoons of that with my Apple and I'm gonna nibble on that while I work on my business for a little while I'll check back with you soon for either workout or lunch I haven't decided yet hey guys I'm back now you can see a little hairstyle change I am getting things done and accomplished I had my snack earlier now I wasn't sure at this point of the day if I was gonna move on to lunch or my workout but I'm hungry so I'm gonna do lunch and then I'll probably do an afternoon workout so my days off things are a little juggled

around because I work night shift 12:00 but that's the beauty of this I can arrange this food however it suits me best throughout the day to achieve my goals and I can help my clients do the same so let me show you what I'm having for lunch I have a beautiful chicken salad with pears and this literally took about two minutes to throw together so I did a full serving of salad greens you really can't have too many of those you're not gonna get fat over salad I promise you ladies and then I put a serving size portion of grilled chicken breast I've also got feta cheese sprinkled on there pears chopped up in there as well and then I also added a honey mustard vinaigrette on primal kitchens I also sometimes use a balsamic vinegar with us so both are great options they both taste great with the pears that kind of savory tangy sweet all together so I toss this together and this is a meal that I would also pack and take to work with me at night toss it in a Tupperware and take it on the go super simple and I'm getting some good healthy carbs for my breakfast for my breakfast for my lunch to fuel me through the rest of the day

I've got some lean protein I've got a lot of servings of veggies and then I'm also going to throw in with this a wrap because I have another portion of carbs I can have after breakfast and I want to eat them earlier in the day so that I have fuel for later in the day so I'm gonna grab that usually what I do with this salad is I'll put about half in the wrap eat that and then I'll just whatever's left eat as a salad so that is my lunch I hope you're starting to see that on this plan you get to eat a lot you will not go hungry and because the ratios are great in the quality of ingredients is good you will become a fat-burning machine so this is my lunch check back in with you later [Laughter] hey guys it's Amanda and I back I just finished my lift whore workout I'm super pumped I did byes and back you can see I got some some pump going on and now I'm gonna have my post-workout snack which today is gonna be my Shakeology now when I started my weight-loss journey a hundred pounds ago I had Shakeology every day for breakfast I'm not sure if I touched on this earlier today but

having that consistent breakfast every day that was easy especially when I was still used to not eating all the time it made a huge difference in my progress now that my kids are a little older they're seven and for that it's summertime we're busy we're always on the go I'm kind of saving it for the afternoon because when we head out to a baseball game or a softball game and I am sitting there in the stands I have something to take with me as a portable snack I make my shape before I leave the house I take it with me and that's my afternoon snack also I'd like to point out that I swear I normally showered and put together by now but I'm having a big event for local coaches at my house tomorrow for my team and so I've been spending the whole day like cleaning getting ready so I will hopefully look better by dinnertime anyway so here's what I do I have my blender I put some ice in it even though there's the equivalent of about seven salads in a Shakeology as far as the nutritional profile a great way to get some extra greens is just to blend a cup of spinach in it so I do that if I'm at home I'm at work I just shake it with water no big

deal still delicious but today I'm going with vegan chocolate now I have my auto-ship on this coming every month and I set it to rotate between vegan chocolate and vegan vanilla because those are my two favorites and that's just because not only do I like the flavors better of the two vegan flavors but I also found that as a woman I get a little more bloated the more dairy I have so when I switch to the vegan formula I found that my digestion was a little improved I had a less blogged still can do the wave formula my husband and kids they are regular strawberry people so we keep that for them but vegan chocolate for me today I just put one scoop in here I can talk to you any time about this I want to pour you in this video with the benefits of shake I will do have amazing ingredients but I'm happy to talk to you anytime because it'll tell you right on the bag all the amazing ingredients in it and I can tell you from experience how good it feels now I'm going to use almond butter I just buy it in bulk at the store fresh-ground that way I know exactly what's in it almonds I'm gonna put a spoonful of that

in there and then I am going to use unsweetened almond milk to blend it when I'm home I'm a days off I like to blend them and get a little more creative sometimes instead of almond milk I'll do coconut water that makes it delicious too anyway and that's it I've got my scoop and this is gonna be like a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup alright that was it no like I said on my work days four nights a week I'm just shaking it at work as my first meal when I'm too busy to get a break it's great to have something portable on the go but when I'm at home I enjoy something a little more special I'm like mouth-watering looks so good when I first had my first Shakeology I thought it's just a protein shake I didn't really think it was anything special and I didn't think it was worth the price and it's funny what changes over time with you not only do I think it tastes better now because my palate is different eating clean for several years like even just after a few weeks your taste buds adjust and so things with added sugar and artificial flavors and sucralose and sweeteners artificial

sweeteners like that Splenda and aspartame d taste gross to me now but also like so aside from a tasting better that still would have been enough for me to stick with it it was the way I felt after about 5-6 days really made the difference for me so if you try consistently I'm sure you'll see that for you too anyway Cheers I'm gonna drink this up I am going to finish wrangling my children who won't be quiet even though I'm doing a video and I've asked them five times to be quiet mom-mom and that is finest benefits are working from home anyway I'm gonna drink this up while I finished up some housework getting ready for tomorrow and hopefully get ready for dinner with my husband before he gets home all right check in with you later hey guys I'm back as you can see promises failed I still haven't showered I am getting dinner ready for my family my dinner is the same for my kids and my husband if at all possible sometimes I'll make it ahead and I take mine to work but tonight I'm off so I'm eating at home and we're all having the same thing huh

buddy this is Elijah my four year old so what are we having for dinner that's right so I've got the two kids plates here veggies most for them then they each get a piece of barbecued chicken we did some oven roasted chicken thighs and they're each gonna get one of those same is mom and dad for me I have mine here after I shred this up off the bone I'm gonna be able to get two thighs as a portion and the green beans and that's gonna be my dinner and then as you can see my kids all have the same except they're getting a watermelon for dessert if I was terribly hungry I could do that but I'm eatin all my purple fruits today so I'm good without it so now you've seen a full day of food from me starting with the breakfast we had the eggs most eggs toast and what else we have pear pear salad chicken that big chicken and pear salad with a wrap for lunch I had my Shakeology as a snack I had apples and almond butter or nut so as a snack and then for dinner there's chicken and green beans so three large meals and two big snacks to make up my food for the day plus I have my pre-workout energize and my post-workout recovery BCA a protein shake so that is

a lot that's a lot of food and I am going to be achieving weight loss goals muscle building goals shredding and toning with that all at the same time so I really want to thank you guys for joining me here for my day of food don't forget to reach out to me the comments or the links below or put any questions you have in the comments you can email me you can call me you can whatever get your live for and jump in our summer strong group we don't start till July 16th I'll have another group later if you're watching this little later date so don't hesitate to reach out but if it's before July 16th let me tell you a secret everyone in my group I just found this out I'm so stoked hey guys everyone in my group is going to be on a live call with Joel on July 11th with just my team I am so excited about that we'll be able to pick his brain ask any questions Joel Freeman's the trainer from this program look for in case you didn't know he's also a Washingtonian like me boo boo so I'm super fired up for that I've got a whole lot of house to finish cleaning as well as myself before my event tomorrow so I'll let you go but I

hope to see you in our summer strong group and even if you're not with me I hope you find a great coach to help you on your journey and achieve your fitness goals back to you soon [Music]