22 September 2018


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so my main goal or my main thing I'm

shooting for right now in life is to make an impact helping people build better movement in connection with our bodies and the second thing is to make $300,000 this year and triple it each year from now like that's my goal like I really want to make an impact first and not just the money because I've made a lot of money before and it's not the same it's making an impact and making money so I want to make an impact and the real quick launch of preneur type of thing just you need to make some type of money and make it meaningful and then you can make your impact that way you don't have to necessarily get your price point right then there you see some type of money to make it meaningful then you can make an impact then get your big goal so that's that's really good I love what you experience approach to it which I mean honestly that's where the most successful people come those who just go out and try to experience things so it's been a pretty long reoccurring topic ongoing interviews man just ask people like man what what like religious beliefs you know oh yeah I know it with yoga and things like that it's a very spiritual type of thing so how does that

correlate with your religion well my religion I really don't have a religion specifically okay again I'd like to thank you I like my media all goes together yeah yeah and like spirituality is there's no there's no necessarily like strict dogma you have to follow this is getting yourself better and then becoming more aware of like what aligns with you and what you want you life not necessarily what everybody else wants because you're not gonna be happy trying to go out there Wars and recognition it's not gonna make you happy for a short time yes great not wrong with that yeah but it's not gonna like a bigger picture yeah yeah yeah I guess I'm not religious well non-religious view I just like to think about because you got to think about it like those those it's nothing against anybody relationship at all it's just like the difference between Western and Eastern like philosophy or religion is the Yogi's the Hindu Buddha whatever they had statues versus textbooks or texts that can get translated and then have stuff added in by people who want different things or

have different agendas yeah and it's like yeah I'm just like well all these ticks and stuff they've been translated somewheres now some words don't even translate right if you like to any type of foreign language you go somewhere somewhere yeah and then it's just like a lot of substance it needs to be updated and then there's a point where like people are all you gotta be like this starting relation of that relation to be a good person now you don't know we're born like naturally yeah I'm definitely like what you say we're we're born kind of naturally knowing cuz I feel like it's like instilled into people to know right from wrong just kind of accent like you do everybody want to live yeah like I think you you come out like everybody has like it's just a good feeling that you have and it's not something that really should be taught like things like racism and classism that type of stuff is talking yeah it's introduced introduced like if you if you had a kid you know white or black if you never told them anything about racism thing even exist right or wrong they would know because that's just this field into

them right right by the Creator you know mm-hmm whoever whatever religion you yeah yeah what is a steal by their by their generator by that person so life mad I don't know I like to be honest like I don't know like residual searching like even if I search for and I think I found it I still haven't found it you you could say you wouldn't know until the house yes like oh yeah so it's just like then I put like a lot science into it and then like science is not like catching up to what they were saying like thousands of years ago already by specific like physics and quantum physics and so like energy is something very very real you may not be able to see it but it's very like this table right here this is not our actual solid table it's like Oh billions to cook trillions a bunch of atoms we're operating at a high speed like such a high speed as it feels looks solid that we can't face through it and like that's how that's how energy works a little bit it's just this is so much more into energy but like life force vibration high vibrations emotions emotions energy and motion that they all come together and did you say emotions then you broke

down energy anymore now so you know 6sx sacred energy exchange yeah there's a book with Tasha right there yeah anyway yeah anyway by all religions like they trying to say like one one like central administration essentially but they just saying it in a different light right that's just like be a good person and do what's best for you yeah and that's like really the essential message and like even whatever you believe you can like look at all of them because each religion has like some type of person or me now not every one of them but like the main them maybe three have like that one person like we have Mohammed you got Buddha and he got Jesus fuck and like they all they all they all say the same thing but it seems like but the only thing they get there is the only thing that that really be different cuz I've taken like world civ and when we go over different religions the only difference most of the time will be a few only main differences be who you believe it in yeah and what you think happens in the afterlife okay and that everything pretty much be hand in hand you know right or wrong but there's like getting like real down if you just

want to be like real real scientific or just like eliminate all the religions just like you to spirituality aspect of it it's like about consciousness and like your awareness mm-hmm laying just realizing like hey we're all different but we're all still the same at the same time like we may be like a different a different form of energy essentially and like it's so so amazing how like we can change ourselves and do change in ourselves you change the people around us not challenging fifo first in change ourselves that's not that's not how it works you got to change the inside first because like okay thank bringing it down like in this attitude terms to where everybody can have some type of grass and the university is always expanding they say you can't create or destroy energy which you can transform it that's in a closed system if you go super small like quantum wants another where if a quantum is really fucking small or like nano scale soda and then another word for continents infinite as well but that's at that scale very very very small that's what energy is created and then as you get bigger the bigger the energy

starts to expand but it does smaller so that's where it's creating so I say hey start small whenever you do something you can start big and let that big be a small thing keep going from there because that's where you create something like all this stuff is like already created that's why you say you just go ahead accept it you can go ahead and create something so like all this violence seems like bad stuff it's all right here we can't accept it so we got to learn we learn how to be bad we learn how to not like something or hey something so now we can learn how [Music] what how does how you feel about fools correlating the energy you know behind-the-scenes talking about the meeting things of that nature mm-hmm like telling people more about like a consistent diet and like what's your belief song yeah well my beliefs on Venus like you got a look at history a little bit and how we evolved or what we were doing the past is now right and I say like the past place in the future they all like one thing that's not like separate things but anyway so in the past they were moving a lot they didn't

have like they didn't have the technology technology in other words for technologies tools they don't have the tools to have extra pleasure or a relaxed time so they they were moving way more than we were back then so it really didn't matter too much of what they ate because people was in to buffalos bison chicken turkey just about anything depending on where you live that in the world so if it was in Alaska your diet was quite completely different for somebody who's in like South America which is really sunny and like so whatever you ate was different in depending on we live that and that's with your body adapted to and the body can adapt to just about anything and so I say always be balanced like move and sleep more than you eat and if you want to like deep into the numbers because you got a competition I'll show or you really want to have a specific weight goal most people say they want to lose sleep but they really want to lose body fat so the muscles can show or they could be toned and it's just man you gotta you gotta eat and fill your body with stuff you can't be putting like yeah you can't be pulling like regular

gas into a diesel engine oh I like that analogy really yeah my girl Vita she said that so that's why I got I get a lot so what's your day-to-day type of heat my day today it's hearty lunch dinner like what I try to song everybody's like you got a look at your personality in your body type not necessarily your body type but how you react to certain foods and stuff like that but some people they can eat vegetables all day some people they can okay some people they allergic to coconut oil some people or not so it's just here your peanuts yeah they say peanuts are not good anymore almond almond butter is way better but my personal my personal way that I eat is if I don't internet fast that's gonna be like internet that's gonna be from 8:00 or whenever I stop eating like at 12:00 or 1:00 a.m. the night before until like next 14 hours or 12 hours and then after that I try to get fast the first thing I eat when I wake up just some type of healthy fat like eggs or maybe chicken or almond so so protein with some proteins some fats and some fats and proteins protein it's like you gotta so the just to give you like a

rundown basics of it so fats proteins and carbs they can all be turns into like glucose it just depends on what your body is trying to burn off and most people they switch they switched it to like the low-fat high-carb a while ago and they start seeing an increase in obesity and weight not only not a kind of going back to high fat high healthy fat not just regular interval that baha how healthy fat is good for you and our health friend switch to light source and burning carbs to Brannon healthy fat so the ATP the ATP basically if you a simple car like a white potato that's gonna burn through pretty quickly versus a complex heart like a sweet potato that's a good lead longer to burn through and it says if you eat too much car it's a lot of artificial sweeteners and sugar it's not wrong with sugar at all just artificial ones yeah you take any but the natural the natural wants like fruit and stuff like that has fiber it's like okay but still though that stood still shooting a lot of carbs you don't want to always baby can someone ask nature's sweet candy you know so you just want to stay more in hot fats and a

little bit of protein because protein can be converted to cars or glucose and fats can as well so like you want to get to a point where the body is like burning fat and a little bit of carbs but you may not be at have access to that today I know where you live it it's perfectly go fine but at the end of day weight loss is pacifically weight loss or weight gain is specifically about calories and calories out now I don't like health and fitness they separate the two I think health is involved in Fitness as well but you can separate the two and still say you want to gain a lot of weight of muscle mass people they start to do a lot of junk food Woking you can boat you can boat clean you just have to feel it more in the and the cleaning food you're gonna feel fuller mmm and it's gonna be little bit harder because you don't get nutrient-dense versus not getting nutrient-dense and that's that's pretty much juice so if you wanna I burn loose loose fat they still keep you away cuz that's probably why I'm starting to gain a little bit now just a little bit even cleaning food if I had like more or access to more clean food I like go

ahead do it but right now I don't that's why but anyway um you just want to pay attention to what you're eating and then count how much each person is trying to count how much because you could be used to be like you know a lot of good healthy food not healthy fats but a lot of help fats and a lot of protein and a few cars but you'd be looking on the ingredients list you'll see they have like what corn syrup high fructose corn syrup right yeah artificial sweeteners like on it's like 20 different types of sugar refined sugar that that this label they don't leave it should they just put it on the back and ingredients listen down friend it's a sugar-free yeah artificial thing yes so the with the ingredients list how you read it whatever word is first it's what they made it with the most so the first thing it says sure then everything after that it's just like yeah it's a on the Frank may say sugar-free it may say that yeah but with food let's just be balanced even if you gotta eat sugar you can have whatever you want to eat and just be balanced about it

okay like just be balanced and don't track no worries you don't have to check all the numbers just pay attention to what you eat if you want to go into the nose because you got a computational you want a specific weight that you want to hear then you can do that but pay interest of what you eat first because this it does affect your brain your memory and how your stomach feel and the cut line and gut health that's why I don't always like be offering people of meal plans or anything like that because I don't know what that gut healthy is looking like because like for example with milk certain people they can drink milk most people can you know have the enzyme to break it down one more so they end up lactose intolerant or they may be a little bit like those intolerant and not know it and it's just like certain foods messed up the stomach lining certain people have a strong storm alignment but most people don't so that's you need probiotics prebiotics and antibiotics mmm you get definitely you how to get it from pill always like if you eat better you won't happen go to a doctor necessarily right right Apple it they

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